Poison Ivy by Milan Rowe makeup. Tell me glamour-puss What’s your poison? 💚

Hello beautiful 🥰 Happy new week to you! I trust you are well. I am well grateful for all the blessings I have in my life and for you lovie that take the time to read this post from the bottom of my heart thank you! 🤗 let’s jump into today’s post!

Milan Rowe Makeup

Simona Milan is the founder of the brand, vegan, and cruelty-free. Her products are suitable for all skin colors. This is a black-owned business and in their campaings, they use models of all shapes and sizes which to me is awesome! I leave you the link to their website here.


The palette Poison Ivy

Overall is beautiful mostly green but a grunge green with colors that go very well with the color story this palette is a collab with doodles by the bunny who is a known palette and color story makeup designer.

The mattes

The mattes are beautiful, they feel creamy and soft, however, I did find some patchiness when blending that you can see in my photos below, I understand that happens for a few reasons could be I over blended or the primer I used did not get along with the matte lol this happened especially with the darker-toned mattes like Don’t Be Rash And Not Today Batman. I love the names by the way! Also they I needed to build them up since the payoff was not as intense for these colors and I mean all the mattes but overall they are beautiful which is undeniable, and we have to also consider that this was tested on my medium skin tone. One more thing there is minimum fallout 😊

The shimmers

These are beautiful according to its page has

  • 7 matte shades
  • 1 Glitter shade
  • 2 Shimmer shade
  • 4 metallic shades

But felt more to me like a mix of satins which texture to the touch is smooth and creamy the shine is not high but soft still pretty some people do like soft looks I do love the satins the color called Pistachio is so gorgeous! Is a one and done easily! It has a gold shimmer that to the touch feels porous and is high shine like metallic very beautiful, and has a pressed glitter in green which is not everyone cup of tea, in my case does not stop me to buy a palette lol it’s beautiful though and is shiny! There is fallout with these two shimmers To apply use a medium or a primer glue and apply with love 🥰

The cost and thoughts

The cost of the palette with shipping was $ 36. 33 they delivered it super fast! Which I loved and had fun using the palette. I liked the shimmers and the satins, especially the Pistachio one but was not too much into the mattes formula I feel lacked pigmentation for me. Overall I give the palette a 7 out of 10.

Arm swatches

Look 1



You like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here on my eyes! 🥰 Gently used, treated with care and loved by me 🙂

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There you have it Beauty queen I hope you have an amazing day! This is only my opinion I buy my palettes, not sponsored I just tell you what I feel 🙃 Be safe out there, take care of others, hugs and kisses, stay glam glamour-puss 😘

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