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It’s in! Review of Brain Washed Palette with pigmented Pastel and Duo-Chrome shadows. Halloween deconstructed 🤯

When I saw this palette coming out in October with a pastel approach to its Halloween release loaded with Duo-chrome shadows I was immediately attracted thought was a very interesting Palette to try and give you the scoop on it 🤡

Hello, my beautiful people 🥰 How are things? How have you been? I am back with a new post after a short vacay with friends and fam 😊 Today I wanted to talk about this Brainwashed Palette I have mixed opinions on it so let’s jump in! 😇

Chaotic Cosmetics

Cruelty free, vegan friendly owned by LGBTQIA. Based in New York, USA. They ship all over the world except Australia at this time. See below the link to their website


The Mattes

They are pigmented and beautiful! I am medium skin tone therefore pastels are not the easiest to apply on my skin, the shadows fourth dimension, living dead, fully aware, distraction, and power cables even though pigmented are a bit sheer to help bring them to pop on my skin I used a white base primer or white concealer but found that also wetting the brush with water will bring them to pop as well maybe I would dare say even more! I liked all of them 😊 Power cables is the darker shadow if you want to make it more Dark mix it with any black shadow. 😉

The Duo-Chrome shimmers

Are shiny and just so beautiful but they are not as shifty as the brand claims I did not see the shift much. However, they are super fun to wear! I love they are sparkly. No pressed glitter here 😊 My absolute favorite from the shimmers and the whole Palette is Spill your guts it looks magical on the lid 🥰

There is little to no fallout. Once placed on the lid they don’t wash away they stay on for at least 8 hours. These shadows can also be used on the cheeks and the lips no problem 😍 the cost of the Palette was $48 plus $ 5.68 of shipping and I got it at my door super fast! Maybe two days after placing the order which was awesome.

Overall I give the Palette a 9 out of 10! I felt pleased with my purchase and enjoyed wearing it a lot!

Arm swatches

First look and tutorial

Final look and style

Second look and tutorial

Final look and style

Third look and tutorial

Final look and style.

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In case you are interested in buying makeup palettes from my beauty collection, these are not expired, of course, are pre-owned, treated with love and care, 🥰 you can check out my store on Mercari. Since I blog about makeup products I am always buying them, and only used them once or twice so you can get them for a bargain they are negotiable too! is my pleasure they get a chance to get used and loved again! Some are very recent too! Meaning recently released by a beauty brand 😊 I leave you here the link.


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70 dollars for a palette! Amor y Mariposas by Melt cosmetics I got it so you don’t have to. Let’s talk 👀

As soon I saw the Campaign video for this Palette I was sold! A collection inspired per Melt’s words in the comforting love found after losing a loved one and the vibrancy of life. The packaging all of it I was excited! Once I got it my thoughts well let’s say I feel different about it 😑

First of all my apologies for not posting yesterday…Girl! I found myself looking at my beauty collection and could not believe how many makeup palettes I have! So I went thru them to declutter nonexpired palettes and thought well I only used them once or twice could there be people interested in buying them? Would be sad to not get to be used. So I spend a lot of time listing them on Mercari by the end was so tired and still have many more to list lol I sold a lot of them which makes me so happy they can be put to good use 😊 then prepping them for shipping took some time, haha but happy I did this 😊

So how are you my Sweets! How’s Life? Did you treat yourself for black Friday? I am overall good I did treat myself with some goodies. Next week I will not post due that I will take the week off I have some dear friends visiting from my Country and will spend time with them, it’s always good to pause and unwind for a bit 😊 So let’s jump into the episode.

Melt Cosmetics

The brand was founded in 2012 by two women Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar the brand is animal cruelty-free, not all Vegan but most of their products are. They ship internationally too.

Amor y Mariposas Palette 🦋

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging Girl! That alone needs a moment haha the packaging is beautiful is exquisite is gorgeous the art on the cover of the palette is raised and truly a delight to the eyes made by the Mexican artist Gustavo Ramada. The inside of the palette is beautiful as well the touch inside with the monarch butterflies is a nice one and the box where the palette comes from the inside has a velvet fabric you can see the love and effort put into this and I appreciate this so much as many beauties do.

There is the fallout a lot of it so keep that in mind I do always do my eyes first so that is no issue for me. The mattes are rich in color and pigmented the color story is beautiful I do think some colors are similar and no need to have more than one like Señales y te adoro these two also need some building upon medium skin tone. I liked Nube is a beautiful purple 😊 and they do not stain the lid.

Now the shimmers oh boy I did not like the shimmers at all 😔 they feel soft to the touch but when applying it does not layer up well is grainy. Once on the lid does stay but is not shiny or metallic the formula is not the best I tried.

You can indeed create beautiful looks but to me shimmers at very important so was not in love with the palette but a bit disappointed.

I also picked up two of their gel liners Estrella and Colibri now these are Chef kiss gorgeous and super Metalic when you dip the brush it feels beyond creamy is like a mousse! They dry matte and dry lighting fast not much room to blend you have to be quick! I did not like this because The first time I put one of them on I did not blend fast and well I could not fix it since had to leave to work so was a mess haha. But overall I love these liners they are pigmented and what I love the most is that are waterline safe but not only that they will show! You don’t have to build up it’s not sheer it’s opaque and pigmented 🙃

taken from Melt cosmetics IG

To conclude I do not love the palette it is not worth the price for the not-so-good shimmers, in my opinion, is way too overpriced. If you love high shine shimmers and or super metallic eyeshadow then you will not be happy with this palette. The mattes are good and blendable. The packaging is A plus! Chef kiss the liners are worth getting 🙃 Overall I give it a 7 of 10! Below I leave you a link to their website


Arm Swatches 🦋

Eye looks and tutorial

Golden Eye Mess 😇

Final look and Fashion style

Since it dries fast and I did not blend quickly it creased not good for under the eye area.

Eye Planet 🪐 and tutorial

Final look and fashion style

Nameless eye and tutorial

Final look and fashion style.

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In case you are interested in buying makeup palettes from my beauty collection, these are pre-owned, treated with love and care you can check out my profile on Mercari. Since I blog about makeup products and I am always buying them, only used them once or twice so you can get them for a bargain they are negotiable too! is my pleasure they get a chance to get used and loved again! Some are very recent too! Meaning recently released by a beauty brand Like this palette from Amor y Mariposas, I listed it and was sold to a lady that is super excited for it 😊 I leave you here the link.


Have a fab rest of the week and days ahead, please be safe out there and enjoy life is a blessing to be breathing air. Sending much love to you my beauties 🥰 Bye for now 😘

I felt old and not happy with myself so I decided to do Botox and fillers for the very first time in my life not what I thought it would be 💉🪞🙊

As I kept looking at my reflection in the mirror in my late thirties every morning I started to notice frown lines on my forehead! Gosh, I felt old and unhappy at the same time it hit me how life short is! I started contemplating the idea of botox as is so popular among not only celebrities but friends too.

Hello my sweets how are you! How life is going? I hope you are well and everything that you desire is working out for you 🥰 I am well I cannot complain, grateful for breathing air, having a job, and having the opportunity of expressing myself thru here and social media 😍 let’s jump in today’s episode. 🙃

Since when I first saw those dreadful frown lines in my forehead and looking at them every day just getting more and more pronounced haha. I am 42 it took me a few years to decide to do botox. I read articles about it. Some celebrity’s experiences and friends. In the celebrities, the case is a mix of good and bad The friends I know to do it are very happy with it.

My friends recommended I go to a spa where the price is a bit less than a dr and also to not wait much longer since it would take more botox to make an effect in a more wrinkled face! 😳 I felt a bit uneasy about where to go something I value a lot is my face! In spas, they have botox specialists that are not necessarily a doctor some do have a Doctor but you may not be seen by the dr but by a specialist if that makes sense. I decided was best to go to a place where I would get seen and treated by a Doctor I feel is the safest way to do this kind of procedure even if will cost much more. After looking only for 5 stars reviewed doctors I chose Dr. Gregory Lewen he is a double board-certified oculofacial plastic surgery Doctor.

The eentrance at the Doctor’s office

First of all, I liked his website he made emphasis in this paragraph extracted from his website:

“The cost of receiving injections of Botox® in Miami does not just include the cost of the actual product. Unfortunately, this is an error that is made by many people when considering the cost of this treatment, and it can be very dangerous to consider where to have cosmetic treatments such as Botox® injections performed based solely on the cost. The cost of Botox® most importantly incorporates the level of skill and expertise of the injector. Many people perform Botox® injections without ever receiving the proper training on the anatomy and physiology of the face. Some injectors will simply attend weekend courses before starting to inject patients with Botox®, while others may not even have the proper license, appropriate credentials, or required oversight to legally perform these treatments.

When a US specialist purchases Botox® through Allergan or a distributor authorized by Allergan, it is guaranteed quality. Unfortunately, some injectors purchase Botox® from other sources inside or outside of the country to save money on the cost of the product. Botox® that is purchased from non-reputable sources is not regulated by the FDA and is not always controlled for proper storage conditions or expiration. Such Botox® will typically be offered to patients much cheaper. Lastly, Botox® requires reconstitution before injection. Some injectors will intentionally dilute the product before treating patients to save money”

This sold me out is what I needed to hear. I called in made the appointment they charge $150 to book the appointment is nonrefundable but if you decide to do the treatment it can be used towards the payment so I booked the appointment and paid the fee. I leave here a link to his website.


The day came to see the Dr. I was nervous but ready I thought it will be just an injection and that’s it no pain, no fuzz nothing just forget about it lol. Nothing like that.

Here are my impressions:

They have a nice office, they literally only see one patient at the time I was the only one there, prior I was waiting in my car to get called in.

The staff was friendly

Dr was attentive to questions, professional, patient, and friendly explained everything in detail felt in good hands.

These are the questions and answers given:

Botox is to relax the muscle

Filler is to give volume.

Botox what are the side effects or cons? Swelling, droopy, dry eyes, blindness.
What about fillers? Same as botox rare reactions. He uses a cannula to avoid blood vessels.
Type of filler that you will put on me? hyaluronic acid it’s dissolvable
When is a good time to stop? Dr will tell the patient but one has to watch oneself to avoid looking like a cartoon in the future.
Is there more than one type of filler? Many types 
What happens when filler fades away? Look back to normal

This is the first room you get in where you meet the Dr and responds your questions.

He said that he likes to apply botox and fillers in a way it looks natural and that feels comfortable for the patient. I loved this!

For example, in botox he wanted to relax my forehead in areas that will help give a natural look but not too much that would make the brows feel heavy he said if not done properly that is what happens you feel that heaviness, and the only way to fix it is to wait it out.

Fillers he explained my problem is the wrinkles around the mouth in my perspective that is, he said our faces one side is a little bigger than the other making having a good side for photos.

By applying the filler on my dimple area would smooth it out but not go completely.

He also mentioned that if I apply on the area on top of my cheekbones that would immediately lift a bit my laugh lines area and also would help to brighten up the eyes lifting it a little bit in the eye bag area opening the eyes.

I decided after he spoke to me to do the botox in the forehead area. He with his assistant took me to another room and started injecting it was not painful as I imagined he was gentle and the procedure was done in minutes I had small bumps where he injected that scared me but he said do not worry they will be gone in the next hour or so and gave me an Ice pad. He said I could go to work right after but I decided to take the day off. He also said I would start to see results by next Tuesday This was done on a Friday, by Sunday the frown lines were gone! I was beyond surprised! I was delighted No more blurring or smoothing my forehead on my pictures! 😆 I felt well through the weekend, started to have mild headaches by Monday that could be easily treated with Advil.

The room where Botox was applied.
How I looked after botox

Tuesday came and oh my gosh the horror my right eye had some lid drop like there was a bit of excess of it best explained by this two little video I made of it.

I called the dr he saw me right away and he said not to worry that he did not want to put much botox in that area to avoid feeling a heavy brow and it should go away in the next week or so. Then I decided to talk a bit about fillers I said to him I don’t like the lines around my mouth he said to take it easy that we can do it little by little and that we could start with the area around the eyes cheek fillers this would brighten up my eye area, brighten up my face and give a youthful appearance he also told me he is against permanent fillers the one he offered would last one year and a half to two years…I was sold! He told me to think about it and when ready to do it but I am an impulsive person I confess and decided to do it then and there.

He prepped the area with a numbing what it looks to me soap and told me to close my eyes and not to worry about the popping sounds I will hear he used hyaluronic acid. So I closed my eyes I felt the popping sound is quite nerve-racking and felt he was molding that area. The procedure was done in what felt like 20 to 30 minutes he gave me some Ice told me I could go to work right after if I wanted to but again decided to take the day off he said no exercising in 24 hours that is normal to feel pain and see bruising.

Well, I felt well during the weekend I kept looking at the mirror but could not see anything meaning the fillers. To me, I looked the same haha had no pain and no bruising I did break out a bit of pimples but nothing alarming then Monday came I put on my makeup as always, and oh my gosh I saw the difference! I almost fell to the floor I was pleasantly surprised and delighted! I looked beautiful! I had cheeks! And had a contoured face! I was so so happy and I confess I wanted more done in my face this can be addicting people!

How I looked after fillers

The next weekend came I had to wait one more week for a follow-up a scheduled appointment with the dr where he checks all is ok which I do like about this doctor. And this particular weekend I felt terrible, headaches if I turned to the right side in my bed the whole room would spin I felt dizzy every time I did this. I could not get up from bed mostly due to the headaches that receded on Monday thank goodness. Went to my follow-up appointment he said that the dizziness he did not think was connected to it but most likely to my Vertigo I do suffer from vertigo once or twice a year and recommended I go see my primary dr. He said all looked well on my face. I asked about fillers around my mouth he explain what he could do and also said to wait on this. He set an appointment for botox in February since botox lasts approximately 4 months and that we could discuss that in that appointment that there is no rush.

After this visit I have not felt bad, no headaches I can sleep on my right side and don’t feel dizzy, my right eyelid does not look droopy the only thing I experience is when I get stressed I feel the tension in my forehead like around the eyebrows and goes away once I relax.

Overall it’s not peaches and cream to do this kind of procedure and we are all different and may react differently. It’s important to think this thing through and not be impulsive like I am haha ask as many questions as you want and understand the risks. If done incorrectly many things can go wrong like getting blind! if botox is not injected correctly or getting the filler gets injected in the blood vessels which may cause among many horrible things death so is important to not think about how much money you can save forget about that be ready to spend and look for a board-certified Doctor, not just a person that will offer you to do it for less money but will cause terrible effects in your face that may kill you. So keep this in mind I beg you 🙏 this is a hard job if you ask me! Very delicate to be a plastic surgeon.

What I liked about this Doctor and his clinic well I liked they only see one person at a time to protect you and them of course from the virus. You are not rushed thru the visit, the dr is not cold and is patient when answering questions, and of course very professional has a soft hand when doing his procedures. His office is super clean and organized, his staff is nice and polite. I also loved he is not in the urge to sell you a service he tells you to think about it to take your time that is best to go little by little. I guess the only con I have is that I did not see hand sanitizers all over and available for the patients but if you ask them they will give you or tell you where to wash your hands.

The cost.

Botox the cost is $ 637 they deducted the $150 booking fee came to a total of $ 487

Cheek fillers: the cost for both cheeks is $ 2, 150

It is expensive the cost of Botox is very much the average price when done by a certified Dr. The cost of the fillers is high but if you put into account how long it lasts then seems less expensive if that makes sense.

I asked him what to look for in skincare products he told me to look for this so I leave it here to share with you beauties:

When using face cream for anti-aging 5 ingredients are important:

Vitamin C in Serum
Peptide in growth

I got all of these plus I bought myself an LED mask to help collagen and to prep face for skincare now the mask is expensive because the infrared led you can find cheaper alternatives without the infrared led that will do nothing hence why is expensive. I list here the products I bought.

  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost SPF 50
  • Rejuvenate advance multi-peptide youth cream
  • Skinception Kollagen Intensiv
  • Glow recipe Avocado melt Retinol
  • Skin Medica Eye repair
  • TruSkin vitamin C facial serum
  • Currentbody skin LED face mask

Overall I feel very happy with the results, happy in my skin. I confess I am terrified of getting old I don’t like it society associates it with ugliness but it’s not true! I was watching the other day Wayne Goss and he was talking about his skincare routine and he said these words of wisdom getting old is a privilege not all of us reach to grow old and is not about avoiding getting old but to age positively and gracefully which is what I am aiming for 🙃 I just pray to know when to stop doing injectables and live my old years embracing me. 🥰

Before Botox and fillers photos

Gosh I look so tired without make up 😱 taken by the Dr

After Botox and fillers photos

No makeup 🙈 taken by the Dr.
look at those cheeks! 😸

There you have it my loves. I hope you liked this episode 🥰 if you did give it a like and I invite you to become my friend on Instagram I am there as beauteeindistress

I post every Monday and a revised Spanish version on Tuesdays. Be safe out there enjoy life and give it a thought about aging positively and gracefully 🥰 Bye for now 😘

Let’s review That time of year by Gourmande girls cosmetics let’s have some tea on it 👀🫖

I love and have so much admiration for the owner of this brand, she is down to earth and is there for her customers she builds friendships with them which is rare for a brand that does this. For this and other reasons is a pleasure to support this brand but this does not mean I will not be honest in my review and gurrl I have some thoughts on this palette 🧐

Hello my sweets how are you! 🥰 How are things? How are you coping with this Pandemic? I hope you are well. Me I am well keeping the fam and myself as safe as possible and living life 🤩 without further ado, let’s jump into today’s episode

I did speak about this brand in a past episode the one I talk about their exquisite palette, its important to note that this brand is 100% Vegan and animal cruelty-free is owned by one Woman her name is Cristina under the Foxy Rose, LLC and she pretty much runs the show for the brand if you know what I mean.

That time of year Palette

The palette consists of a 15 eyeshadow pan palette, the color story is beautiful eye-catching she made this palette in collaboration with three you tubers: the adventures of Xinia, debutawn, and thebrutallyhonestbeauty I don’t watch their channels but by peeking in their IG I can tell they three are very talented I really liked thebrutallyhonestbeauty she makes some really nice makeup looks that are truly beautiful and watching her a little bit on Youtube she emits such a good vibe!

A collab with Aventures of Xinia, debutawn and the brutally honest beauty

The mattes are very nice to feel, they are pigmented except Fuzzy Socks this one is a little sheer on my Medium skin tone is good in my case to use as a transition shade but not alone. I liked that there is little fallout in the pan and on the eyes. I wish they included a black one to deepen things out but overall the selection of Mattes is very pretty my faves are frostbite, sugar plum, and joy 🥰 these mattes blend with ease and the colors are fun indeed. And once on the lid last all day.

The shimmers well I am pleasantly surprised! I can tell the brand improved its formula! I feel so happy to report they are more shiny and sparkly! However, there was one shade that did not work for me and that is Twinkling lights it creased on my lids and was patchy I used white concealer and glue primer the other shimmers performed better were not patchy at all. Once on the lid, they last all day. My favorites: the feel and Icicle 🥰 Nostalgia was not as shiny as the rest was more subtle. They all feel creamy to the touch.

The packaging is Cardboard which is good helps our planet, the cover is pretty simple I think the packaging is a very important thing to pay attention to. I have bought stuff just for the packaging alone! haha, I feel this packaging falls more on the safe side I know some beauties care a lot for the packaging and feel of a product.

Another thing I would love to see more releases from the brand and bring not only a palette but a collection with it for us to enjoy! I think this palette alone will cover the rest of the year. I understand is difficult for a beauty brand out there in a saturated fierce competition but would love to see the brand just grab the bull by the horns if that makes sense.

The cost of the palette was $ 36 with free shipping since I used a coupon otherwise the cost is $ 39.99 which is a really good price and the shipping time was super fast I got it delivered in no time and I do appreciate it this about the brand. Is in stock now and you can save too my beauty by using code: FEMENINE for 10% off this is not affiliated just for you and me to save some money 🙃 I give this palette a 9 out of 10! I recommend it to you I see with their improvement on their shimmer formula the brand is heading in the right direction and I look forward to seeing what they will create or evolve to next! I will continue to support this cute brand and I invite you to give it a try who knows you might just become a gourmande girl 🥰

Check out their website here:


Arm swatches

  • Frostbite – sky blue matte
  • Sleigh Queen – dark purple matte
  • Icicle – Grey purple multichrome that shifts green gold and pink
  • Cherries Jubilee –  brick red
  • Warm and Toasty – medium brown matte
  • Snow Angel- white pearlescent shimmer
  • Silver Bells – silver foiled duochrome
  • Twinkling Lights –  white douchrome that shifts blue and green
  • Fuzzy Socks – nude peachy matte
  • Nostalgia – rich brown shimmer
  • Sugar Plum – medium purple matte with sparkles
  • Joy – vibrant peach matte
  • The Feels -white duochrome that shifts gold and pink
  • Evergreen – rich dark green
  • Cheer – cheerful bright green

Eye looks and Fashion style 💃

Green Izak Eye drink and Tutorial

Final Look and Fashion style

Eye dream and Tutorial

Final look and fashion style

Eye Candy and tutorial

Final look and fashion style

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  • Is there a palette from an indie brand that has caught your eye for black Friday?
  • What is your favorite palette in your beauty collection?

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Have a great rest of your week lovies! Be safe out there, lots of hugs and kisses to you. Bye for now 😘

Let’s talk about Meet me in the underworld from Lois cosmetics with 3 looks 👁

I love indie brands! Love how fun, versatile, formulas that are jaw-dropping they have everything my little heart desires, today is no exception we will review another indie brand 😊

Hola how are you my sweets! 🥰 I hope you had a nice Halloween with your loved ones and if you don’t celebrate it that’s ok I hope you then had a nice weekend! My weekend was spent at home with my family 👻 Let’s begin with this episode review 🙃

From Lois Cosmetics IG

So who are Lois cosmetics you may ask, well this is a very new brand. They started on March 2020 right alongside the Pandemic so they started as I can imagine facing some challenges. Is founded, owned, and operated by a female, her name is Lois and she is a makeup artist they are based in London, the UK they are cruelty-free and vegan which is so nice is important to be a brand that cares for animals, is an environmentally friendly brand they strive to offer recyclable packaging.  I feel happy to support them just for that 😊

The packaging of the palette is cardboard the artwork is nicely inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice a tale of enduring love and loss. Is a 16 eyeshadow pan of mattes, shimmers, and metallic shades.  Is grungy in their words a grungy glam palette.

The shimmers and metallics are not buttery smooth they feel texturized but they apply nicely on the lids. The mattes are smooth and creamy.  A little fallout not too much. In my case I do my eyes first then my face just because of fallout it’s easier and less stressful this way for me 🤭 but if you do your face first just put setting powder under the eye to catch the fallout. I found a little staining on the lid on some shades, keep in mind though that this is because is a vegan formula it’s not permanent will go away in a day and you can hide it with concealer. I’m okay with this is one small sacrifice to not harm animals 🙃 once put on the lids they will last all day and do not crease on the lids.

The shades all of them are pigmented just a few need builds up on my medium tone skin like Myth and footsteps. The shimmers and Metallic shades are not mind-blowing shiny however they don’t lack pigment and look nice on the lids. My favorite shades are Snakebite, lyre, and enchanted. I am not in love with the palette I just like it, the color story is nice but I found myself wanting in there an Orange, a yellow, and a blue haha but you can create some truly nice looks with this palette as it is. I give it a 7 of 10! I do recommend it to you 🙃 its very well-reviewed on their website.

Price point I paid $ 33.50 plus International shipping $ 14.79 and arrived fairly fast I think is a good price in total. I used Paypal since my debit card is restricted to be used in the USA. Through Paypal, I can use that very same card and pay either the whole amount, split it into two payments, or do 4 installments which are extremely convenient if you ask me 😊

Here is the link to their website


Arm Swatches

Per their website:

Poetry: Rose pink shimmer
Lyre: Copper foil shimmer
Enchanted: Yellow toned Green shimmer
Forest: Deep cool toned green shimmer
Eurydice: Soft Peachy Pink Shimmer
Hades: Deep cool toned brown matte
Muses: Cool Rose tone Taupe Foil Metallic
Orpheus: Green Tone Antique Gold Foil Metallic
Snakebite: Warm toned pink Matte
Footsteps: Cool Toned Mauve Matte
Nymph: Neutral Moss Green Matte
Myth: Terracotta Matte
Tragic Love: Deep Red-Brown Matte
Melody: Warm toned Brown Matte
Woodland: Cool-toned Khaki Matte
Underworld: Deep Black Matte

Looks 👁

Cat eye in reverse…green mood 🐕 with tutorial

Final look

Dress is from New York and Co

Eye gift 🎁 with tutorial

Final look

Top and pants from New york and Co

Thaumatrope eye with tutorial

Final look

Top from New York and Co. Jeans from True religion

I hope if you have not tried indie brands that my reviews make you want to try them.. girl you will not look back once you do! Happiness is guaranteed haha. If you are already into indie brands then I’m so happy that is awesome!

Tell me did you pick up this palette? Or do you plan to pick it up? Let me know 🙃

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Halloween/Spooky themed palettes review with 4 Created looks! 👻

I love spooky season it’s so much fun! Many brands create fun quality palettes at an affordable price You can be whoever you want and express even more thru makeup I don’t have the skills to do a full face but that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy the season on my way by chiming in with easy cute looks and so do you! 👻

Hola how are you my sweets! I hope you have been enjoying the spooky season! I hope you and your loved ones are well and safe. Me I’m good I went to an oculofacial plastic surgeon. Yep, I did some treatments for my face! Did botox and fillers and I will share my experience with you all real soon let me tell ya I was not prepared on how the process is! So stay tuned for that. Let’s jump to today’s episode 🙃

I bought a little too many Halloween themed palettes 🤭 When you love makeup as I do is hard to resist new launches and oh my goodness they are new ones very often like every week so in this episode, I will talk about 4 Palettes 👻

It’s freaking Bats! 🦇

This palette is from Shroud Cosmetics which is an Indie brand they are animal cruelty-free, 100% vegan, they don’t do business with companies that do animal testing is based in the USA, the founder is Chloe T who started the company at just 16 years old under another brand name now rebranded shroud cosmetics. This handmade palette is a collab with my favorite you tuber battybean so when I saw was a collab with her I jumped on it!

The palette is a 9 pan eyeshadow palette that contains shimmers, mattes, duo-chrome finish, and metallic finish. I love palettes this size is easier to figure out an eye look 😊 the palette is pigmented rich in its colors the mattes are creamy, with minimal fallout. The shimmers feel not as creamy they have texture to them but this does not make them less beautiful 🥰

Per their website: Handbook: A gorgeous chartreuse shimmer • Spooky: The most perfect creamy periwinkle matte • Apparition: A purple with an intense gold duochrome flash • Addams: A rich deep teal green matte • Sam: The most intense light sage green metallic • Trapa: The perfect grungy yellow matte • Zero: A super magical lavender with an intense green duochrome flash • Derry: A deep eggplant maroon purple matte • Grim: A deep aqua blue shimmer.

Arm swatches 🦇

I enjoy this palette very much my favorite shades are Handbook, spooky, and Zero. Trapa needs a little build-up on medium skin tones like I am. Overall a fun beautiful quality palette. Retails for $ 35 and is currently sold out hopefully they restock it. I give it a 10 of 10!

The lonely star eye look with its written tutorial 👻🖤

The Corpse Bride 🦴💀

From Makeup revolution IG

From the Makeup revolution, the collection of the corpse bride is so cute, to say the least! I got this palette and the Newlyweds. The brand is UK-based, animal cruelty-free, vegan. The founder is Adam Minto and they pride themselves in making affordable products.  The palette is an 18 eyeshadow pan small palette in the form of a butterfly that has mattes and shimmers embossed with butterflies.

The mattes are creamy and pigmented, there is fallout which is not a problem for me since I always do eyes first but something to consider if you care about that. The shimmers are creamy to the touch they are not high shine they are soft and nice, my favorite shades are eternal love looks beautiful under lower lash gives that extra touch to a look also liked the darkness. The palette cost is $ 20 and including international shipping for two palettes came to $ 33.38 which is not bad at all. The Packaging feels like foam and cardboard is not luxurious I mention this since some beauties care a lot about packaging 😊

Arm swatches 🦴🦴

Overall I did enjoy the palette the color story is colorful and beautiful, I wish the shimmers were more impactful but I do appreciate the shadows being pigmented and that once on the lid they last all day 🙃 It is currently in stock. I give it an 8 of 10!

Colorful eye hill loom with written tutorial 💀🖤

The Newlyweds 🧟‍♂️💀

Fron Makeup revolution IG 💀

This Palette is also from the Makeup revolution this is a 9 eye shadow pan of Mattes and shimmers embossed with a Skull. The mattes are pigmented, the shimmers are ok not super high shine but are indeed nice. There is fallout in the pan to keep that in mind. My favorite shades are Hopscotch, not mine and love triangle this one looks so nice under the bottom eyelash almost holographic I love it 🙃 The packaging is sturdy, feels like plastic, and is nice so adorable.

Arm swatches 💀

Blue Starry eye with tutorial 💀🦴🖤

A video mini tutorial is on my IG 🖤

This palette is so cute! The price is $12 which is a great price is in stock they ship it fast and are not as expensive I give it an 8 out of 10!

Haunted Europe 🧟‍♂️

From Nomad cosmetics IG

This palette is from Nomad Cosmetics an Indie brand the founders are a married couple Felicia and Antti Rintanen they are travelers and have been to more than 70 countries they create their palettes inspired in the countries they visit. This makes this brand fun and interesting indeed I perceive this couple as very down to earth they do comment if you tag them and they handwrite a thank you note with your purchase! Also, another thing to mention when you buy this palette part of the proceeds goes to bat conservation international which is awesome to me!

The brand is cruelty-free and vegan. The palette has 9 mattes and 9 shimmers. The eye shadows are creamy, there is minimal fallout, some shimmers like Houska Castle are super Metallic and so gorgeous! I’m in love with it! Now Bloody Mary I wish was more impactful more metallic but is still a nice shade. The shades I love besides Houska Castle are the Catacombs, Frankenstein, and Merry Cemetery. The mattes are pigmented. I do like this palette is fun. The color story has some redundant colors, like two golds for example only one should be good they could have put other colors instead like yellow and blue but is a good palette to add to your collection 😊 the packaging feels like cardboard but the cover is amazing it’s beautiful they put thought and care in the packaging I was attracted immediately just for the packaging.

From their website:


  • MARY KING’S CLOSE – matte spiced pumpkin
  • HOUSKA CASTLE – shimmer yellow gold
  • HIGHGATE CEMETERY – shimmer ghostly green
  • HOIA-BACIU FOREST – shimmer foggy gray
  • GHOST RIVER – matte phantom mauve
  • BLOODY MARY – shimmer bloody crimson
  • BOOGEYMAN – shimmer autumn gold
  • FRANKENSTEIN – matte jack-o-lantern orange
  • GRENDEL – matte eerie forest green
  • BIG BAD WOLF- shimmer silver bullet blue
  • KRAMPUS – shimmer devilish purple
  • COUNT DRACULA – matte dried blood red
  • THE CATACOMBS – shimmer gravestone gray
  • DRAGSHOLM castle- matte bat brown
  • MERRY CEMETERY – shimmer gremlin green
  • BLACK FOREST – matte medieval blue
  • BRAN CASTLE – matte ghoulish violet
  • SPANDAU CITADEL – matte castle brick

Arm swatches 👻🖤

I would give a 9 of 10! This palette retails for $ 44 and currently is out of stock but the good news is that you can pre-order it! I most definitely recommend you try this brand and with this palette you support a noble cause 🦇

Eye cream pumpkin pie and tutorial 🍰🖤

There you have it my sweets! I hope you liked this episode was made with love 🥰 leave me a comment down below if you got this palette or if planing on picking them up!

I wish you as always only good wishes, follow me on my Instagram: beauteeindistress I put there every day looks and weekly reels, I’m on tik too too 🙈 also as beauteeindistress I invite you to check them out. Have a fab week, be safe, and stay glam my friends. Bye for now 😘

Hauntingly Glamorous palette from Alien cosmetics review is it that good? 👀👽

Alien Cosmetics is an Indie brand that is becoming very popular I found it on Youtube and what caught my attention was their packaging which is truly unique and was what made me go check what was the brand all about.

Hola! How are you today beautiful people! I hope you are well 🙃 I am good working and having fun with the spooky season! For the episodes left of October, I will review Halloween-themed palettes. I bought maybe a little too many, haha so I might review more than one per episode to fully cover all the Halloween palettes I bought.

Interestingly I could not find info of the owner or what the brand is about on its website but I found some info outside of it. The owner is Amanda Hayden she worked in the beauty industry for many years and then created her brand Alien Cosmetics which represents the obscure in beauty heavily art influenced her products per her words are unique and unusual.  The brand is vegan and cruelty-free established in 2018 in New York where is based. Below is the link to their website


Their packaging is exquisite art in the hauntingly glamorous palette the artwork was created by Ink_Stassy she is gifted as an artist you can check her out on Instagram I love that this brand put that kind of effort into seeking these talented artists! Makes their palettes truly unique.

My experience with the hauntingly glamorous Palette.

This palette is a collab with Sydney Nicole Addams who in my opinion is so gifted a mind-blowing drop-dead gorgeous makeup artist I admire her so much her username on Instagram is sydneynicoleaddams you must check her work is amazing my words does not make her justice! Packaging A plus! is beautiful I’m not quite happy with the color story though I wish it had an orange or yellow, a black and a brown I’m not mad about it either. The shadows are beautiful and pigmented oh my goodness so pigmented! I love color and with this palette, you get exactly that very colorful looks and I must add bold. No neutral soft looks here haha I mean you can create soft looks if you want to but no way to hide that pigmentation haha I love this palette! The feeling in your eyes is astounding if that makes sense as you gasp in the mirror when you see it like wow that is bold! 😳 but the next second you are in love with the look 🥰

The mattes are exquisite the blend is very easy they feel creamy and buttery, there is a bit of fallout when applying not much, it does not bother me since I always do my eyes first but you can either do that or put some setting powder under the eyes to catch the fallout. Morticia the red one is truly beautiful a rich red that is bound to fall in love with now the glamour ghoul is a Matte with glitter which is super pigmented but I w had more glitter in it if you read me before you know I love high sparkly mind-blowing glitter or shimmer haha. But don’t get me wrong is still beautiful. The shimmers are gorgeous especially Lily that is a special shadow is so truly gorgeous is so shiny and holographic is delicious on the eyes. I also love the names chosen for this palette 🤩

I recommend putting eye primer, without it, the colors don’t pop up and are a bit harder to build. For the shimmers use glitter glue or a medium to bring them out more!

I like all the eyeshadows but I have two favorites Lily this shimmer is mind-blowing is precious and Morticia I love how rich this Red is, so fun and a pleasure to apply I can’t have enough of it!

I made for you arm swatches and eye swatches I tried to make fun arm swatches for you my loves I put love into my blog for you 🥰💜

Arm swatches 👻

Eye swatches 💀 I put eye primer.

Taken from Alien cosmetics site: This beautiful palette includes 12 spooktacular shades fit for any ghoul

🕸Elvira – Light shimmer w/ a pink shift
🦋Lily – Light shimmer w/ a green shift
🩸Morticia – Blood red
🍷Vampira – Deep burgundy
🎬Movie Macabre – Deep teal
🧟‍♀️Pale & Mysterious – Sage green
💚Glamour Ghoul – Chartreuse green w/ glitter
😱Bloodcurdling – Light tealish-blue
☂️Unhappy, Darling? – Grape purple
🔮Drop Dead Gorgeous – Violet purple
⛈Seance Weather – Deep navy blue
☔Unpleasant Dreams – Lilac purple

Here are the looks I created with mini-tutorials and some drawings. I apologize these are not professional drawings I’m not good at that and I accept it this is why I cannot draw full-face Halloween makeup on me but I still participate with little things that anyone can do haha but I do these drawings for my reference when putting it on my lids I want to share with you all the process is how I am 🙃 also my loves I wear all my looks no matter what. I do go out with my looks hey I’m proud of them! 🥰

I called this look the start of a bloody tear 🧟‍♂️ done in a few minutes since I had not much time when prepping to go work I used a red magnetic liner from Glamnetic to bring out the look even more!

This look is called Rag doll half-stitched eye. 👻 For this look I used a black felt tip liner from Il Makiage for the stitches and I did a video tutorial creating this look, I invite you to check it out on My Instagram: beauteeindistress

This look is called Alien Glam look 👽 I used the Key Lime retro liner from Gavissi Beauty to do a wing it came out gorgeous!

In my opinion from 1 to 10 this palette is a 9 is so beautiful I don’t give it a 10 for what I explained earlier but is worth the money you can get it for $40 and is in Stock right now! If you are thinking about it then think no more you’ll be happy you got it but I must add get it if you truly love color because this one will give you colorful bold looks if you just want a subtle wash of color then this is not for you.

Note: I am not sponsored or affiliated I bought this palette and is just my opinion on my purchase 😊

There you have it my loves I hope you liked this review please tell me if there is anything you would like to add or if you would like me to review in the future a palette you are curious about or any opinion you may have either good or bad to help me be better. I want at the end be of assistance to you beauties 🥰

Have the most fantastic week! Think positive don’t let any negative thoughts in. We are what we think. Be safe out there and have fun with your makeup 🙃 remember you are a beautiful being! See you on my next episode, follow me on my socials ✌ Stay glam my friends 😊 Bye, for now, 💜 😘

Pink Religion Palette my thoughts on it with 3 looks 👀

The pink religion collection from Jeffree Star Cosmetics came as most of his collections were surrounded with drama this one was portrayed mirroring the Catholic religion. I usually don’t care about the drama but this one did annoy me I am not Christian but was raised like one and felt was bad taste to do that on his part towards offending Catholics. This is my favorite brand! I felt turned off 😑

Holaa beautiful you out there! Days go so fast right! My week was good, I have been enjoying creating makeup looks and diving into reels on Instagram haha I have seen there really nice people that share the love for the beauty world. How was your week? Are you excited about this new month? Spooky season is here 👻 let’s start this episode 🙃

First of all, do you know what an Indie brand is? I did not until last year 😳 and let me tell you I love Indie brands they are amazing! An Indie brand is independently owned and operated by an owner not owned by a parent company some are handmade. In my experience so far with Indie brands, I found their formulas are really good even better I would dare say than mainstream brands. The mattes are more pigmented and shimmers are what dreams are made of! They are a true contender to Mainstream brands. 💪

Jeffree  Star through his Chanel introduce me to his world full of color and pigment that I have not seen at the drugstores where I would buy always my makeup back in the day,  and open the door to indie brands 🙃 Since Jeffree star cosmetics is my favorite brand even though I have found other indie brands that do make me rethink if JSC is still my favorite brand, well for now just for the lipsticks alone it is so I decided to start reviews of makeup I have bought with JSC cosmetics.

I am not a cancel culture type of person I value the quality of the products and not make it about the person behind the brand so even though I felt turned off I decided to go with my beliefs and bought the Pink religion palette along with 3 lipsticks and the setting spray from the collection. I must confess I said my prayers to our creator asking for forgiveness due to not wanting to offend.

I had played with the palette and got a good feel to it. I do like the colors in it I feel some colors are a bit repetitive like the purples, a brighter orange would be nice. The palette could have been smaller, I think is too many for a pink monochromatic palette it can feel daunting to think about what to do with so many or confined if that makes sense.

The mattes are good they are easy to blend and are pigmented. Saint star needed to be built up a little this is because I have medium skin so a white base helps. The shimmers are ok not mind-blowing sparkly or super fairy-like shiny. One thing you should know about me is that I Ioveee high shine super sparkly out of this world shimmers 😎. The palette claims to have a duo-chrome finish on one of its shimmers and that is for Princess Crown had well is super subtle and I barely see it other indie brands do blow your mind with duo-chrome shimmers but looks beautiful as an inner corner highlight. My favorite shimmer in this palette is Candy Cathedral is really beautiful.

Here are the swatches of this palette on my medium skin tone arm, forgive me I am not a pro in arm swatches 🙈 and a video 😊

The lipsticks I bought I like and don’t like haha I am not a big fan of his velvet trap formula and to be more clear some colors are creamy and pigmented while others are patchy and weird in this purchase I got both types. Confessional was the best in an application for me creamy and pigmented. Always faithful is creamy and just a little patchy but fixed with building it up a bit more. But Pink Messiah is terrible at least on my lips is patchy and will not look all good with building up I don’t know if lighter colors like these are hard to make but I think he should sell colors like this when he finds the perfect formula. I prefer his liquid lipsticks over this formula even though some of his liquid lipsticks are not perfect when applied.

Swatches of the lippies I bought

I also bought the Holy mist setting spray. I like that you don’t need to shake it every time you apply. The smell is not as good, smells okay but not out of this world wonderful wish the smell would be a bit stronger. The mist sprays too little I have to spray a lot to get the amount I want on my face.

Overall I do like the Pink religion Palette is nice and one can make some cute looks with it. Wish Jeffree will do non-monochromatic palettes to have more possibilities with it when creating looks but I do recommend this palette to buy. The lipsticks I could pass in my opinion best to buy his liquid lipsticks and I also would pass on the setting spray, you can find better choices in the market. I would rate my recommendation from 1 to 10 an 8

I did three looks for you and I am including how I planned them with drawings haha. You see I plan the looks for the week on the weekends, I write them on my phone notes and if needed I would draw the idea. This is to save time in the mornings, I have a full-time job so the time when getting ready counts I save the thinking part by having it all planned out 😇

First look: I did a very simple look I tend to do this on Mondays since are the hardest for me in the sense of starting the week after the weekend like getting up late and running against time to be on time at work! haha. I only put the shadow under the waterline at the bottom lash did a splashed color moment at the bottom. Here are the steps I wrote like a tutorial and the final look.

Second look: I did some lines in the outer corner area and focused mostly on the corner. Here is the drawing I did to remind me how I pictured it lol, the mini tutorial and final look.

Third look: I also did some lines like lashes among lashes kinda look haha. Here is the drawing, the mini-tutorial, and the end look.

And there you go gorgeous! I hope you liked this episode. I will review more palettes in the upcoming episodes I will do for the remainder of October Halloween or spooky themed palettes I bought for my collection 👻

I post on Mondays and a revised Spanish version on Tuesdays, let’s be friends follow me on my socials I am mostly on Instagram 🙃 I am posting also short videos on Tuesdays like reels on Instagram that I upload to Tik Tok and youtube you can find me in any social platform as beauteeindistress 🙈😇

  • Did you pick up this palette? Or plan to?
  • Have you tried Jeffree Star cosmetics?
  • What is your favorite makeup brand?
  • Have you tried Indie brands?

Leave me a comment down below

Have an amazing rest of your week, be safe out there, play, and have fun with your makeup! Stay glam my friends, kisses and hugs 🤗 bye for now 😘

Fashion thru my eyes 👀

When I was in my twenties I would buy my clothes on what caught my eye at the mall as we all do. In my thirties, I gained 212 pounds 😱 finding clothes I liked was not easy. One day a beautiful friend of mine took a photo of us to my horror I looked like her mom! I realized then I had no style and did not care much for how I looked, it was time to change this.

Hello, there beautiful friends! In today’s episode, I wanted to talk about fashion, the way I perceive it. Short post 😇 how are you? I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here reading me. 💜

The year was 2014 I was overweight and felt unhappy about this. When my friend took that photo I thought to myself. Do I lose weight first and change my clothing style after?

I’m big… No clothes will look good on me 😔 I was bummed in negative thoughts. But thank goodness a voice inside said no! change your style now! you’ll look beautiful no matter how big you are.

The first thing I did was to think about how I wanted to look and feel what would be my style? I wanted to look elegant, classy, feminine, and sexy 🤪 and a bit different from the trends, meaning if all stores are into floral prints I would want the opposite that will have my requirements.

On f course, I would love those high-end brands that cost an arm and a leg isn’t that the dream! Sadly the majority of us can’t afford that. But we my beauties don’t need a high-end brand to tell us our worth or that we are above others. As long as you have your style and you feel beautiful that’s all that matters. 😊

For curvy women as I was I found Khol’s to be very good with me they truly had outfits that matched my style. Another store that I love is Desigual this is a European store present in the malls and online.

I know is hard for curvy women to find cute clothes but if you look around trust me you will find them. And you can find beautiful affordable brands.

Now that I have found my style the next thing to change was my appearance in the sense of styling my hair, put on makeup, and strive always to look my best.

Many women do not give importance to their appearance for many reasons I’ve heard why dressing up to go to work or I only dress up and put makeup on when going out at night. I respect that but I firmly believe to look always the best. Like Coco Chanel said “being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness. We are visual animals everything enters through the eyes how you look will be noticed 😉

Just a few years ago I lost weight a lot of weight 😊 nothing wrong with being curvy as long you are happy. In my case, I wasn’t. Nowadays some or most of the clothing stores are embracing all types of bodies in a variety of sizes which makes me so happy.

Some of the stores I like:

  • New York & Company. My favorite! 🥰
  • Express
  • Forever 21. Yes if you look you’ll find something worthy for a 40+-year-old woman like me haha.
  • Rainbow. Just like forever 21.
  • Bebe
  • And any store that will have my Style doesn’t matter if we have an unknown brand like a small boutique.

Here are some photos of how I dressed last week.

Colorblock flare shirt dress from New York & Company.
Clip dot mock neck peplum top and a low-rise supersoft twill buttoned waist ankle pant from Express
Layered Ruffle top paired with satin ruched drawstring skirt. From Forever 21.
Ruched front stretch mesh top from Bebe paired with True Religion jeans.
Swiss dot tulle smock top and True Religion Jeans from Rainbow.

On my Instagram, I post every day the Makeup look of the day and now I am including how I dressed for the day when possible. I will also attempt a Fashion reel on Tuesday I try to do a small vid every Tuesday for Instagram. 🙈 I wrote this in the past hi! So for you would be tomorrow if is Monday or today it is Tuesday. The link to my Instagram is below on my page.

In the end my loves I’m not here to tell you how to dress but to tell you to dress in your style that makes you happy. Bring out that gorgeous being you are. No brand dictates your worth ok!

See you on the next episode Monday. To my, Spanish loves come see me on Tuesdays. I will review Makeup palettes and do looks for you. Not sure yet which one I will start with haha Stay tuned.

  • What is your favorite clothing store?
  • What is your style?

Note: Not sponsored or affiliated just my opinions. 😇

That’s it my loves I wish you a fabulous week! Follow me on my Instagram let’s be friends! Take good care of yourself. Sending much love. Bye for now. 😘

Basic Eyeshadow placement for us beginners 😇

Something I always felt lost is eyeshadow placement as I’m sure many beauties out there do.  I can relate to the frustration of having a 6 to 18 Eyeshadow pan palette and not having a clue on what to do! 😳

Hello there! I hope you are safe and healthy along with your loved ones, and that life is going well 😊 today’s episode will be just the basics and a mini video tutorial. Let’s dive into it.

Regardless you like neutral looks or colorful looks is the same rule of thumb I will link a video from a makeup artist that explains this in full.

You can do any look with just 3 eyeshadow colors the 4th would be the lid color and of course, you can add a many as you like but all are centered on this start point. I’ll explain this in the way I understand it.

1) You will need a lighter shade than your skin tone to highlight the inner corner

2) A contour shade which is a darker shade than your skin tone you apply this in the outer corner of the eye to deepen up a look if so desired.

3) A midtone or transition shade you’ll put this on the Crease.  This is a shade color in the middle of the lighter and darker shades,  not the lightest or darkest but in between.

The 4th one would be the lid color.

Some experts do point that the Crease or midtone can only be a matte, not a shimmer the lighter and darker and the lid can be either.

Now I agree with the basic eyeshadow placement but I don’t agree about the no shimmer on the Crease. I believe that makeup has no rules therefore I have done looks using only shimmers and they looked great.

The reason behind it is that the shimmer in the Crease will attract fine lines and wrinkles. I’m 42 and have no issues about it, it’s a personal preference.

We are all different, we all have different eye shapes, and out there you will see tips about how to wear eyeshadow for each shape and I don’t know about you but it’s kinda hard to find exactly what shape you have haha so I will say don’t get bound by the rules whatever makes you feel beautiful go for that like for example:

I found this hack that helps to get your eye shape, with eyes open apply shadow chosen with a brush just above the lid this will guarantee that no matter your eye shape you will have a shadow that can be seen with eyes open 🙃

Also just follow your natural bone structure right below the brow bone, where the bone ends and the skin sinks a little this also helps bring your eye shape.

Also important is my beauties to put eye primer before eyeshadow application it helps in eyeshadow opacity and staying power.

Below is a video, I found a year ago that helped me tremendously in regards to eyeshadow placement happy to share it with you 🙃


My first mini video tutorial 💜

I am a beginner, my dream that I am working towards getting realized next year 🙃 is to become a Makeup artist, not a self-thought but a certified one I feel there are so many things I need to fully understand to get the confidence and experience towards even bigger dreams 😊

I feel so happy to have become better at makeup one thing that has helped me greatly is to follow tutorials I did this for a year or so and now just a few months ago I felt confident to create my own. What keeps me going is my belief that makeup has no rules and you don’t have to be perfect just have love and fun with it.

I hope you found this useful 😊 on my next episode I will talk about fashion from my point of view 💃 in later episodes I will talk and review each palette I purchased starting with the newest ones and create looks for you. Also in October, I will speak about botox, I have scheduled an appointment for that is my first time! I will tell you my experience about this 😱

Sending hugs and kisses my loves 🥰 be safe out there and please take care of yourself. Come see me on my next episode Monday and Tuesday for a revised Spanish version. Follow me on my socials below, let’s be friends! Bye for now 😘💜