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Fashion thru my eyes 👀

When I was in my twenties I would buy my clothes on what caught my eye at the mall as we all do. In my thirties, I gained 212 pounds 😱 finding clothes I liked was not easy. One day a beautiful friend of mine took a photo of us to my horror I looked like her mom! I realized then I had no style and did not care much for how I looked, it was time to change this.

Hello, there beautiful friends! In today’s episode, I wanted to talk about fashion, the way I perceive it. Short post 😇 how are you? I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here reading me. 💜

The year was 2014 I was overweight and felt unhappy about this. When my friend took that photo I thought to myself. Do I lose weight first and change my clothing style after?

I’m big… No clothes will look good on me 😔 I was bummed in negative thoughts. But thank goodness a voice inside said no! change your style now! you’ll look beautiful no matter how big you are.

The first thing I did was to think about how I wanted to look and feel what would be my style? I wanted to look elegant, classy, feminine, and sexy 🤪 and a bit different from the trends, meaning if all stores are into floral prints I would want the opposite that will have my requirements.

On f course, I would love those high-end brands that cost an arm and a leg isn’t that the dream! Sadly the majority of us can’t afford that. But we my beauties don’t need a high-end brand to tell us our worth or that we are above others. As long as you have your style and you feel beautiful that’s all that matters. 😊

For curvy women as I was I found Khol’s to be very good with me they truly had outfits that matched my style. Another store that I love is Desigual this is a European store present in the malls and online.

I know is hard for curvy women to find cute clothes but if you look around trust me you will find them. And you can find beautiful affordable brands.

Now that I have found my style the next thing to change was my appearance in the sense of styling my hair, put on makeup, and strive always to look my best.

Many women do not give importance to their appearance for many reasons I’ve heard why dressing up to go to work or I only dress up and put makeup on when going out at night. I respect that but I firmly believe to look always the best. Like Coco Chanel said “being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness. We are visual animals everything enters through the eyes how you look will be noticed 😉

Just a few years ago I lost weight a lot of weight 😊 nothing wrong with being curvy as long you are happy. In my case, I wasn’t. Nowadays some or most of the clothing stores are embracing all types of bodies in a variety of sizes which makes me so happy.

Some of the stores I like:

  • New York & Company. My favorite! 🥰
  • Express
  • Forever 21. Yes if you look you’ll find something worthy for a 40+-year-old woman like me haha.
  • Rainbow. Just like forever 21.
  • Bebe
  • And any store that will have my Style doesn’t matter if we have an unknown brand like a small boutique.

Here are some photos of how I dressed last week.

Colorblock flare shirt dress from New York & Company.
Clip dot mock neck peplum top and a low-rise supersoft twill buttoned waist ankle pant from Express
Layered Ruffle top paired with satin ruched drawstring skirt. From Forever 21.
Ruched front stretch mesh top from Bebe paired with True Religion jeans.
Swiss dot tulle smock top and True Religion Jeans from Rainbow.

On my Instagram, I post every day the Makeup look of the day and now I am including how I dressed for the day when possible. I will also attempt a Fashion reel on Tuesday I try to do a small vid every Tuesday for Instagram. 🙈 I wrote this in the past hi! So for you would be tomorrow if is Monday or today it is Tuesday. The link to my Instagram is below on my page.

In the end my loves I’m not here to tell you how to dress but to tell you to dress in your style that makes you happy. Bring out that gorgeous being you are. No brand dictates your worth ok!

See you on the next episode Monday. To my, Spanish loves come see me on Tuesdays. I will review Makeup palettes and do looks for you. Not sure yet which one I will start with haha Stay tuned.

  • What is your favorite clothing store?
  • What is your style?

Note: Not sponsored or affiliated just my opinions. 😇

That’s it my loves I wish you a fabulous week! Follow me on my Instagram let’s be friends! Take good care of yourself. Sending much love. Bye for now. 😘

Basic Eyeshadow placement for us beginners 😇

Something I always felt lost is eyeshadow placement as I’m sure many beauties out there do.  I can relate to the frustration of having a 6 to 18 Eyeshadow pan palette and not having a clue on what to do! 😳

Hello there! I hope you are safe and healthy along with your loved ones, and that life is going well 😊 today’s episode will be just the basics and a mini video tutorial. Let’s dive into it.

Regardless you like neutral looks or colorful looks is the same rule of thumb I will link a video from a makeup artist that explains this in full.

You can do any look with just 3 eyeshadow colors the 4th would be the lid color and of course, you can add a many as you like but all are centered on this start point. I’ll explain this in the way I understand it.

1) You will need a lighter shade than your skin tone to highlight the inner corner

2) A contour shade which is a darker shade than your skin tone you apply this in the outer corner of the eye to deepen up a look if so desired.

3) A midtone or transition shade you’ll put this on the Crease.  This is a shade color in the middle of the lighter and darker shades,  not the lightest or darkest but in between.

The 4th one would be the lid color.

Some experts do point that the Crease or midtone can only be a matte, not a shimmer the lighter and darker and the lid can be either.

Now I agree with the basic eyeshadow placement but I don’t agree about the no shimmer on the Crease. I believe that makeup has no rules therefore I have done looks using only shimmers and they looked great.

The reason behind it is that the shimmer in the Crease will attract fine lines and wrinkles. I’m 42 and have no issues about it, it’s a personal preference.

We are all different, we all have different eye shapes, and out there you will see tips about how to wear eyeshadow for each shape and I don’t know about you but it’s kinda hard to find exactly what shape you have haha so I will say don’t get bound by the rules whatever makes you feel beautiful go for that like for example:

I found this hack that helps to get your eye shape, with eyes open apply shadow chosen with a brush just above the lid this will guarantee that no matter your eye shape you will have a shadow that can be seen with eyes open 🙃

Also just follow your natural bone structure right below the brow bone, where the bone ends and the skin sinks a little this also helps bring your eye shape.

Also important is my beauties to put eye primer before eyeshadow application it helps in eyeshadow opacity and staying power.

Below is a video, I found a year ago that helped me tremendously in regards to eyeshadow placement happy to share it with you 🙃


My first mini video tutorial 💜

I am a beginner, my dream that I am working towards getting realized next year 🙃 is to become a Makeup artist, not a self-thought but a certified one I feel there are so many things I need to fully understand to get the confidence and experience towards even bigger dreams 😊

I feel so happy to have become better at makeup one thing that has helped me greatly is to follow tutorials I did this for a year or so and now just a few months ago I felt confident to create my own. What keeps me going is my belief that makeup has no rules and you don’t have to be perfect just have love and fun with it.

I hope you found this useful 😊 on my next episode I will talk about fashion from my point of view 💃 in later episodes I will talk and review each palette I purchased starting with the newest ones and create looks for you. Also in October, I will speak about botox, I have scheduled an appointment for that is my first time! I will tell you my experience about this 😱

Sending hugs and kisses my loves 🥰 be safe out there and please take care of yourself. Come see me on my next episode Monday and Tuesday for a revised Spanish version. Follow me on my socials below, let’s be friends! Bye for now 😘💜