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Trying out the Exquisite palette from Gourmande Girls Cosmetics πŸ₯°Β  with looks created and swatches πŸ™ƒ lets talk β˜•

Indie 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free. Gourmande girls cosmetics owned by a woman! an amazing human being that creates superb products this is indeed the kind of company I love to support not only for the great products the brand makes but also for the big heart behind the brand.

Holaaa hellooo beauty! oh my goodness we are in September! The year is going in a flash! Crazy right. How are you, my friend? How is it going? I hope you are alright πŸ™ƒ without further ado let’s  jump in in this week episode

Note: I am not affiliated or sponsored by the brand but I do have a code that you can use for a 10% off your purchase and save some money πŸ™ƒ The code is: FEMENINE and is for all of us to enjoy! This post is just my personal opinion.

Gourmande Girls Cosmetics. Chances are some reading this has not heard about this brand as happens with many Indie brands. I just discovered Indie brands myself last year! But I am so glad I did they are very necessary as they are truly in my opinion a worthy contender to Mainstream brands. Gourmande Girls Cosmetics is indeed an amazing brand.

I discovered this brand by browsing Youtube. An influencer mentioned some brand names I looked them up on Instagram and this one caught my eye I ended up buying their spectra palette which is colorful and beautiful and some glitter. When the package arrived came with a very nice handwritten note which is surprising to see from a brand I thanked the brand on Instagram and the owner replied! We became instant friends which I still cannot believe how approachable the owner is to its customers. Let me tell you a bit about the brand:

The brand is owned by one Woman her name is Cristina who has Mexican roots the brand is 100% Vegan, animal cruelty-free, and uses her brand to do some good for her community like making donations to places like Lizzy’s Hospice which is an animal rescue that cares for senior animals like dogs who may not have a long lifespan. Also created fundraising for her friend with Cancer to help with the bills and supports small you tubers and artists to help them grow. Most definitely a woman to admire for her Heart but she also shines through her super affordable products. I was very satisfied with my first purchase and knew I wanted more so bought their Vivacious Palette and some more glitter!

Cristina one day surprised me by gifting me the Exquisite Palette for me to give my honest review which was so nice of her I felt so happy she noticed me your humble blogger here πŸ™ˆ is so surreal so let’s talk about this palette, shall we?

The palette contain 12 Shades

  • Supernova – reddish shimmer 
  • Gaia – light orange-brown
  • Nebula – rich indigo 
  • Dark Rift –  super matte black
  • The Core – golden champagne shimmer
  • Red Planet – orange matte 
  • Andromeda – medium purple with iridescent gold reflects
  • Galactic-  medium gray with iridescent silver reflects
  • Milky Way – rich cream-colored shimmer
  • Sunshine – orange/yellow matte
  • Blue Moon – deep blue matte
  • Dead Planet – matte earth brown

I found the Palette to be pigmented which I look for when buying makeup sometimes I get disappointed when a purchase does not turn out to be pigmented but the palette is pigmented. Gaia and sunshine do need little building up but these types of colors do need that on medium toned skin I recommend putting a white base to make them pop more πŸ™ƒ The mattes blend effortlessly which I love and the shimmers are sublime, they are not high shine or super sparkly but they give a touch that lights up the look and makes it look ethereal! They do offer glitters that are sparkly and shiny offered in a variety of colors that are so pretty I love them they pair well with any look and what I love the most is that no glitter glue is needed you just apply it with your finger and they last all day I have not seen a glitter that you don’t need glitter glue in my experience.

I tested this palette for a week and tried all colors I can honestly say I love the palette created some fun looks and can add that the colors stay all day did not vanish or disappeared like sometimes happen with other brands haha. I love the palette and I recommend it wholeheartedly. You can create colorful looks but also neutral looks I always use an eye primer before putting eyeshadow is a personal preference but I tested the palette without it and looked as amazing as if an eye primer was used and is on sale now for just $10 and if you use my code femenine you save even more πŸ˜‰

Eye swatches

Dark Rift
The Core
Red Planet
Milky Way
Blue Moon
Dead Planet

Arm Swatches. Not the best done by your friend here haha my apologies is the first time doing arm swatches for a palette.

From left to right: dead planet, blue moon, sunshine, milky way, galactic, andromeda, red planet, the core, dark rift, nebula, gaia and supernova.

5 Looks created inspired by the palette πŸ˜‡

Reverse Cat eye Look.
Halo eye look.
Tic tac toe look paired with Christina’s love glitter.
Bardot eye look
No name for this look haha just a look that I paired with Stellar glitter.

I love this palette I invite you to try the brand it won’t disappoint that is for sure πŸ™ƒ and for all the beauties living outside the US no worries Gourmande Girls ships to all countries worldwide, excluding China, Turkey, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the Crimean region of Ukraine, Sudan and Syria. 

As a bonus, I leave you here two videos I made just for fun and your entertainment. πŸ˜†

There you have it my beauties my first review on a makeup palette that I am most definitely enjoying.

I hope to see you in my next post. If you liked, give this post a like and or follow me on my socials below I upload a new post on Mondays and a revised Spanish version on Tuesday that you can check out by clicking on the upper-middle button on my page that says translate/traducir or by clicking the link below πŸ‘‡


I send you a big hug, thank you for reading me I appreciate you more than you know. Be safe and have a wonderful week ahead. Stay beautiful my friends. Bye for now 😘

The passion for Makeup begins while living in a pandemic world?

Funny thing to say but it is true! I always liked Makeup but I did not look at it the way I do now in a broader sense, in other words, I did not put thought into it to me makeup was something to put on…to look kind of together in appearance, not a must.

Hello…Hello! How are ya? I hope you are doing super well wherever you are πŸ™‚

I hope you liked my first attempt at an episode of my blog 😊 I felt happy to do it helps me to channel my love for Makeup. And I promise you I do all my best to get better at this.

Thinking where this blog is going…well besides telling you my journey with makeup as a clueless woman in beauty, I will also tell you among other things what brands I discovered, becoming a YouTube fan following make up tutorials to do the best possible makeup application, photos, step by step looks, my faves to recommend and also how I see fashion in my way, etc. Hopefully, if you are a clueless person in this particular beauty world this might interest and help you cut some shortcuts in this learning curve πŸ™‚

So let’s start with this week episode… let us go back to December 23rd, 2019 the worst day of my life the of absolute love of my life well one of the absolute loves of my life my grandfather who was to me not like a father but my father and my mother at the same time since he took me in his house and care to raise me passed away at 94 years old.

This broke my heart in a million pieces the sadness and sorrow were unmeasurable. I went into a period of grief where I did not care for my appearance which is, of course, understandable each has its way to cope with things. Then just a few months after we got hit in Florida with Covid 19.

During this period I would wear for work or for anywhere I would go black clothing and no makeup at all by then I only had a few drugstore makeup things. This mourning period lasted until early July

Then somewhere around June, my coworkers were talking about Influencers on YouTube, I knew about influencers but did not follow anyone or felt interested, and this particular day they were talking about makeup influencers most of my office coworkers are females and this topic started by someone saying that there is no point to wear makeup when using a mask that would be kinda gross since the makeup would transfer to the mask.

I thought for a true second that sounds gross but then I said to them that for sure there must be a way to try to avoid this issue and that a mask should not stop a person from wearing makeup if desired. Now a parenthesis here believe it or not all my female coworkers wear little to no makeup at all they are not interested the big reason is the Pandemic but if I recall correctly since I have been at the company for 7 years the female coworkers that have or were the longest with the company in the time I have been there it would be the same thing regarding makeup usage.

Nothing wrong with that I’m a kinda person that believes in living and letting people live. My coworkers though are very judgmental of people regarding makeup no all of them just a few. So back to where I was among the names of the influencers mentioned one capture my attention I don’t know why maybe I heard it somewhere else before but cannot pinpoint it. The name was Jeffree Star they said he has his line of makeup, has a ton of money, and is always in some kind of Drama.

So I took a mental note and said to myself that that night will go check YouTube something I had rarely done in the past. And see what this guy is all about I admit that what got me intrigued is that he’s is always surrounded by drama lol

I saw a random video of his channel and I liked his personality, his products were so interesting such a blast of colors something I have never seen at this point I got hooked on this realm of makeup that I did not know existed.

I want to make a note very important note, Jeffree Star is a hated person yet so much loved at the same time I like his products I don’t buy products from him for the kind of guy he is I only care and look at the beauty world for quality originality and great products overall I respect people judgments and choices what I am trying to say is that this blog is only for positive things, good vibes I only judge the products, not the person behind it that pertains to a higher power, not me πŸ™‚

I hope you liked this episode! Was made with a happy heart πŸ™‚

  • How do you see makeup? Fun and exciting or just something to put on
  • what kind of makeup tone do you lean more to Neutral or colorful?
  • Do you put makeup on when wearing a mask?

    Leave me a comment below.

I wish you a fantastic rest of your week and I hope you stop by my blog for episode 3. Sending you my best wishes and a ton of good vibes 😘

Way I saw make up before the Pandemic

Hello Good looking you! How are ya? I trust you are well πŸ™‚ Welcome to my very humble page..My name is Monica and this is my very first time doing this! Yes it is and I’m really happy to start..

To tell you a bit about me I’m 42, latina living in Miami, mother of one cute good hearted boy πŸ™‚ I have a 40 hour per week job, married and I recently have found a big love for Makeup.

Now a little note I am no makeup professional nor fashion guru, nor a grammar expert just normal human being without a clue in this niche of beauty Just expressing myself in this beauty journey that may be helpful to you or entertaining or a big nothing. So that being said be kind to me I would love any input to learn more.

I always liked makeup it but today I love it more than yesterday.
So let’s start at the beginning but not too at the beginning just how was my make up life prior the Pandemic.

Well since I started putting makeup in my early twenties I just slapped it on my face no one gave me some intro to it, my mother never or hardly put make up on herself so no advice or talk about makeup given, and well I saw how my mother never cared for her appearance don’t get me wrong she is beautiful like really beautiful but seeing her not caring at all in every aspect made me want to be the opposite crazy right but is the truth..I basically read the instructions on the product and I thought all the makeup world was in the drugstores where I bought my make up until my mid thirties.

I moved to the US at the beginning of my thirties I started noticing to my delight that Maybelline from my local drugstore would sell this little quads of eyeshadow and on the back since I always look for instructions would tell you where to put each color of the quad and I loved it! felt like heaven like having a clue about eyeshadow so I bought all colors I could Find which to my despair they only had like green and blue and of course all the neutral colors in the world haha… Well I love love looove color! I do like neutrals from time to time but not always so the colorful quads eventhough they looked so pretty was lacking that Pop! That vibrancy. Then Revlon with their colorstay lipsticks oh my gosh always bought a wine color, red one and a chocolate color the wining trio for me. Then a friend recommended the super stay from Maybeline and wow I fell in love with it..I still think is so good. Foundation I did not had a brand preference could be Maybelline, Revlon or cover girl why they all left me looking whiter and could not get my shade right since you have to guess and trust your judgment when looking at the shades at the drugstore which became a problem when looking myself a social photos and realized I looked so white like a ghost then took it in my hands to solve this and looked for help at Macy’s! the only place I could think a person could help me find a foundation that match me. There I was introduced to Estee lauder foundation which I loved for many many years felt I still looked a bit whiter than my tone but way better than when I would choose my shade by my poor judgment at the drugstore. I did not know then about skin tones or undertones or wearing sun screen none of that at all

Needles to say Maybelline was my favorite brand but felt always bummed their formulas were not as vibrant or pigmented like the yellows would melt on my skin and I could never ever find a red eyeshadow in any drugstore and oh my was I craving a red eyeshadow!

To go to work my make up prep time would be fairly short following the quad of the day instructions and I would match it to the color of my shirt I only had what I could find green, Blue and purple. Was like a subtle wash of color wich was nice but always wanted that extra pop.

By then I had mascara but did not used it did not see a point in it since left my short lashes the same and when I found one that lifted them a tad shortly after would not find it again at my drugstore. My brows were untouched I would just trim at at salon but that was it.

I felt that I looked good never felt not so was happy just wishing the drugstore offered more color variety and vibrancy. Then the Pandemic hit..

If you read this far a big thanks to you, let me know your thoughts if you have ever felt the same like me at a drugstore and if you are a neutral kinda gal or a color like me kinda gal..yes I absolutely love color..thank you for reading I will post every Monday in case you interested I wish you the most wonderful joyous day!