The little Palette that could 😊 Trying out the Petit Pro Paris Etoile by Viseart

This palette is tiny but has nothing to envy to a medium size palette or even a big one since carries 8 shade colors! It’s convenient to travel and to have it on the go in your bag πŸ€—

Holaaa mis amores, hello lovies! How are things? I caught a very nasty flu, I am better now and thank goodness was not covid! Take care of yourself with the weather changes 😊 So let’s jump in πŸ™‚

Who finishes an entire palette? No one lol so the smaller pans is actually good and there is a ton of product there so even a small one like this one you won’t finish it!

The Palette

8 colors that lean more on the neutral side

the mattes are good I found some patchiness but is because of over blending and my eye base dries matte fast so I do not blame the palette.

The shimmers are subtle not much on my alley since I looooove impactful high-shine shimmers! But there is one shimmer that is shinier than the others and honestly, I loved it that shade is the silver one-looking color next to the darkest shimmer.

The shades do not have names on the palette which I don’t care about. The price was affordable and overall I recommend giving it a go 😊

I wish you a great week ahead of you. See ya the next time love, much love your way!

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Let’s enjoy life, forget about resentment or feelings that will only hurt you, value your family and friendships, mend broken friendships, and be humane to others life is too short to be dwelling you never know when your time will be up.

kisses lovies πŸ’‹

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