About-Face Beauty. What a fun, delicious explosion of color💥 😏

Hello loves, I hope all is well. How is life going? I am doing well, today I want to talk about this fun brand, let’s begin

This is a celebrity brand by Halsey. I honestly found the brand the other way around for its makeup, not the celebrity, I did not know who Halsey was. She is one cool soul for sure and seems very hands-on with her brand doing tutorials herself and talking all about her brand.

This is what I bought:

• Shadow fix smoothingg eye primer. Always sold out but luckily I grabbed one 🙂

• Matte fluid eye paint in color Capulets (Nude)
• Matte fluid eye paint in color Vertigo (Green)
• Matte fluid eye paint in color New Karma (Light Purple)
• Matte fluid eye paint in color Blue Monday (Pastel Blue)

• Matte paint lip color: Saccharine (Pink)
• Matte paint lip color: Cautionary Tale (Nude)
• Matte paint lip color: Obscure Desire (Wine(
• Matte flix lip pencil in color: Madness (Wine)
• Matte flix pencil in color: New Love (Pink)
• Matte flix pencik in color: Smoking Room (Nude)
• Light Lock lip gloss in color: Unholy (Light pastel blue)

• Matte fluid eye paint in color Infinity (Dark blue)
• Matte fluid eye paint in color It’s Blitz (Pastel yellow)
• Line artist gel eyeliner in color: Important (Nude)
• Line artist gel eyeliner in color: Sadgirl (Blue)
• Line artist gel eyeliner in color: Blue is the new black ( Dark blue)
• Line artist gel eyeliner in color: Into the Void (Black)
• Line artist gel eyeliner in color: Leave me Breathless (Pink)
• Line artist gel eyeliner in color Call me Crazy (Green)
• Light Lock iluminating body: CGI
• Light Lock body brush

Shadow fix matte smoothing eye primer

I am still getting the hang of it. I do not like that it dries fast! So you need to spread it quickly without delay otherwise will look patchy and no way to fix it unless to use makeup remover to fix it.

Matte fluid eye paint

they are pigmented!, however, I think it needs just a little practice, the first time I applied just a little and spread or difuminated with a brush, you have to act quickly otherwise will look patchy. I like you can either do a wash of color if you going for subtle or build up if you going for a bold colorful eye. The colors are rich and beautiful, the package is fun I never saw one like it. Does last all day and loved how my eyes look! The brand won an award for these last year.

Line Artist Gel eyeliner.

These are all you ever want in an eyeliner, they are so pigmented, creamy, and last all day! You can do a whole eye look using only the eyeliners which are so fun! The brand won an award for them too this year.

Matte paint lip color and Matte flix pencil color.

Omg, I love the formula! Lasts all day without re-applying, feels hydrating, and you can easily forget is on your lips. Packaging is similar to the eyepaints where some people have complained but I don’t. I care about the formula and is one to love! You can get them in sets with their matching pencil colors, they feel creamy, smooth, and oh yes pigmented!

Light lock lip gloss.

I got the shade unholy. I am in love with it, smells yummy like chocolate peppermint and is like a shiny, iridescent pastel blue.

Light lock iluminating body and brush.

I got it in the purple shade not thinking it will look good or not on my skin lol, got it just because I love purple! Anyways makeup is about having fun right? It looks really pretty, to be honest, gives a nice ethereal glow, the brush is a good size, supersoft,t and gets the job done.

Overall I loved using the products, had so much fun, and the colors are delicious and a delight to put on my eyes 🙃 did some reels and til toks that you can check here 👇

I love their packaging is different from what we are used to, which makes the experience fun! I for sanitary reasons will not sell these products by the way they pack it is obviously for personal use but I do recommend it to you to try them out. There is something for all, the color lover and also for the neutral babes. I give them an 8 out of 10

I hope you try it out also they have a very new second brand called af94 sold at Walmart offering their products for under $10 which is fabulous! I wish you only good things, have a great week ahead, and take care of yourself. See ya soon!

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