Somewhere over the raimbow follow the yellow brick road to get to Emerald City Palette 🐕‍🦺🦁👠🧙

Overall is a nice cute palette! Perfect for Xmas and any time of the year honestly. I love the packaging is cardboard but made nicely!

Hola Amores! How are things? What plans do you have for Thanksgiving? I am good soon at the end of this month I have a mandatory screening test on my Uterus to check if all is good after removing all the pre-cancerous cells, the test is a pap smear even though I am calm I am also a bit nervous since I have to wait two weeks for the results 😩 but thinking positive all will be good and my Uterus has kept at bay any bad 😊 for thanksgiving nothing special just a quiet dinner at home with the fam and right after my Dr appointment the next day I will fulfill a longtime wished dream well the start of it that was put on hold until life made me realized no point in doing such thing (putting it on hold). Lovies we have to make our dreams happen the when is now!

The Palette

It consists of a combination of mattes, shimmers, metallics, and one duo-chrome.

The Mattes

Has 4 Mattes, from all the formulas here the mattes were my favorites, they are very pigmented and blended well. I found that was best to tap first to lay the color to build to the desired level and then blend. I would recommend using a white base but will work well without it.

The Shimmers

They are nice but they are soft in the sense that is not high shine as I like my shimmers to be ☹️dont get me wrong they are still very pretty and a lot of beauties out there like their shimmers to be softer and not blinding like me lol but wanted to point that out. You will need a medium, a setting spray, or glitter glue to make them pop a bit, just your finger works too. The duo chrome Magic Wand well I did not see the shift 😭 must be subtle…to me is more of a shimmer there are other Indie brands that by just looking at the pan from afar it shifts! Just an FYI. Alongside the palette shimmers, I used flakes and loose shimmers from other brands to serve me that blinding shine I was going for when doing looks with it lol.

Somethings noticed

Mattes are buttery smooth, did not get eye staining, and shimmers Emerald City is a bit mushy the brush will sink in quickly and Magick Wand besides mushy feels porous to the touch, this one has fallen out alongside Yellow Brick road. I recommend doing the eyes first then the rest of the face 😊 Always tap the brush on the palette before applying either mattes or shimmers.

I saw on their IG that the whole family helped with getting orders out since Indie brands are owned by usually one person or two and I could see the effort put out into this collection so kudos to them! I will be selling this cutie today at my store at a discounted price 🫠

On my socials I do short videos on these looks and one mini Tutorial on one of these as well the palette can be seen there 🙃

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I wish you gorgeous a very happy thanksgiving to you and your family. I feel grateful for you that take time to read me big thanks from the bottom of my heart. See ya soon 😘

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