Let’s talk sexy! Isamaya Industrial eye shadow paletre

Hola amores! Its been a minute, been busy with makeup school, I believe I told you I am pursuing to get certified as a makeup artist 🥰 it has been a journey that you can check out on my IG ❤️

I trust you are well, all is good with me thank goodness 😊 so let’s talk about this palette!

Industrial Color Pigments  eye shadow palette

Well, I adore the packaging when a brand puts beyond and above effort into the packaging makes me happy and is part of the seduction of the customer. This one is not for the faint of heart and is themed by BDSM. The shape of the woman is raised up and the palette is not uncomfortable to hold or use.

This is a mix of mattes, metallics and shimmers and is neutral 🫠

The mattes

Well all the mattes are sparkly and the textures are interesting, to say the least through the palette some feel like play-doh lol, some are creamy all blend seamlessly. I had no issues blending. Fallout yes this is why I recommend doing the eyes before the face.

Shimmers and mettalics

All stunning, beautiful my favorite is Belt the texture when touching it is very porous like a soft coconut cookie lol but is so soft and creamy once ready to apply and it shines like the stuff from fairy tales is a very special shade the most special I seen in palettes

Overall it surpassed my expectations and is pigmented, fun, and high-quality def looks and feels luxurious I fell in love with it. I def recommend it is a purchase you won’t regret but will bring joy. They go for controversial packaging like their new lipsticks they are male intimate parts! shaped lol but what I love is they are not just about attention grabbers they serve quality with a fun twist!

This palette even though I love it will go up for sale tonight at a discounted price of course due that I don’t want it to expire due to me testing other palettes! Will be a crime to do that to this gem. You can get it at my store here

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I wish you always the best! Thankful always for you, hugs from me to you 🫠 see you, next time baby, 🤩💋

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  1. Wow the colors are super pretty on the eyes. I remember seeing this palette and thinking , yeah that’s how you do edgy packaging lol . Pretty cool. I wanted to try a few things from the Wild Star collection as I like the cute horse designs .

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