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Pat Macgrath Labs Bridgerton Palette Say what a Netflix collab? 📺

Hello loves I trust you are well 🥰 me I am good, healthwise good too, busy with work, fam, etc wish days have more hours! lol so I will try to shorten up my posts to post more if that makes sense 🤔 Let’s jump to it.

The Palette

Usually, their packaging is plastic very luxe feel, heavier, bigger, and more expensive this one is cardboard, still, pretty no complaints there to me make it cheaper. And as all Pat’s palettes well at least to me is a neutral palette I liked it because of that special blue shimmer that has.

The mattes

The mattes are pretty, subtle, and sublime pigmented, there is fallout not much.

The Shimmers

That blue shimmer Regency blue is pretty is the only one that shines the most but is not the kind of shine I look for. I did two looks one of them I paired with another shimmer with another brand and you will see the difference. The other shimmers are soft, and pretty but are more satin shimmers.

Overall I did two looks there is not much room to create here, well it can be used as a one-and-done kind of thing but as a color lover, this is a bit too neutral for me. I do think is pretty for soft feminine looks 🙃 I know a lot of beauties out there do love neutral rose looks and well Pat Macgrath is an outstanding brand in that area.

Arm Swaches

Look 1

Look 2

In this look I paired it with Lemonhead glitter under my water line is so shiny!!!

You like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here on my eyes! 🥰 Gently used, treated with care and loved by me :)You can shop my stash! At an incredible low cost price Here 👇

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I hope you liked this post I tried to make it short. If you wish to see the upcoming makeup indie palettes I bought and makeup looks I do for the day you can check them out on my Instagram: beauteeindistress I am now also on Tik Tok too! With the same username: beauteeindistress

Take care lovie 😘

Bad witch club Palette by Give Me Glow Cosmetics. Gurrl we got to talk about this! 😎🧙

When I got this palette in my hands and I opened it and saw the color story I did not feel excited at all the colors looked dull to me. Could it be because I have been buying so many makeup palettes lol 🤣 when I put them on my eyes the unexpected happened…Magic! 💫

Holaa my sweets! How are you! How are things? I hope you are being safe out there for yourself and your loved ones 😊 I am well still dealing with my migraines but happy and grateful to get to live another day in this beautiful world of ours, feeling much better now being treated by my Dr. Let’s jump to today’s post 🙃

Give Me Glow Cosmetics

It’s an indie brand founded by a woman Brandy Davis, known for its big pan eyeshadows and its high shine metallic shimmers. Vegan, cruelty-free, they ship worldwide Except Puerto Puerto Rico. Below a link to their website.

The Palette

Well the Palette at first glance at least to me did not look as appealing looked a bit Halloweeny so must confess was not much excited that my loves changed right the seconds I put it on my eyes 🥰

The Mattes

Smooth, buttery, they blend easily they are pigmented this is not a neutral palette here is indeed a colorful palette. There is fallout I yet have to find a palette with no fallout this is normal just tap tap that brush. To apply the mattes I used a primer. I am a firm believer in eye primers to create a smooth base and help bring the best pigment of the eyeshadow.

The shimmers

They are beautiful however not as shiny as I would have liked or foiled as they usually are from this brand but they are still beautiful they complement and accentuate the mattes so well. They feel soft and smooth, easy to apply with a brush I sprayed my brush with Mehron I tend to do this to bring the maximum shine possible the shimmer.

Overall the way the colors looked on my eyes were so beautiful, magical, I felt beautiful and sexy they looked romantic, and sultry is a thing to try on your own eyes just for the surprise factor I give it a 10 of 10!

Arm swatches

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

I hope you give a try this gorgeous palette! Check my Instagram lets be friends @beauteeindistress I post daily. Hope you like this post sugar 😎

Do you like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here in my eyes! 🥰 Gently used, treated with care, and loved by me :)You can shop my stash! At an incredibly low-cost price Here 👇

There you have it, babe! More cute interesting Indie themed palettes that I got to try and review for you to come soon! Miss you all my lovies! Be safe and I hope you are well that’s what is important. See ya soon..bye for now 😘

Tiny Marvels By Sydney Grace Cosmetics a Collab with the late Mel Thompson

Mel Thompson was such an talented gprgeous inapirational being. I have learned and still learning a thing or two from her channel. I am more than happy to own this beautiful Palette and can honestly tell you is as beautiful as she was.

Hello my lovies. Apologies for not posting last week, to you beauties that read me out there but my migraines and the meds given by my Dr got the best of me. The good news I got done a brain  MRI and cane  normal :), Meds are helping but messing other areas so is a jorney! But of course nothing makes me stop putting on and trying on makeup looks every day as my dear late Auntie used to say Beauty and poise until death 😊

Mel Thompson

She was a digital content you tuber creator , makeup artist and a very talented one.  She died at the age of 35 and the cause was never disclosed by her family. She left behind her husband and 4 children.  All her friends and fans that connected with her talk very high of her and while watching her videos you can sense she was indeed a great human being. I leave you here a link to her channel you might be surprised that you may find something there to learn as I did 😊

Sydney Grace Cosmetics

Is a sister owned company, US based, cruelty free, most of their products are vegan and they ship all over the world. Below a link to their website.

The Palette

This palette artwork was done by tatoo artist Pat Bennett Mel’s friend and contains fifteen 2 gram eyeshadows. With 9 mattes and 6 shimmers.

The mattes.

They are pigmented, feelt creamy and buttery to the touch, I had no issues blending, there is a little fallout… that does not bother me, I always do my eyes first and tap thw brush. Some shades needed more building than others but is normal on medi skin like mine, shades like treehoper…you get the idea.

The shimmers

I was not expecting how beautiful thos were! I of course know sydney grace is a well known loved indie brand but I was just not prepared these shimmers pack a punch! They pop your eye look in such a beautiful way! They feel creamy to the touch and yes fallout on the pan but so dreamy! I got compliments at work on this on my eyes. I took photos but shimmers are hard to capture on photos but tried my best 😊

Overall the palette is beautiful I give it a 10 of 10

I am keeping my palette, wont sell it but this doent mean you cannot get own of this! The brand will continue to sell this palette and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to Mel’s family. Which I think is so grand of the brand! The cost is $ 52

Arm Swatches

Look 1



You like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here on my eyes! 🤡 Gently used, treated with care and loved by me 🙂

You can shop my stash! At an incredible low cost price Here 👇

I hope you like this post and thank you for your understanding 😊 follow me on my Instagram I am ther as beauteeindistress be safe out there. Sending you good vibes and a big hug. Bye for now 😘

Oden’s Eye Legendary Diversa. A beautiful collection that disappeared as soon it appeared 🧙‍♂️🎩

A beautiful collab with three Influencers that everybody wanted and sold just as fast! I have never seen such desired collection getting discontinued so quickly! Glad I got my hands on these palettes so I can tell you my two cents on them 😇

Hello hello, beautiful! How are you? I hope you are well alongside your loved ones 🥰 Me I am still dealing with my headaches..soon to be seen by a Dr again after some tests and hopefully get meds to get to deal with them. Other than that I been Fab 😊 so let’s get to their palettes.

Oden’s Eye Cosmetics

This is a new brand established in 2017 from Sweeden. Inspired by their legends, ancient Mythology from that part of the world. Created by sleepless P Nordic. They are cruelty-free and Vegan free. They ship all over the world and have their products made in the PRC People’s republic of China. You can check out their store here:

Humming Bird Palette

A colorful story that got its inspiration from the hummingbirds and the tropical land of Jamaica. Contains shimmers and metallics that resemble the reflective colors of the hummingbird’s feathers.  Has 5 Mattes and 7 Shimmers. A perfect palette for those who love colorful eyeshadows.

The Mattes

They are pigmented, the color story is cute, they feel creamy to the touch and they have fallout in the pan. I did experience some patchiness and they did not want to blend fully.

The Shimmers

Also creamy to the touch, I felt they were not the usual shiny this brand is known for. They weren’t as sparkly.

Overall the palette is cute and colorful, does stay all day on the lids. A solid 7 out of 10!

Arm Swatches

Looks and style

Big Wolves Palette

This was my favorite of the three. The main inspiration comes from the two wolves that eat the moon and the sun in North mythology, thus making the night dark and day bright. The palette has sultry blues, purples, and greens in different finishes to represent the bright day colors and sensual night colors.

The Mattes

Pigmented, also fallout in the pan. The palette has 7 mattes. Is a nice color story. They blended well, had no issues here.

The Shimmers

5 Beautiful and sparkly,

Loved the color story on this palette and really enjoyed using it a 10 out of 10!

Arm Swatches

Looks and Style

Red Dragon Palette

Warm tones of peaches, coppers, and warm browns form this warm tone palette. Good for warm tone lovers. Inspired by the Chinese red dragon.

The Mattes

They are beautiful but did not love color story here I felt needed a more intense Red shadow for example. I Felt limited as the shades offered. Also fallout in the pan. Had no issues blending, they feel creamy to the touch but even though they blended ok they are not a buttery blend if that makes sense. This goes for all the mattes in the collection

The Shimmers

They are cute. Felt they could have made them a bit more exciting for this palette it falls under the neutral side which I am rarely excited for. However, is a beautiful palette indeed. A 7 of 10!

Arm Swatches

Looks and Style


Overall the three palettes are beautiful by themselves, was pretty cool for the brand to give each of the three influencers their palette and their input in them. The art is exquisite, chef kiss you can see the effort and care the brand put on this.

This is one of my favorite brands. I always get excited when they announce a new launch. Despite the people wanting a Restock on these palettes..they were launched in September last year only.. they have discontinued them.

I took the opportunity to talk about this brand thru these palettes. What I like about this brand are its sparkly shimmers. They offer in some of their palettes Diamond shimmer eyeshadows some shifts to other colors. So is indeed a fun brand to try, they have quick shipping and great customer service which I don’t know about you but to me, that is paramount I have stopped using a brand solely on bad customer service!

If you wish really like this palettes but you missed out on them I will sell these on my Store at a bargain!

You like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here on my eyes! 🥰🤡 Gently used, treated with care and loved by me 🙂

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Have a great rest of the week sending much love. Bye for now 😘

Indigo Ink Palette by Menagerie Cosmetics. OMG 🤯

Hello, my beautiful! How is it going? I am feeling grateful for having air in my lungs and getting up every morning and living 🥰 I am still with my migraines these past few days have been getting better and hopefully continue on that path. So Menagerie Cosmetics! Have you heard of this Indie brand? Have you tried it? If you haven’t then Chica is time to! Here is a link to their website.

Menagerie Cosmetics

This indie brand is a one couple show! Run by Amanda the founder and her husband. She is an animal lover and has helped some animal conservation charities with the profits of her company. Her products are Vegan, cruelty-free, and talc-free. Beleive it or not makes her products in her house! Hand made. She states no mass production only small batches. The brand is popular among indie lovers and their products sell fast at times in minutes! I love this brand and is one of my favorites. 🥰

Indigo Ink Palette

The cover is cute and beautiful. This palette features 4 multiple color-shifting eyeshadows, 1 chameleon, and 7 mattes. The color story is beautiful in my opinion 🙂

The mattes

They have a great formula, they are creamy, blend very well, and are pigmented. There is fallout in the pan. The shadows stay on the eyes all day once placed.

The Multi-chromes and chameleon shimmers

They are sparkly and really beautiful! The shift is not bold or strong but subtle which I did not care about. The colors are beautiful, shiny, and metallic. They apply well and stay on all day. I used a medium to enhance the shine and I recommend you do too to bring them out even more! I used Mehron Medium which is a great choice 😊

I read some mixed reviews about this palette some say is not the same formula therefore not happy. However the brand said that is the same formula and that has not changed, others like me love it! I honestly did not have any issues with it and enjoyed using it 🥰

The cost was $45 and I also bought the two lipsticks from the collection which I love and you will see me wearing them in my looks below they are two different shades of blue they are beautiful. Overall I felt pleased with my purchase. I honestly enjoyed using the palette and did not get bored using it in a week at all. I wholeheartedly recommend it to you! A 10 out of 10!

Look 1 and final look

Look 2 and final look

Look 3 and final look

You like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here on my eyes! 🤡 Gently used, treated with care and loved by me 🙂

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There you go, babe! I invite you to try this brand if you haven’t. My favorite color is purple and my favorite purple palette is from this brand I have tried many purple palettes 🥰

Be safe out there, do follow me on my Instagram, I am there as beauteeindistress, smash that like star Icon and be happy and positive always 🥰. Bye for now 😘

Is it that girl 🤔 Pricked Palette by Miss thing himself Jeffree Star Cosmetics 💢

He served us with another Monochromatic palette this time Orange don’t get me wrong is beautiful to look at and if you buy this brand you get accustomed to this type of palettes. Well, this time I felt a bit different 😑

Hello Beauties How are you? I hope you are being safe out there and for others with this never-ending Pandemic which hopefully each day that passes we come closer to an end 😷 Me well still hanging in there with my Migraines real soon, I will see a Neurologist, and hopefully, I can get them managed. For sure Makeup does relax me and makes all better every morning when sitting in front of my beauty station 🥰

Pricked Palette

No need to tell you who Miss thing is haha Jeffree Star needs no introduction and girl if you don’t know who that is and you love color girl go check him out on previous posts of mine or his youtube channel! He is something I’m telling ya! Referring to his products he is a wizard 🥰 this is a Monochromatic Orange palette that has creamy mattes, metallic shimmers with duo-chrome finishes.

The mattes

They are indeed soft to the touch and creamy like is usual in his palettes there is a lot of fallout in the Pan, so either does your eyes first or put setting powder under the eye area and regardless of the choice always tap tap that brush! to release excess. Some shades are similar like Vitamin C-word and Silver of Sanity plus they are sheer on Medium skin tone like mine which is expected from this yellow color, you can build up of course but will not be that bold in your face yellow shade our heart desires. The oranges shades are quite beautiful some are pigmented and others sheer The palette has a couple of neutral shades for a transition like Thorny and double-crossed and soft wine pinkish shades too. Once applied they last all day on the eye, do not vanish away. Overall they are soft and subtle great to apply color in a nude eye look.

The shimmers

They are quite beautiful I felt the formula has been improved they look more metallic on the eye but not as sparkly as I would love them to but very beautiful indeed. Now about the duo-chrome finish well is not duochrome to me if it is then is very faint. Cannot be compared to other indie brands where the shift is easily seen with no effort.

Final thoughts

Well to be honest I started my love for makeup with Jeffre Star Cosmetics, I got used to Monochromatic palettes. Then I ventured to try other indie brands and well my horizon got expanded in such a nice, fun, dreamy way got to love also non-monochromatic palettes 😊 This palette I felt limited to the looks I could create mind you I am just in beginner self-taught level I honestly by using it for one week for this review got bored quite fast overall is beautiful and boring. Now I am still very fond of this brand and I do not see myself stopping just yet buying his products but the excitement is not as high as used to be. I give the palette a solid 7 of 10!

Look 1 and final look

Look 2 and final look

Look 3 and final look

You like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here on my eyes! 殺 Gently used, treated with care and loved by me 🙂

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Have a blessed day love! Take good care of yourself..stay glam my friends. Bye for now 😘

Lore Palette by Unearthly cosmetics why the fuzz every time with their palettes 🧐

Unearthly Cosmetics formerly known as Alien Cosmetics needs no Introduction. If you have not yet heard or tried this brand all I can say is you missing out!

Hello lovies 🥰 Happy new year to you! I hope you are well alongside your loved ones. Apologies I have not been consistent, been suffering from terrible Migraines with Vertigo as well as fast and weird heartbeats. I am in the process of seeing Doctors and just taking it day by day.  Slowly but surely I will continue posting when possible 😊

Lore Palette

In a previous post I spoke a little about the brand, let’s just say is a solid brand, a favorite of mine. The Lore palette has 4 Mattes and 5 shimmers I got the new reformulated one meaning improved formula as per the mention in their Instagram.

The Mattes

Colorful and pigmented no much fallout on the pan or the face, is always good to tap the brush on the palette before applying to prevent fallout, no complaints on the Mattes, they are buildable and blend easily.

The shimmers

No pressed glitters which is good. The shimmers are outstanding like this brand is known for they are very Metallic and sparkly. I did find Serpent and Sphinx to be a little similar.

When the palette arrived two shades were shattered and took more than one pressing to make it sturdy, nevertheless I did like this Palette very much. A 9 out of 10!

The brand is not selling the Palette at the moment but they announced 3 weeks ago that it will be restocked.  I most definitely recommend this fun beautiful palette 😊

Arm swatches

1st eye look, and final look

2nd eye look and final look

3rd eye look and final look

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Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Palette by Colourpop ☠ Let’s take a look at it 👻 plus bonus Black Friday 🏷 video

I could not resist the color story of this Palette. Dark and deliciously colorful 😏

Hello, my sweets! Oh my gosh! I am sorry I did not post last week! The holidays, my full-time job, and the fam have had me busy. I try to post on Mondays but from now on will be a day during the week not necessarily Monday but for sure I will be here every week for you. I thank you for understanding.

For this episode, I include a bonus video for missing last week. You can see it at the end of the post 😊 So let’s get started.


Is an American Indie brand in Los Angeles CA founded in 2014 by Seed beauty. They are more known now due to having grown quite a bit. You can find them at Ulta now. They sell trendy fun makeup at a very affordable price compared to Mainstream. Below is a link to their website.

Tim Burton”s The nightmare before Christmas palette.

The Mattes

Half are sheer like the grey-toned ones on medium skin that is, they need to be layered upon the lid a bit. The other half the colorful one is pigmented. Wish they had more colors in the palette I felt a bit limited in that sense, however, you can create fun simple beautiful looks.

The Shimmers

Not that shiny they are more like satin or subtle shimmer. Still looks very beautiful on the lid, like for example the shimmer Halloween Town swatches gorgeous like your eyes open in excitement but once on the eye is not as exciting.

There is fallout on the Pan quite a bit so you will need to tap a few times the brush on the palette before putting it on the lid. I don’t mind fallout I believe all palettes have fallout, just tap that brush and you’re good to go.

If you want to smoke out a look you will need a black eyeshadow from any palette to make it more smokey. For the shimmers, I tried them with a medium but won’t make them shinier.

The cost of this palette was $ 11 I bought it on Black Friday and got free shipping since bought some other goodies. For the price, I will say this is a beautiful fun palette. True I am not a fan of the shimmers but hey for that price they ok not to be the brightest on the lids. Overall I would give a 7 out of 10!

Arm swatches

Look 1 and Final look.

Look 2 and Final look

Look 3 and Final look

Bonus video: What I got for black friday

In this video the following brands are featured, here in order of apperance:

  • About-face beauty by Halsey. I discovered this brand by chance on Instagram, fell in love right away I love it!
  • Tammy Tanuka. She is not as known in the USA but is a big deal in Europe her products always sell there so I need to try and see what is the fuzz!
  • Milan Rowe. Recommended by a YouTuber
  • Kailav. I am a big fan of the brand I think is beautiful
  • Zeesea Cosmetics. Well recommended by Annette corner YouTuber she said shimmers are unreal and well I was shocked to see them in her eyes!! I have to try!
  • Alien cosmetics. Well, they pretty solid beautiful brand! Now they go by Unearthly cosmetics.
  • Apocalyptic beauty. Well, the fun glitter shapes! A must-try!
  • Scott Barnes. I want to try the body bling cream.
  • Viseart Recommended by you tuber.
  • Tiny Marvels by Sydney Grace. A collab with Mel Thompson. This was a must-have I love Mel Thompson and since she passed away wanted to have a piece of her beautiful creation. I was lucky to get this palette.
  • BH cosmetics. Love turquoise! Could not resist their palette.
  • Itsbel cosmetics. Wanting to try the brand.
  • Colourpop. I love this brand.
  • Pat Macgrath. She gets me at times on her releases lol.
  • Klarity Cosmetics saw it as a new makeup release from a You Tuber

Do you like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here in my eyes! Gently used, treated with care, and loved by me 🙂 You can shop my stash! At an incredibly low-cost price Here  Click the link below

There you have it my loves! Have a happy and blessed New Year! May it come full of joy and health 🥰

Until the next time. Bye for now 😘

Fake lashes to be or not to be 👀

I have been using fake eyelashes since last year only before I never had worn them in my life and I’m 42! 😬

Hello there to you reading this right this second! How are you? I hope your day is going great so far. I want to express my gratitude for taking the time from your busy life to read my humble blog. From the bottom of my heart, a big thank you!

I hope you liked my previous episode 🙃  to me finding that wearing makeup under a mask with zero to minimal transfer tip was so useful! And hope the tips you find in this blog become useful or as inspo to you, I will share my findings as I continue to learn and pass them along to you! If you can share tips with me awesome! a happy face here 😄 Of course there are many beauties out there that are very knowledgeable in makeup, and overall the beauty and fashion industry but I’m sure there are also many beauties that have no clue like me if you are like me in that sense then big virtual hug your way! you are not alone we are in this together 🙂

Get comfy, grab a drink or snack and let’s dive into this week’s episode.

Just a small note: I’m not affiliated or sponsored by the brands I mention here these are just my personal opinions.

Nothing wrong that I started in this stage of my life to wear fake eyelashes, haha, to be honest, the way I thought of them was as a big no they seemed so fake like you could tell in a person and looked funny to me, they looked in my perspective like trying way too much and couldn’t see the use in wearing them or understand why women and some of my friends would put them at all!  Quite frankly I felt embarrassed to ask my friends for the fear that unintentionally would put them on the spot and make them feel bad!

When I wanted to put on makeup again and knew I could wear it with the mask on, I realized that the way to express the makeup with a Mask on is through the eyes now they are the center of attention so I  needed to make my eyes a bit more dramatic which was new to me since my makeup prior the pandemic even though had color in it was never super bold ar dramatic as nowadays. This is when I started looking for tutorials on Youtube.

While I was watching them, I noticed most of the videos ended with the people putting on fake eyelashes and all of a sudden I understood the big difference they make! Now I know why women love them, They beautify the eye in such a way but not only that the entire makeup look even if the you tuber was not entirely happy with their look they said that no worries the eyelashes will make it all better and oh my gosh it did! This was eye-opening in my life!

They always recommended the lashes they used however all were eyelashes that you put on with lash glue, I tried those just once and I hated them! I still do haha never again! The problem I saw is first to put them on is not as easy it takes patience and time one can get frustrated easily on this step, ( to the gents out there that ever wondered why women are always late when going out on dates well I’m telling you this might be part of that 🤣) once I had them on I could see it with my own eyes how It truly elevates your beauty to a whole other level! After I wore them and was ready to remove them I found removing them was easy but the glue stuck on my natural lashes! is so hard to remove! I kid you not it took me a month to remove them 😳

So just before I gave up the idea of using fake eyelashes I found that there is a magnetic option! Was very rare to see you tuber using this type of lashes so I looked on Amazon the place that sells almost if not all that comes to mind haha did some research on the best-reviewed magnetic lashes and found the brand Arishine that sells a five pair set with two magnetic liners included for $ 21.99 which is a very good deal hard to pass on.

What sold me on this type of eyelashes is that they stick to the eyeliner no glue needed and were super easy to remove with makeup remover!  I tried them out and they looked really good! I felt pretty in them elevated my eyes in such a wonderful way! Amped up the eye look and made my face stand out with the mask on. Made me so happy! This set lasted me a good six months I did not put them on every day just 3 times a week thinking would help to not hurt my natural lashes. Do I recommend them? Yes and no you see after the six months that I noticed they had lost the sticking power to the magnetic liner I knew I loved them and that I wanted to continue to use magnetic lashes but wanted something of better quality even if I had to pay more.

After doing a good search online of the best-reviewed possible option out there I found this website called Glamnetic, the site looked nice had really good reviews so I decided to give it a try and one year later I can honestly tell you I love this brand! Their quality is amazing, they are re-usable and each pair last at least six months, they do cost more usually $25 per pair but it’s worth it. What do I love the most? well I love everything that this brand offers but what I love the most is that these lashes look very natural, people that see me tell me they look natural, some even believe they are my lashes haha. they are safe for my natural lashes I wear them every day! I looked online and it’s said that one should not wear fake eyelashes that you apply with lash glue every day it will damage the natural lashes but the magnetic ones all opinions concur that is safe to wear every day so there you go an extra plus!

They offer a big variety for all eye shapes and they offer lashes from small and natural to big and glam lashes, I have all the sizes! They are so easy to apply plus come with anchors these are tiny little pieces of lashes that you put under your natural lash to like to sandwich your lash and the fake one and provides extra support in case they come a bit loose you won’t even notice because of these anchors. Another plus to these anchors is that you can use them to put the fake eyelashes with no magnetic liner! A great choice for people that don’t like to use eyeliners since they also have magnets that connect to the magnetic lash.

I love they offer not only black eyeliner but also colorful ones so you can play with your look, they offer also press-on nails, eyelash curler which is my favorite curler, make-up remover cotton pads these are amazing you don’t need chemical make up remover just water! Oh my gosh😱, I almost forgot to mention They also offer colored lashes! Like purple, bright pink for a bold statement, brown too for a more natural vibe. And other things there that are useful. I leave below the link to their website and a small video of their lashes I invite you to check them out who knows it could your next favorite thing! So in the end, I recommend the 5 pair set from Arishine to start to get used to and comfortable with magnetic lashes, and of course for that price they are great but for quality alone in every sense glamnetic is the way to go.

Here are two photos of me one not wearing my magnetic lashes, the second one wearing them so you can see the big difference they make in an eye look.

Before and after my magnetic lashes

This is the final look. The power of makeup huh! Haha, the lashes alone give me a little extra and elevate the look even more!

For the beauties out there that don’t want to wear fake eyelashes well, I would tell you to try the magnetic option give them a chance 🙏 but if not then no worries, I got you!

I’m sure this happens to all my clueless beauties, that no matter what cannot achieve that lengthy full of volume lash with Mascara! I tried many Mascaras and my lashes looked the same lifeless this is frustrating! Feels like a waste of money!

Well, there is a fix for this! I found this you tuber, she is amazing! She explains how to make your natural lashes work for you to the fullest, her name is Jacklyn hill, she is popular on youtube, has her line of makeup, and has a very nice personality.

In her video, she explains that contrary to the commercials we see one Mascara cannot do it all, that one needs at least three to achieve a nice result, She also recommends curling before mascara, how to properly curl them and curl again after applying Mascara. She gives the Mascara products she loves, the curler she uses, I bought them all, haha nowadays I change it up a bit when I decide to not put fake eyelashes. One thing important to note is that even if you put on your fake lashes you still need to curl your lashes to give the fake eyelashes something to rest on and made them look to their fullest potential. I also love her tip of putting eyeliner in the upper waterline not only to make the lashes fuller as she says but also to blend the lashes or hide the fake eyelashes with your natural eyelashes it gives that natural eye look, also by pressing them using the lash applicator your natural lashes with the magnetic ones helps in the seamless blending process.

Now if you only want to use one Mascara then I recommend a Fiber Mascara they work well and are easy to remove but they don’t beat using the 3 Mascara method in my opinion, however, is good to have one fiber mascara in your beauty collection. These types of Mascaras add fiber to your natural lashes and provide length this way.

I leave you here her video about this I strongly recommend you watch does work for the first time after trying her techniques I could see for the first time my natural lashes alive! all lengthy and full my mind was blown to the point when back from work and started to remove my makeup was trying to remove my lashes! Haha for a couple of times I confused them with fake eyelashes, imagine! Nowadays I still prefer my fake magnetic lashes. The natural mascara method is amazing but first, it takes a bit of time of your beauty routine since you need to do a few steps to achieve them to work for you to the fullest, the magnetic lashes take much less time and second I love way more how my eyes look with the magnetic lashes I don’t know is how extra curled they are how the styles are too like full to wispy they have that extra oomph.

Here is the list of products I use when I only apply Mascara these are great highly recommended.

  • Glamnetic eyelash curler. I love it because is soft to press and easy to use.
  • Wu-Minglu heated eyelash curler. I wanted to mention this product this one is good to curl your lashes when you apply for example glitter flakes and don’t want to mess it up by the curler removing a chunk of it this is a good choice, any brand will do this was the best-reviewed I could find in Amazon when I bought it. A good tool to add to your beauty collection
  • Blinc black lash primer. Provides a base that lifts them and makes them full with volume has vitamins and nutrients and makes your lashes black, especially when you have fallen eyeshadow on them like white or fallen glitter good prepping prior Mascara.
  • Fenty beauty Mascara full frontal
  • YSL the Shock
  • F#ck proof Mascara from Jeffree star cosmetics. This one is really good to combine with your Mascaras. Pardon the name haha Jeffree Star comes out with peculiar funniest names! However many brands do use peculiar words for the products so nothing out of the ordinary.
  • We make up more volume Mascara now this one is amazing for the lower lash it defines it and makes them look so good separated and long I love this mascara gives the eye look a nice extra touch.
  • Milk Kush Mascara is a great fiber Mascara
  • Last from Glamnetic I recommend all haha I love their styles, recently they came out with hello kitty lashes oh gosh so cute! Their magnetic liners are fabulous I love they offer a choice of colors like Purple! For example, so you can play with them in a colorful look Even though they are a bit pricey they are worth it if you care for quality.

Here is a look not putting on fake eyelashes, using the 3 Mascara method. My natural lashes are alive! 🙊🙉

I hope you enjoyed this episode and that you can take with you a useful thing or two! that makes me happy just to think 🙂 I had a great time speaking to you through here 🙃 I hope you have an amazing week ahead, be safe out there, I send you only best wishes and good vibes. I post here every Monday do come to see me here and say hello! Hit that like star Icon and give me a follow, I’m happy to have you here! and super grateful for you reading this.

  • Have you tried Magnetic lashes?
  • What is your favorite Mascara?
  • Would you switch from lash glue to a Magnetic eyeliner?

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Psst! who’s beautiful? You are! Yes, you are! Never doubt it one second I prohibit it haha. See you on the next episode, bye for now 😘