Half Magic Beauty from the Euphoria mua do they deliver magical fun like on TV 🤔

Holaa amores lovies. I hope you are well. Are you going to put on a costume for Halloween? Well, I plan to! and attempt some creepy look with makeup for the first time! will see how that goes lol I will post my look on Tiktok on Halloween day if you want to check the final result! Today I bring you this very new brand by mua euphoria tv show!

I got me some goodies just a few to try them out.

Chromadiction Sky Blue

This is a matte liquid eyeshadow. It is beautiful you can do just a wash of color or build it up, best to work and blend on one eye first then the other as they dry out fast but you get room to work with it. I found a little patchiness but you can fix it just as quickly.

Chromadiction Main Character

This is a magenta shimmer and a subtle one. For me needs more shine however looks nice to the eye.

Glitterpill: Neptune Daddy and Money Plz

Well, they are not opaque you will need to build them up to get that shine to show, but once on the eyes, they are so beautiful! My favorite even though turquoise is a favorite color of mine in this case Money Plz…Stole the show is mesmerizing!

Angel Rave Liptrick

The lippie is a soft purple emphasis on the softness is more like a wash of color, the lip liner which has two colors one blue and the other purple is also soft. All together looks like a wash of color I wish were more bold and impactful, however, they do look pretty just the lip liner kinda blends into the lip so you lose the effect but is pretty.

I also got the wing magician to help with eye wings that I had not used it yet but have no science is a good tool to have. And also got face lace decals which can bring the fun out of an eye look! Overall I do think the brand is fun, love their packaging, and if afraid of color you can try it and make it soft.

I hope you liked this post then check this brand out they have come out with a very interesting eyeliner that promises some fun shapes on top of the traditional, I have my eye on it lol.

Here some looks 😝

These products will not be in my store as I think the way they come packaged is more for personal use.

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See ya soon babe 💋

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  1. Wow those look awesome ! Love the looks you did . I heard about the brand , but still haven’t tried it yet. I love the holographic stickers . I have the lime crime ones that are pretty fun to play around with . I also want to try the Facelace ones too

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