Star-Crossed lovers Duo Chrome Palette by Bellabeautebar did it capture my lil heart or did it break it into a million pieces do I need some Ice cream? 😯 😱πŸ₯°πŸ˜­πŸ’˜πŸ’”πŸ¨πŸ«

Hello lovies how are you πŸ₯° I hope you had a hreat Valentines and a good month of february Month overall πŸ₯° mine was good. My son was my valentine. I love the makeup looks this time of the year! 😍

Hi from me 😊

So let me tell you about this Indie brand I found my lovies it’s called bellabeautebar they launched the Star-Crossed lover’s collection and photos of the palette and the collection overall got my attention right away they had the cutest lashes with some Lil heart thingies to die for! And some pinky and turquoise flakes that look very shiny! let’s just say I was intrigued! And my heart was you got to get some of that! 🀩

Bellabeautebar LLC

Established in 2018 in New York, USA, cosmetics are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and handmade plus is a one-person show so all the business functions are in the hands of one person and my order was shipped promptly so kudos to the brand 😊 here a link to their website

What fun goodies I bought from the brand!

I got the Star-Crossed lovers duochrome eyeshadow palette for $ 49

I got the Amor embellished faux minx lash for $ 18

I also got me the basic BBB x tenacity STUCK AF waterproof felt tip adhesive jewel pen for $ 15

I got two metamorphosis chrome flake gels in the shades:

  • Blue moon
  • Metalmark

The Palette

Is truly gorgeous, consists of 6 shimmering duo-chromes, 5 buttery mattes, two diamond mattes, one shimmer, and one multi-chrome.

The mattes

Delicious lovies, creamy, they gave me no issues, found no patchiness, yes to fallout in the pan but if you tend to do your foundation first I do not and I highly recommend that is so liberating! Haha! You can mess up all you want but if not then just put setting powder on the under-eye area or a Gel eye patch lol yes! If you have puffy eyes these are lifesavers in the morning and they have a double function for this too my loves! The colors are beautiful my only complaint is that I do wish a had a black matte, a yellow matte, and a turquoise one lol why you ask? I was feeling these colors for valentines…Love is not only pinks and red for me but also yellow for friendship, turquoise for tears of either joy or sadness, and black for the growth we go thru to love ourselves and others but this is me going philosophical, haha a black matte would have been nice! This palette does come with two great diamond mattes why not a Lil more sparkle I know some prefer pure mattes but I think this palette, in particular, makes it more fun. 😎

The Shimmer Duo-chromes

Well, I don’t think I have tried shimmer duo-chromes in a palette form and that is what attracted me so much to this brand. They are indeed high shine and just gorgeous! In the pan when you looking at them and in your eyes! Now when you touch them with your fingers they feel porous to the touch is not the usual sensation one gets accustomed to with other palettes like buttery is just different but they apply well into the eyes I use always a flat brush and end it with my finger. The palette also has one regular shimmer and one Multichrome.

Is worth mentioning that to prep my eyes I put eye primer this makes the eyeshadow color show a bit more, and creates a base, improving the skin texture. I highly recommend it. Of course, some eyeshadow still doesn’t show much just a wash then what you do is you do a primer base of the same color or similar color of the eyeshadow, and voila! You will get one pigmented eyeshadow πŸ‘Œ for the shimmers I use Mehron is a medium that I spray on my brush, you can also use Nyx glitter glue as well.

Metamorphosis Chrome Flake Gels

These in my opinion are the stars of the show! I love these! These are the stuff of dreams they are a combination of shiny and metallic! So fun! Happiness in a small jar lol the texture when you touch them is like a mousse feels nice, they shift color depending on the light as chromes do. To apply you do not need a medium, only a brush or your fingers, I used my flat brush. Now Metalmark which is the pink one is pigmented but the blue moon shows more the silver shift than the blue so what I did to show more the blue shift I use a soft blue base primer and that did the trick for me πŸ™ƒ

Amor embellished faux minx lash

I am not a big fan of glue on lashes I prefer magnetic lashes all the time always, among my first posts here I talk about magnetic lashes so there you go haha. But gurl as soon I saw these cute AF lashes omg I just could not resist these. In-person they look nice, super cute I bought also the stuck af waterproof felt tip adhesive pen which looked super cool is a black liner so you can do a wing line and then attach the lashes now they did not stick well or separated at the corners of my eyes 3 times! Granted I am not a pro on glue on lashes and luckily I took the pen to work because the third time happened at work lol but I did love the lashes I just think I need practice with the pen.


Overall I am so happy I decided to try this brand they ship promptly, the Palette, the flakes, the lashes are all gorgeous! I am one returning customer! For the factor of joy, happiness in a jar I give them a 10 out of 10!

Arm swatches


Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

My palette will eventually be sold in my store when is time to declutter it at a great price of course and I invite you to check out the brand as well πŸ™‚

You like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here on my eyes! πŸ₯° Gently used, treated with care and loved by me :)You can shop my stash! At an incredible low cost price Here πŸ‘‡Check out my store on Mercari!

I hope you liked this post was made with happily for you πŸ™‚ follow me on my Instagram: beauteeindistress let’s be friends πŸ™‚ I post the look of the day of yours truly 😎

I wish you a great rest of your week, take care. My heart and prayers are with Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Bye for now πŸ’‹

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