Is it that girl πŸ€” Pricked Palette by Miss thing himself Jeffree Star Cosmetics πŸ’’

He served us with another Monochromatic palette this time Orange don’t get me wrong is beautiful to look at and if you buy this brand you get accustomed to this type of palettes. Well, this time I felt a bit different πŸ˜‘

Hello Beauties How are you? I hope you are being safe out there and for others with this never-ending Pandemic which hopefully each day that passes we come closer to an end 😷 Me well still hanging in there with my Migraines real soon, I will see a Neurologist, and hopefully, I can get them managed. For sure Makeup does relax me and makes all better every morning when sitting in front of my beauty station πŸ₯°

Pricked Palette

No need to tell you who Miss thing is haha Jeffree Star needs no introduction and girl if you don’t know who that is and you love color girl go check him out on previous posts of mine or his youtube channel! He is something I’m telling ya! Referring to his products he is a wizard πŸ₯° this is a Monochromatic Orange palette that has creamy mattes, metallic shimmers with duo-chrome finishes.

The mattes

They are indeed soft to the touch and creamy like is usual in his palettes there is a lot of fallout in the Pan, so either does your eyes first or put setting powder under the eye area and regardless of the choice always tap tap that brush! to release excess. Some shades are similar like Vitamin C-word and Silver of Sanity plus they are sheer on Medium skin tone like mine which is expected from this yellow color, you can build up of course but will not be that bold in your face yellow shade our heart desires. The oranges shades are quite beautiful some are pigmented and others sheer The palette has a couple of neutral shades for a transition like Thorny and double-crossed and soft wine pinkish shades too. Once applied they last all day on the eye, do not vanish away. Overall they are soft and subtle great to apply color in a nude eye look.

The shimmers

They are quite beautiful I felt the formula has been improved they look more metallic on the eye but not as sparkly as I would love them to but very beautiful indeed. Now about the duo-chrome finish well is not duochrome to me if it is then is very faint. Cannot be compared to other indie brands where the shift is easily seen with no effort.

Final thoughts

Well to be honest I started my love for makeup with Jeffre Star Cosmetics, I got used to Monochromatic palettes. Then I ventured to try other indie brands and well my horizon got expanded in such a nice, fun, dreamy way got to love also non-monochromatic palettes 😊 This palette I felt limited to the looks I could create mind you I am just in beginner self-taught level I honestly by using it for one week for this review got bored quite fast overall is beautiful and boring. Now I am still very fond of this brand and I do not see myself stopping just yet buying his products but the excitement is not as high as used to be. I give the palette a solid 7 of 10!

Look 1 and final look

Look 2 and final look

Look 3 and final look

You like the Palettes I got? Like the one showcased here on my eyes! ο₯° Gently used, treated with care and loved by me πŸ™‚

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Have a blessed day love! Take good care of yourself..stay glam my friends. Bye for now 😘

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  1. Oooh pretty cool honestly . I think it’s a lot of oranges , I would be throwing so many pinks in there lol but hey it’s probably a great palette to mix with your existing collection as the finishes look amazing!

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