A woman shaving her face? 😱 Why is important to do it.

I never before would even think about this, sounds crazy to me! But now that I have added this step into my beauty routine I see the importance and most of all the benefits to do it. πŸͺ’

Hello, my beautiful people! How have you been? I hope you are well 😊 I have been well. It crazy busy week at work. Thank you for reading me today, I’m so happy you are here. For my Spanish speakers, you can click on the Translate/Traducir button in the top center of my page to read this post in Spanish, or click this link below πŸ‘‡


A quick note: I’m not affiliated or sponsored by any brand these are just my own experiences and opinions.

Without further ado let’s begin. At the end of last year I changed how I do my makeup in the sense that I used to do it standing up looking at myself from a distance in the usual mirror you get in a bathroom, I also used a small mirror to apply concealer.

Well, this small mirror broke so I went to amazon and looked for a similar mirror and discovered that now you can have Led mirrors with magnifying vision so I got sold on the one you see in the photo below, and oh my gosh it changed the way I apply makeup today I could see myself close up and personal and see that little mess you make when applying makeup that you won’t see by looking yourself from afar at a regular mirror.

From the brand BESTOPE, I bought it on Amazon.

It was here I noticed something I never noticed before and that was when applying my foundation it got flaky on some areas of my face like peeling! I was in disbelief like what the heck? 😱 A scary thing to experience, to say the least. I looked up online and found a few simple things to do to help this situation.

The first one I found was to shave my face! Yes, shave it! To my relief, I don’t have to do it like Men using a razor and shaving cream haha imagine! But in a more subtle but effective way. I found this video here below from You Tuber Jacklyn Hill that is very useful in doing this I invite you to watch it πŸ™‚ here she uses a women’s face razor and demonstrates how to use them. I had no idea about this! Such an eye-opener!


In case you cannot see the video you can click on the link above πŸ™‚

I got myself some tools to shave my face I got a women’s face razor-like in the video but also a rechargeable eyebrow trimmer and facial hair removal. I love it helps with that dreaded peach fuzz is powerful and does not use batteries which is a plus 😊 in case you wonder what peach fuzz is: Peach fuzz (vellus hair) is a type of facial hair that’s shorter, softer in texture, and lighter in color compared to other hairs on your body. While not typically visible to others, you may still elect to remove peach fuzz if you want a smoother face, along with better makeup application.

Bought this on Amazon from the brand VG VOGCREST.
My facial hair removal tools.

Removing the peach fuzz and facial hair is important to get a smooth application of foundation in my case I do it every day due that it’s needed especially the peach fuzz but it’s only a step of a few that needs to get done.

Exfoliate your face. I use the Tree Hut Sugar face scrub Banana Oat. Smells like a banana and I help it with Face Halo, face and body exfoliator. This is like a hand glove with a roughed side that helps exfoliating. You can also use a wet hand towel to scrub and exfoliate. I read that the best type of face exfoliators out there is a Charcoal based one, I will try that soon. The Banana one does help.

In my case, I have dry skin so people that have dry skin should avoid products that make their skin drier. After washing the face to dry it use tapping motions with a towel. Then apply moisturizer now a good tip if your foundation is too dry use a richer cream to combat this. The face cream I use is the Glow Recipe Watermelon glow pink juice moisturizer.

Another tip if your foundation is peeling a bit when applying it with a Q-tip moisturize that area in tapping motions. Also, use a damp beauty blender to apply foundation in Stamp motions this will help eliminate harsh lines and make skin even without the cake. I do use an electric brush that helps distribute and even the foundation and right after the damp beauty blender. Another tip I found useful is when using the beauty blender is set a timer of one minute I have one google home mini in my bathroom that I use for this and well also to listen to the news of the day or my favorite podcasts, haha They are super affordable like $25 and useful! In that minute stamp the beauty blender for the foundation this will help even out and for sure avoid the cake and achieve a more natural look 😏 then set a timer for another minute to let the foundation set.

One thing that is extremely important that I had no idea and actually will help with the peeling, the cake, and all things that go wrong with a foundation is choosing the same type of foundation and Primer!. For the beauties that have dry skin like me, we must avoid matte foundations we need dewy foundations not matte.

What I mean about the same type of foundation and primer is that they both be Water-based or silicone-based. Make sure that both in other words have the same ingredients ok. This is very important, super important here how to recognize they have the same ingredients when buying this product:

To know if a foundation and or Primer is water-based water should be listed in the ingredients like this example below:

You can see Water as an ingredient.

To know if a foundation and or primer is silicone-based we must look in the label for these words: Cyclopentasiloxane or Dimethicone like the example below:

You can see the Cyclopentasiloxane ingredient.
  • Do you as a woman shave your face?
  • What is your favorite foundation brand?

Leave me a comment down below.

There you have it my beauties I hope you find this post useful with its tips as I did when I discovered this not even a year ago! Has helped me a lot in my makeup application.

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I wish you a fabulous rest of the week. Please be safe out there, think positive always. What we think is what we attract! Sending you a big hug your way! See you in my next post. I post every Monday and a more accurate translated Spanish version post on Tuesdays. Stay beautiful my friends. Bye for now 😘

Smell good. Feel good. Look good. πŸ‘

It’s important to smell good at all times. To me, too much is not enough haha. Being clean and smelling good makes me feel like a million bucks plus its an instant confidence booster πŸ™ƒ

Hello, hello to you beautiful being you! How are things? I trust you are well. Happy to announce my blog is now also available in Spanish! Yas! just go to:


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Today I want to talk about personal hygiene, my go-to smelling good. Short post πŸ˜‡ let’s get started.

Note: I am not affiliated or sponsored by brands mentioned here just my honest opinion.

Smelling bakery goods anyone? Well, that would be me! Haha, I love sweet bakery smell like Products like creams, perfumes, fragrance mists, shower gels, etc. Now perfumes that smell like this are a bit hard to find though. I also like perfumes that do not necessarily smell like a bakery but I like them sweet-smelling not so much florals, coffee, or wood scent notes. Sadly my favorite perfume that does not smell like a sweet bakery but is sweet-scented is discontinued it’s the Ralph Lauren Hot. Can be found on eBay at a high price.

Products I use in a Nutshell πŸ™ƒ listed at the end of the post.

Fyrinnae an Indie brand, makes scents like sweet bakery and a little out there scents or uncommon like Artisan Bakery, cats, dogs, Polar Bear, Shipwreck scents isn’t that something? Check them out.


Ladies I know you got this haha These are just some ideas for you πŸ˜‡ But have you noticed is rare for the gentleman that cares to smell extra good? I don’t know why. For most just the shower with bar soap shall do! To the gents out there please put extra care in smelling good you will feel good, look good, and will work as an instant attractive booster to the ladies. πŸ˜‰ At the end of this post I leave you my go-to’s smelling good and a question.

Bath Whip from Menagerie Cosmetics. These are hand-made to be used in the shower leaves my skin clean and Moisturized. Nostalgia smells like sugared berries with notes of cotton candy. Banana split smells like banana, vanilla and sweet cherry to sum it up like a banana split ice cream is delicious! Chef kiss. They smell AMAZING!

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Always remember you are beautiful, be safe out there, wear a mask, and be happy, a smile makes your face even more beautiful, only happy thoughts in your head ok! Bye for now 😘

My go to’s to smelling good:

  • Dove Beauty Bar Mango. Smells good different from the regular bar soap and can be found at Walmart! I’m continuously looking for the next best smelling thing.
  • The function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner in Mango scent. I like this brand! Is my favorite right now. I like that they made their shampoos custom-made to your needs. In my case, I suffer from dandruff no drugstore product help but this one does with a formula they make just for me.
  • Clean & Clear facial cleanser day and nighttime.
  • Bath and bodywork shower gel in Strawberry pound cake. Smells like the real cake. Yum!
  • Menagerie Cosmetics Bath Whip. These smell amazing! they are handmade I use them in the shower they clean and moisturize skin.
  • Tree Hut Cotton Candy Sea Sugar Scrub. This is a body scrub. Smells good. Leaves a nice cleaning happy scent.
  • Tree Hut Nourishing sugar face scrub in Banana oat. Smells like a real banana.
  • Vagisil for the feminine area for everyday use, Odor block, and PH balance.
  • Anti-cellulite body washes in a sponge by spongeables. I like this product and smells good to be used in the shower which is super convenient.
  • Tree Hut Bare moisturizing shave oil. Has a clean fresh smell.
  • Tree Hut Post Shave soothing mist. Smells like grapefruit helps with itchy skin after shaving.
  • For the Body daily Creams and Fragrances mists, I use two brands Bath and bodywork in scents: Strawberry Poundcake, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Marshmallow Pumpkin latte, Berry Waffle cone, Ginger Bread Latte, Christmas Cookies, Pink velvet Cupcake. Vanilla Bean Noel. Haha yas!, I love sweet bakery goods smells!
  • Also love the brand Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream, Fragrance Mist, and shower gel. Smells like honey and pistachios.
  • Perfumes From Fyrinnae I have Autumn in Avalon smells like apples literally and Serendipity smells like deep vanilla.
  • Perfume Banana Orchid. Delicious and last all day.
  • Perfume Good Vibes from Charming Charlie smells sweet vanilla leaning to floral scent
  • Perfume bath and bodyworks in the stars. Sweet vanilla smell.
  • Perfume Sol Cheirosa de Sol de Janeiro smells like honey and pistachios.
  • perfume cool water from Davidoff.
  • what is your favorite scent?

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Save yourself! From the evil spooky brow πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ

Well, I did not touch my brows most of my life I just let them be just the once-a-month grooming at a local Salon I thought nothing of them. Until of course at this stage in my life on the first half of 2021! when I started to think about them πŸ€”

Hi! I hope you had a pleasant weekend. How are you today? for me it’s been a sad week at work my dearest two bosses left the company I have been working with them for 7 years so it makes my heart heavy, Im also concerned about the stress of the workload since with them no longer there is going to be a bit hectic. In other news, I have reached a Month as a blogger! Haha, could not be happier. So let’s talk about brows huh! Let me tell you my little journey with them. The most surprising thing is that I never thought I would ever be talking about my brows it’s crazy! but I’m glad I rediscovered and conquered or tried to, so let’s jump in!

Note: I’m not affiliated or sponsored these are just my personal opinions.

So I was browsing what to watch on YouTube and this video of this girl caught my attention the headline was Dude! brows change your WHOLE face tho. Yeah, Whole in caps lol I was like huh? what is she talking about? her name is Roxane Ane, she has a cool YT channel in this episode she does her brows one slightly different than the other, the difference a Brow mades to a face is incredible, she explains to leave the front of the brow lighter than the end of it. She does not use any technique but of course, I needed to know more and did some research on YT and online.

I watched a lot of videos and found a video from Anastasia Beverly hills where Anastasia Soare explains how the Brows need to be mapped out and then connect the dots to frame your face to make your face more symmetric or cohesive and with this brings the absolute best brow shape catered to your face. I was indeed shocked! I also noticed that was in or trendy and still is to let grow your brows, the hairier the better so you could comb them up like evoking we been quarantined due to Covid lol, Anastasia used a Stencil too, which is super interesting to see, she recommended her new then brow freeze gel which per reviews online is the strongest out there to keep the brow hairs up, so I bought this product, I did not get the Stencil maybe one day I will try it, for now, I’m good without. I was so excited to try this method and see my brows glammed up and all! I leave you her Video is super helpful and was an eye-opener for me.

The morning came to include this new step in my beauty routine and oh boy it took forever! I ended up with little time left to apply the rest of my makeup! first of all the Brow gel would not hold my brows for anything! would only hold for seconds where they looked so pretty so dreamy! but then reality hit and my brows would go back to be the same old selves, you see my brows are the unruliest of them all they grow downward which is the worst a girl can have πŸ˜” girls want them to grow upwards mine also stay straight facing front and stay like that no matter what, they are weird evil things, to say the least.

I tried this Brow freeze gel for like a week to no avail, then I tried the benefit 24 hr brow setter product and the NYX brow glue they did nothing, my brows were unfazed, geez I even tried lash glue and no my brows also defeated them easily. Now drawing the pen on the brows and connecting the dots was another story the easy part was to connect the dots, the hard part was to fill them out and make them look natural I tried so many brow pens. first I tried black color the blackest brow product I could find was the kat von d super pomade vegan eyeliner, since I do like brows that are the same color of the hair mine is black. I also bought the Kat von d brow brush that goes with the pomade so I could attempt to draw some standing-up hairs since my brows were not cooperating.

The pomade was smooth and glided like a dream, the brush is ok but makes thick strokes. It took forever since I attempted a lot of times to make them look nice and then rushed to work with no time of regrets, once at work when I went to the bathroom and look myself in the mirror oh my god the horror my brows looked terrible! superbold in your face and intensely black they were indeed the focus of attention in the worst way possible like when you have a stain in your shirt kinda attention, no wonder people at work looked at me funny, blessed their souls they said nothing to me haha. I tried then brown brow pens that per beauty experts should be the ones used with black-haired girls. well, I hated it! I don’t like to have a brow color different than my hair color, to see the contrast in my face was disappointing, not in love here, then tried black pens and produced the ugliest bold looks! and had to go to work like that haha rushing in the morning. To sum up was a month feeling frustrated, the time spent in the morning in just the brows alone! I wanted to cry, to scream! such a storm inside of me πŸ˜₯

In the end was all worth it this is how I learned by not giving up, by continuing to try every morning and going thru the day with my crazy brows with a smile. What finally gave me peace was to accept my brows! just love them for how they are so I gave up the Idea of the hairy long-standing up brows, but I tried though haha. I kept the connecting the dots part because they do change my face they are more symmetrical not perfectly symmetrical but better they frame my face in such a lovely way. One thing all beauty experts agree is Brows are not twins they are sisters nothing more certain than that! I could see how they embellish my face., and found two brow pens that work for me they are black! a soft smoked black, and a brow setter that makes me happy.

In the end, I achieved to make my brows look better, softer, and natural-looking, now takes me 15 minutes to do my brows which is way less time than the hours it used to take me! they are finally no longer a headache

The video of ABH helped me a grand deal in seeing the importance of the brows in the face. I leave you some photos that came out in this terrible month like how they looked before after and now also in the process of doing them nowadays. As well the list of products I use for my brows.

How they looked before when I did nothing to them. They look like ghosts πŸ‘»
Blackest black I could find! Using the kvd pomade looked so bold and funny every time I looked myself at the mirror will gasp in horror 😳
Here trying brown pencil. I did not like the contrast of color with my hair 🀒
Trying a black pen..felt better in color but still did not looked natural, looked bold and harsh πŸ₯Ά
Pardon the pj’s πŸ™ˆ haha here is me working on my brows I use a clear film found in make up palettes to help me see just to start with the dots process.
dots done
Connecting the dots
Here is all done just before cleaning it up 🀣
The final result not perfection just happiness ☺️

Brow products I use:

  • Kat Von D black Pomade in Graphite color just for the dots parts. They can be blended or erased with a spoolie
  • Gee Beuty smoked brow pencil. This is my favorite the color is soft produces a natural brow look I absolutely love it. The cons is expensive for a product you have to restock constantly so I have a backup which is the next product.
  • Revlon colorstay brow creator in Soft black the closest in color to the Gee beauty one and less expensive
  • Bingbrush pencil set very inexpensive I use the soft black or the soft grey to fill in the brows
  • Gee beauty Hi brow tint in brunette lite it has fibers to mimic brow hairs the color is subtle, beautiful very natural looking and also sets the brow.
  • Damone Roberts bling bling cream pencil in gold. I use this to highlight my eyebrow instead of a concealer this is a personal preference since I feel is more subtle looking than a concealer.

I tried to keep this post short sometimes I let go of myself haha I can tell you that I truly enjoy writing for my blog makes my soul so happy. I hope this experience of mine can be of use to you, I still cannot believe I did not know about the importance of the brows! I’m clueless, haha but I am happy I learned πŸ™‚

I wish you an awesome week I do want to say this; when you get frustrated with makeup, please keep on trying don’t give up, make the makeup work for you. I follow the directions of my natural brows and I love them! even if everybody is crazy for the hairy combed up haired brows haha. The universe made you beautiful just the way you are, Love yourself and whatever beauty advice you hear is not a rule just an opinion, take only what you feel taking, in other words, don’t stress! about makeup application in any way to me works knowing that is not mandatory to achieve perfection but to play and have fun with it as Long I love how I look does not matter what other people think or comment if you feel beautiful and happy that is what matters. I put makeup for me, not for others, I love how makeup can bring out, even more, the beauty in you and have fun applying it!

  • Have you tried brow lamination? I’m curious about this procedure makes the brows shiny smooth also caller brow perm!
  • What is your favorite brow product?
  • Do you put eyeshadow or color pomade in your brows to match your eyeshadow look?

I wanted to tell you guys that I’m trying to make my blog bilingual in English and Spanish. I’m Latin, my native language is Spanish, would love to include my Spanish speakers πŸ™‚ now you would think is easy but no! first to get a plugin you need to have a little of a program coder in you and I’m just a mom! haha, I’m working with GT translate they have a case open since the program is not working to edit what the machine translates which is a bit laughable I need to edit to put my personal touch. While I’m waiting to see if they will make it work you will see around my site a floating button that will take you to the Spanish version of my posts, you can look at it but don’t mind it since is not edited and the translation is not good, please accept my apologies for this. One thing is sure I will make my blog bilingual no matter what if GT translate doesn’t work then I will do it manually, So look out for that coming here sometime soon πŸ™‚

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Fake lashes to be or not to be πŸ‘€

I have been using fake eyelashes since last year only before I never had worn them in my life and I’m 42! 😬

Hello there to you reading this right this second! How are you? I hope your day is going great so far. I want to express my gratitude for taking the time from your busy life to read my humble blog. From the bottom of my heart, a big thank you!

I hope you liked my previous episode πŸ™ƒ  to me finding that wearing makeup under a mask with zero to minimal transfer tip was so useful! And hope the tips you find in this blog become useful or as inspo to you, I will share my findings as I continue to learn and pass them along to you! If you can share tips with me awesome! a happy face here πŸ˜„ Of course there are many beauties out there that are very knowledgeable in makeup, and overall the beauty and fashion industry but I’m sure there are also many beauties that have no clue like me if you are like me in that sense then big virtual hug your way! you are not alone we are in this together πŸ™‚

Get comfy, grab a drink or snack and let’s dive into this week’s episode.

Just a small note: I’m not affiliated or sponsored by the brands I mention here these are just my personal opinions.

Nothing wrong that I started in this stage of my life to wear fake eyelashes, haha, to be honest, the way I thought of them was as a big no they seemed so fake like you could tell in a person and looked funny to me, they looked in my perspective like trying way too much and couldn’t see the use in wearing them or understand why women and some of my friends would put them at all!  Quite frankly I felt embarrassed to ask my friends for the fear that unintentionally would put them on the spot and make them feel bad!

When I wanted to put on makeup again and knew I could wear it with the mask on, I realized that the way to express the makeup with a Mask on is through the eyes now they are the center of attention so I  needed to make my eyes a bit more dramatic which was new to me since my makeup prior the pandemic even though had color in it was never super bold ar dramatic as nowadays. This is when I started looking for tutorials on Youtube.

While I was watching them, I noticed most of the videos ended with the people putting on fake eyelashes and all of a sudden I understood the big difference they make! Now I know why women love them, They beautify the eye in such a way but not only that the entire makeup look even if the you tuber was not entirely happy with their look they said that no worries the eyelashes will make it all better and oh my gosh it did! This was eye-opening in my life!

They always recommended the lashes they used however all were eyelashes that you put on with lash glue, I tried those just once and I hated them! I still do haha never again! The problem I saw is first to put them on is not as easy it takes patience and time one can get frustrated easily on this step, ( to the gents out there that ever wondered why women are always late when going out on dates well I’m telling you this might be part of that 🀣) once I had them on I could see it with my own eyes how It truly elevates your beauty to a whole other level! After I wore them and was ready to remove them I found removing them was easy but the glue stuck on my natural lashes! is so hard to remove! I kid you not it took me a month to remove them 😳

So just before I gave up the idea of using fake eyelashes I found that there is a magnetic option! Was very rare to see you tuber using this type of lashes so I looked on Amazon the place that sells almost if not all that comes to mind haha did some research on the best-reviewed magnetic lashes and found the brand Arishine that sells a five pair set with two magnetic liners included for $ 21.99 which is a very good deal hard to pass on.

What sold me on this type of eyelashes is that they stick to the eyeliner no glue needed and were super easy to remove with makeup remover!  I tried them out and they looked really good! I felt pretty in them elevated my eyes in such a wonderful way! Amped up the eye look and made my face stand out with the mask on. Made me so happy! This set lasted me a good six months I did not put them on every day just 3 times a week thinking would help to not hurt my natural lashes. Do I recommend them? Yes and no you see after the six months that I noticed they had lost the sticking power to the magnetic liner I knew I loved them and that I wanted to continue to use magnetic lashes but wanted something of better quality even if I had to pay more.

After doing a good search online of the best-reviewed possible option out there I found this website called Glamnetic, the site looked nice had really good reviews so I decided to give it a try and one year later I can honestly tell you I love this brand! Their quality is amazing, they are re-usable and each pair last at least six months, they do cost more usually $25 per pair but it’s worth it. What do I love the most? well I love everything that this brand offers but what I love the most is that these lashes look very natural, people that see me tell me they look natural, some even believe they are my lashes haha. they are safe for my natural lashes I wear them every day! I looked online and it’s said that one should not wear fake eyelashes that you apply with lash glue every day it will damage the natural lashes but the magnetic ones all opinions concur that is safe to wear every day so there you go an extra plus!

They offer a big variety for all eye shapes and they offer lashes from small and natural to big and glam lashes, I have all the sizes! They are so easy to apply plus come with anchors these are tiny little pieces of lashes that you put under your natural lash to like to sandwich your lash and the fake one and provides extra support in case they come a bit loose you won’t even notice because of these anchors. Another plus to these anchors is that you can use them to put the fake eyelashes with no magnetic liner! A great choice for people that don’t like to use eyeliners since they also have magnets that connect to the magnetic lash.

I love they offer not only black eyeliner but also colorful ones so you can play with your look, they offer also press-on nails, eyelash curler which is my favorite curler, make-up remover cotton pads these are amazing you don’t need chemical make up remover just water! Oh my gosh😱, I almost forgot to mention They also offer colored lashes! Like purple, bright pink for a bold statement, brown too for a more natural vibe. And other things there that are useful. I leave below the link to their website and a small video of their lashes I invite you to check them out who knows it could your next favorite thing! So in the end, I recommend the 5 pair set from Arishine to start to get used to and comfortable with magnetic lashes, and of course for that price they are great but for quality alone in every sense glamnetic is the way to go.


Here are two photos of me one not wearing my magnetic lashes, the second one wearing them so you can see the big difference they make in an eye look.

Before and after my magnetic lashes

This is the final look. The power of makeup huh! Haha, the lashes alone give me a little extra and elevate the look even more!

For the beauties out there that don’t want to wear fake eyelashes well, I would tell you to try the magnetic option give them a chance πŸ™ but if not then no worries, I got you!

I’m sure this happens to all my clueless beauties, that no matter what cannot achieve that lengthy full of volume lash with Mascara! I tried many Mascaras and my lashes looked the same lifeless this is frustrating! Feels like a waste of money!

Well, there is a fix for this! I found this you tuber, she is amazing! She explains how to make your natural lashes work for you to the fullest, her name is Jacklyn hill, she is popular on youtube, has her line of makeup, and has a very nice personality.

In her video, she explains that contrary to the commercials we see one Mascara cannot do it all, that one needs at least three to achieve a nice result, She also recommends curling before mascara, how to properly curl them and curl again after applying Mascara. She gives the Mascara products she loves, the curler she uses, I bought them all, haha nowadays I change it up a bit when I decide to not put fake eyelashes. One thing important to note is that even if you put on your fake lashes you still need to curl your lashes to give the fake eyelashes something to rest on and made them look to their fullest potential. I also love her tip of putting eyeliner in the upper waterline not only to make the lashes fuller as she says but also to blend the lashes or hide the fake eyelashes with your natural eyelashes it gives that natural eye look, also by pressing them using the lash applicator your natural lashes with the magnetic ones helps in the seamless blending process.

Now if you only want to use one Mascara then I recommend a Fiber Mascara they work well and are easy to remove but they don’t beat using the 3 Mascara method in my opinion, however, is good to have one fiber mascara in your beauty collection. These types of Mascaras add fiber to your natural lashes and provide length this way.

I leave you here her video about this I strongly recommend you watch it..it does work for the first time after trying her techniques I could see for the first time my natural lashes alive! all lengthy and full my mind was blown to the point when back from work and started to remove my makeup was trying to remove my lashes! Haha for a couple of times I confused them with fake eyelashes, imagine! Nowadays I still prefer my fake magnetic lashes. The natural mascara method is amazing but first, it takes a bit of time of your beauty routine since you need to do a few steps to achieve them to work for you to the fullest, the magnetic lashes take much less time and second I love way more how my eyes look with the magnetic lashes I don’t know is how extra curled they are how the styles are too like full to wispy they have that extra oomph.

Here is the list of products I use when I only apply Mascara these are great highly recommended.

  • Glamnetic eyelash curler. I love it because is soft to press and easy to use.
  • Wu-Minglu heated eyelash curler. I wanted to mention this product this one is good to curl your lashes when you apply for example glitter flakes and don’t want to mess it up by the curler removing a chunk of it this is a good choice, any brand will do this was the best-reviewed I could find in Amazon when I bought it. A good tool to add to your beauty collection
  • Blinc black lash primer. Provides a base that lifts them and makes them full with volume has vitamins and nutrients and makes your lashes black, especially when you have fallen eyeshadow on them like white or fallen glitter good prepping prior Mascara.
  • Fenty beauty Mascara full frontal
  • YSL the Shock
  • F#ck proof Mascara from Jeffree star cosmetics. This one is really good to combine with your Mascaras. Pardon the name haha Jeffree Star comes out with peculiar funniest names! However many brands do use peculiar words for the products so nothing out of the ordinary.
  • We make up more volume Mascara now this one is amazing for the lower lash it defines it and makes them look so good separated and long I love this mascara gives the eye look a nice extra touch.
  • Milk Kush Mascara is a great fiber Mascara
  • Last from Glamnetic I recommend all haha I love their styles, recently they came out with hello kitty lashes oh gosh so cute! Their magnetic liners are fabulous I love they offer a choice of colors like Purple! For example, so you can play with them in a colorful look Even though they are a bit pricey they are worth it if you care for quality.

Here is a look not putting on fake eyelashes, using the 3 Mascara method. My natural lashes are alive! πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰

I hope you enjoyed this episode and that you can take with you a useful thing or two! that makes me happy just to think πŸ™‚ I had a great time speaking to you through here πŸ™ƒ I hope you have an amazing week ahead, be safe out there, I send you only best wishes and good vibes. I post here every Monday do come to see me here and say hello! Hit that like star Icon and give me a follow, I’m happy to have you here! and super grateful for you reading this.

  • Have you tried Magnetic lashes?
  • What is your favorite Mascara?
  • Would you switch from lash glue to a Magnetic eyeliner?

Leave me your comments down below πŸ™‚

Psst! who’s beautiful? You are! Yes, you are! Never doubt it one second I prohibit it haha. See you on the next episode, bye for now 😘

I am clueless to put Makeup on after some months of not wearing it! Feeling a little rusty 😱

Yes after 6 months of not putting makeup on I found myself sitting at my vanity desk feeling lost, did not know where to start! Could this just happen to me?

Hello, hello to you reading this πŸ™‚ Welcome to episode number 3! I hope you are doing great and having a really good day so far! I am good had a good week between my job and family.

Today I will continue to talk about my very first purchase to Jeffree Star Cosmetics, mind you was also my first online purchase of makeup due to Covid this was and still is the safest way to buy. I will also tell you how I solved wearing a mask with minimal to no transfer of makeup at all and got a beauty routine that works for me So let’s jump in.

Just before a quick note I’m not affiliated or sponsored by any beauty brand mentioned here these are my own experiences and opinions πŸ™‚

As soon  I got mesmerized in this colorful makeup that Jeffree Star was serving I continued to watch videos on his channel I got interested in his summer 2019 collection this was July 2020 for me.  I’m talking about the Jawbreaker palette.

I fell in love with it right away after seeing his introductory video of it, looked so colorful and vibrant the shimmers looked amazing, but not only that all the collection looked so appealing the lipsticks with the shades looked rich in color, decadent full of color just dreamy. Even the freaking glosses! I’m not too big on lip gloss but heck these glosses looked like they came from a fairy tale so shiny and sparkly, like fairy dust on the lips.

And of course once already interested in what he had to offer I discovered he also had recently launched a purple collection! Like what? my favorite color in the whole wide world is purple! and could not resist the palette, the purple lippies! All looked delicious, wanted to bathe in this purple deliciousness haha.

I immediately clicked to his website and not only bought the Jawbreaker palette but also bought that purple Palette called blood lust, I bought a highlighter palette that looked incredible with the colors in it, bought lippies, lip glosses, and also decided to try his mattifying setting powder along with a concealer a corrector and why not try a lip scrub while I’m at it haha.

So got that done fresh exciting new makeup was on my way, I felt excited could not wait to put it on. Until finally arrived in the mail ready to be used the next day!

I found myself sitting at my vanity desk feeling lost, did not know where to start! Could this just happen to me? It was unbelievable I mean just 6 months before the Pandemic I took a small makeup class, what I learned I had all written down in like a face chart card that I looked everywhere to never be found! I could not remember what to put on first was it the Foundation or the Concealer?

Was time to do some research on what the beauty experts were saying? I looked up online and they don’t concur in one standard solution some say foundation before concealer others say Concealer before foundation both make good reasonings.

The ones that say foundation before concealer claim that foundation is a base or Canvas that depending on the coverage takes care of redness and blurs imperfections, if the concealer is applied first will get moved by the foundation.

The ones that claim concealer first is to cover redness or discoloration under eyes and awake the eye to look more refreshed they recommend tapping foundation over it.

So what comes first? in the end, there is not a definitive answer is a personal choice that will depend on some factors that are unique to each person

In my case, it’s been a trial and error that might sound scary but is the process to find what works and what doesn’t. I had and I’m sure will continue to have many mishaps that I did in public due to this but was all worth it πŸ™‚

I started putting on Corrector first, then foundation and then Concealer this did not work at all. I have an eye bag issue and it has taken me years to figure out how to conceal them in a way I’m happy today Now I do foundation and then concealer down below will list my beauty routine done nowadays.

Now was the issue about makeup transfer to the Mask! For this, I read some articles online and looked at YouTube videos, and found the one that was the best solution along with a recommendation from a nurse that shared what she did about this online.

The video came from a cool Influencer his name is Manny Mua. I will share the link for his video about this below. He proposes a routine that will help the longevity of the Makeup and helps with the transfer issue.

In his video he gives you a routine and explains all the details it’s his cool way to summarize his video with these steps he starts with daily moisturizer and or Sunscreen cream, then setting powder to create a barrier for the cream then setting spray to lock what has been applied, then Primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder again! and concentrates it the more on the nose the is closest to the mask to help minimal transfer, then more setting spray haha yes it’s a lot to do and repeat but It does work! It’s an amazing trick, he also gives a trick for the lips! You can click his video below to see the full content

His video was extremely useful I followed all the steps, only bought one of the products he recommends that was the Milk primer which I loved is a clear sticky primer that makes the foundation stick to it the most and not to the mask, I highly recommend you give it a try. The rest of the products he recommends I passed since I already had products I love.

Finally, the day came after I felt confident in the use of makeup with a mask, and Manny’s trick worked like a charm! There was minimal transfer after all is bound to happen with a piece of fabric in your face but was minimal. However, the lipstick was all over the mask which I did not like.

I did not try Manny’s Lipstick trick sounded good but I wanted a quick solution so I looked for non-transfer lipstick these are Matte and I tried quite a few most did not work until I found two that absolutely work and I can attest zero transfer to the Mask. These are the Matte lip whip from beauty bakery If you are clueless like me you probably haven’t heard of this brand it’s a super really cute black-owned brand. The concept of the products is just lovely and this lipstick won’t budge for anything, you don’t need a retouch either thru the day, it will look as sharp and crisp as when applied in the morning you can leave it at home and forget about it thru the day! the only thing is drying on your lips but is perfect for a Mask. And my second choice is from Maybelline the 24 hr super stay liquid lipstick. It’s good and less drying than the other but will transfer a very minimal amount not noticeable, highly recommend it.

In the end, makeup has no rules you can apply it the way you find suits you best no matter how bold or minimal is the important thing is that makes you happy that’s all that matters πŸ™‚

I started beauty routine putting to the test Manny Mua tutorial but changed it a bit. I used his guideline only on half of the face leaving makeup-free the area of the Mask, under there I will only put my lipstick. I got this Idea of leaving makeup-free under a mask from a nurse recommendation online I forgot her name for that apologies but she recommends it especially if working so many hours This is a great solution and works amazingly! Nowadays I put full-on makeup under the mask and I do have a little transfer but it does not bother me at all. I detail here below my beauty routine along with the products I use that I do love and that incoming episodes will go deeper into some of these πŸ™‚

My beauty products application routine today:

  • I apply a mist of setting Spray I use Wet n Wild Sponge Bob BFF is a hydrating primer mist.
  • Garnier brighter anti puff eye-roller
  • SPF 45 Moisturizer from Peter Thomas Roth
  • No more baggage eye de-puffing gel
  • NYX The Marshmallow Primer, I’m testing this one
  • I have two foundations my favorite is Gee Beauty Primer skin, currently testing Anastasia Beverly Hills luminous foundation in shade 355N.
  • Iconic London Iluminator. I mix it with the foundation for a glow in the skin.
  • Gee beauty soft blur radiance priming balm. I put this one before and after foundation only where I have more texture.
  • Jeffree Magic Star Concealer shade C 13 under-eye area
  • Jeffree Magic Star concealer shade C 7 under eye bag area.
  • Magic Star luminous setting powder in Topaz
  • Gee beauty foundation stick for contour
  • Highlighter I use either Jeffree Star Brainfreeze palette or Kaleidos highlighters
  • Gee beauty Golden glow-baked bronzing powder.
  • Blush I use a few brands to give an example Iconic London cream blush.
  • Mac fix+ setting spray watermelon. Smells like the actual fruit is so yummy! and not overwhelming the scent goes away in a minute.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

  • Have you ever found yourself a little lost on what order to apply your makeup?
  • Do you use SPF moisturizer under your makeup?
  • Is there a makeup product you love to use under your Mask?

Leave a comment down below

I hope you enjoyed this episode and found it useful or instructive even in a small way. I wish you a fantastic week ahead filled with joy, peace, and health. See you on the next episode! Be safe out there and take care of yourself. Bye for now.

The passion for Makeup begins while living in a pandemic world?

Funny thing to say but it is true! I always liked Makeup but I did not look at it the way I do now in a broader sense, in other words, I did not put thought into it to me makeup was something to put on…to look kind of together in appearance, not a must.

Hello…Hello! How are ya? I hope you are doing super well wherever you are πŸ™‚

I hope you liked my first attempt at an episode of my blog 😊 I felt happy to do it helps me to channel my love for Makeup. And I promise you I do all my best to get better at this.

Thinking where this blog is going…well besides telling you my journey with makeup as a clueless woman in beauty, I will also tell you among other things what brands I discovered, becoming a YouTube fan following make up tutorials to do the best possible makeup application, photos, step by step looks, my faves to recommend and also how I see fashion in my way, etc. Hopefully, if you are a clueless person in this particular beauty world this might interest and help you cut some shortcuts in this learning curve πŸ™‚

So let’s start with this week episode… let us go back to December 23rd, 2019 the worst day of my life the of absolute love of my life well one of the absolute loves of my life my grandfather who was to me not like a father but my father and my mother at the same time since he took me in his house and care to raise me passed away at 94 years old.

This broke my heart in a million pieces the sadness and sorrow were unmeasurable. I went into a period of grief where I did not care for my appearance which is, of course, understandable each has its way to cope with things. Then just a few months after we got hit in Florida with Covid 19.

During this period I would wear for work or for anywhere I would go black clothing and no makeup at all by then I only had a few drugstore makeup things. This mourning period lasted until early July

Then somewhere around June, my coworkers were talking about Influencers on YouTube, I knew about influencers but did not follow anyone or felt interested, and this particular day they were talking about makeup influencers most of my office coworkers are females and this topic started by someone saying that there is no point to wear makeup when using a mask that would be kinda gross since the makeup would transfer to the mask.

I thought for a true second that sounds gross but then I said to them that for sure there must be a way to try to avoid this issue and that a mask should not stop a person from wearing makeup if desired. Now a parenthesis here believe it or not all my female coworkers wear little to no makeup at all they are not interested the big reason is the Pandemic but if I recall correctly since I have been at the company for 7 years the female coworkers that have or were the longest with the company in the time I have been there it would be the same thing regarding makeup usage.

Nothing wrong with that I’m a kinda person that believes in living and letting people live. My coworkers though are very judgmental of people regarding makeup no all of them just a few. So back to where I was among the names of the influencers mentioned one capture my attention I don’t know why maybe I heard it somewhere else before but cannot pinpoint it. The name was Jeffree Star they said he has his line of makeup, has a ton of money, and is always in some kind of Drama.

So I took a mental note and said to myself that that night will go check YouTube something I had rarely done in the past. And see what this guy is all about I admit that what got me intrigued is that he’s is always surrounded by drama lol

I saw a random video of his channel and I liked his personality, his products were so interesting such a blast of colors something I have never seen at this point I got hooked on this realm of makeup that I did not know existed.

I want to make a note very important note, Jeffree Star is a hated person yet so much loved at the same time I like his products I don’t buy products from him for the kind of guy he is I only care and look at the beauty world for quality originality and great products overall I respect people judgments and choices what I am trying to say is that this blog is only for positive things, good vibes I only judge the products, not the person behind it that pertains to a higher power, not me πŸ™‚

I hope you liked this episode! Was made with a happy heart πŸ™‚

  • How do you see makeup? Fun and exciting or just something to put on
  • what kind of makeup tone do you lean more to Neutral or colorful?
  • Do you put makeup on when wearing a mask?

    Leave me a comment below.

I wish you a fantastic rest of your week and I hope you stop by my blog for episode 3. Sending you my best wishes and a ton of good vibes 😘

Way I saw make up before the Pandemic

Hello Good looking you! How are ya? I trust you are well πŸ™‚ Welcome to my very humble page..My name is Monica and this is my very first time doing this! Yes it is and I’m really happy to start..

To tell you a bit about me I’m 42, latina living in Miami, mother of one cute good hearted boy πŸ™‚ I have a 40 hour per week job, married and I recently have found a big love for Makeup.

Now a little note I am no makeup professional nor fashion guru, nor a grammar expert just normal human being without a clue in this niche of beauty Just expressing myself in this beauty journey that may be helpful to you or entertaining or a big nothing. So that being said be kind to me I would love any input to learn more.

I always liked makeup it but today I love it more than yesterday.
So let’s start at the beginning but not too at the beginning just how was my make up life prior the Pandemic.

Well since I started putting makeup in my early twenties I just slapped it on my face no one gave me some intro to it, my mother never or hardly put make up on herself so no advice or talk about makeup given, and well I saw how my mother never cared for her appearance don’t get me wrong she is beautiful like really beautiful but seeing her not caring at all in every aspect made me want to be the opposite crazy right but is the truth..I basically read the instructions on the product and I thought all the makeup world was in the drugstores where I bought my make up until my mid thirties.

I moved to the US at the beginning of my thirties I started noticing to my delight that Maybelline from my local drugstore would sell this little quads of eyeshadow and on the back since I always look for instructions would tell you where to put each color of the quad and I loved it! felt like heaven like having a clue about eyeshadow so I bought all colors I could Find which to my despair they only had like green and blue and of course all the neutral colors in the world haha… Well I love love looove color! I do like neutrals from time to time but not always so the colorful quads eventhough they looked so pretty was lacking that Pop! That vibrancy. Then Revlon with their colorstay lipsticks oh my gosh always bought a wine color, red one and a chocolate color the wining trio for me. Then a friend recommended the super stay from Maybeline and wow I fell in love with it..I still think is so good. Foundation I did not had a brand preference could be Maybelline, Revlon or cover girl why they all left me looking whiter and could not get my shade right since you have to guess and trust your judgment when looking at the shades at the drugstore which became a problem when looking myself a social photos and realized I looked so white like a ghost then took it in my hands to solve this and looked for help at Macy’s! the only place I could think a person could help me find a foundation that match me. There I was introduced to Estee lauder foundation which I loved for many many years felt I still looked a bit whiter than my tone but way better than when I would choose my shade by my poor judgment at the drugstore. I did not know then about skin tones or undertones or wearing sun screen none of that at all

Needles to say Maybelline was my favorite brand but felt always bummed their formulas were not as vibrant or pigmented like the yellows would melt on my skin and I could never ever find a red eyeshadow in any drugstore and oh my was I craving a red eyeshadow!

To go to work my make up prep time would be fairly short following the quad of the day instructions and I would match it to the color of my shirt I only had what I could find green, Blue and purple. Was like a subtle wash of color wich was nice but always wanted that extra pop.

By then I had mascara but did not used it did not see a point in it since left my short lashes the same and when I found one that lifted them a tad shortly after would not find it again at my drugstore. My brows were untouched I would just trim at at salon but that was it.

I felt that I looked good never felt not so was happy just wishing the drugstore offered more color variety and vibrancy. Then the Pandemic hit..

If you read this far a big thanks to you, let me know your thoughts if you have ever felt the same like me at a drugstore and if you are a neutral kinda gal or a color like me kinda gal..yes I absolutely love color..thank you for reading I will post every Monday in case you interested I wish you the most wonderful joyous day!