Raise your hand if you are in the mood for some mega super sparkly shiny metallic shimmer! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Itsbel Cosmetics can they grant us our fairy dust dreams? πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ

Hiya there! It’s me 😊 How are you? I hope you are well alongside your loved ones. Me I am well still going on Drs. This year I dedicated it to my health since I am older and as you age problems arise lol so the meds were given to me they keep me drowsy and my energy is not at its best hence why my blog is not as constant but not leaving it that is guaranteed I have so many fun palettes on my beauty collection to go thru fun and all kind of interesting ones coming in! that you know I declutter in my store but not before I blog about them first here so all is connected you see πŸ˜‡ so I thank you so much for your patience babe! Slowly but surely every week I do open a new palette and I post the look of the day 5 days a week on my Instagram so if you want some tea πŸ«– do follow me there let’s be Amigas! πŸ‘‰@beauteeindistress

Today I wanted to talk to you about an Indie brand called Itsbel Cosmetics. This brand was founded by Puerto Rican Aidmanellys Cintron. The company is based in Puerto Rico and they ship worldwide. They are Vegan and Cruelty-free. Products are not handmade. Here a link to their website


I ordered The Break the Rules palette and the Flare palette remixed which is the flare palette and 3 new singles but they only sent me the break the rules palette and the 3 singles! My mistake was I noticed it too late. I did email them to see what they say because they overcharged me which makes the experience a bit bittersweet.

Break the Rules Palette

This is a shimmer palette packed with pure fun! Has 3 shimmers, 2 mettallics, and 4 toppers. To touch it feels smooth almost like mousse smooth in a way is nice. There is a kick up in the pan or fall out quite a bit, best to do your eyes first hun to avoid having glitter all around the face. And I notice that some shades do stain the lid minimal but there is one that the stain is noticeable that may last a day once removed and that is the green one called I am Eager 4 more you can fix it with concealer no worries will go away. The colors are all sparkly and gorgeous! Dreamy! The palette can be used on its own as I did on my looks below or you can pair it with mattes of your choice πŸ₯°

The Flare collection remixed well the 3 singles I got.

I got Rose Water, Larimar, and Amethyst. They also feel smooth like a mousse to the touch very nice. Rosewater looks more metallic, Larimar looks more like a topper and Amethyst looks more like a shimmer. All look very sparkly and shiny on the eyes. Most definitely not dull.

To apply these shimmers I used a medium called Mehron. On a brush with the shade of choice, I spray the mehron and then apply it to my lid to bring out even more of that shine. You can also use Nyx glitter glue or your favorite product that you already use to apply your shimmers 😊 some don’t use it at all and that is ok lovie, just to prevent any fallout wet the brush with setting spray so does fall on the face.

These look more on the light side, like pastel side which is great to me all year round lol but also for spring and summer!

The cost

The Break the Rules palette cost $ 27.99 the Flare collection remixed bundle which to my understanding was the flare palette and the 3 new singles that I talked about were $ 42 and I just got sent the 3 singles overall I paid with shipping $ 77.96 they took a while to ship the order. And the reason is that the singles were a pre-order so that delays the order also these palettes.

In conclusion The palette and the singles I love but the customer service and their atention to detail well not as much so I give them an 8 out of 10 this was my experience they have a good following and their products are in high demand these palettes will be sold out always. I do think they need to communicate better. I sent them an email regarding my purchase on Sunday today is Wedbesday night and they never responded so I won’t be buying again to me customer service is more important than the product but again that does not mean will happen to you. Also this palette and singles will be in my store this Sunday at a bargain and I do recommend the quality they are super sparkly!

Arm swatches Break the Rules palette

Arm swatches Flare collection Singles

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

You like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here on my eyes! πŸ₯° Gently used, treated with care and loved by me πŸ™‚ You can shop my stash! At an incredible low cost price Here πŸ‘‡


Well my beautiful lovies I hope you liked this post. I wish you a great rest of your week. Take care, be safe and stay galm. Until next time gorgeous 😘

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