70 dollars for a palette! Amor y Mariposas by Melt cosmetics I got it so you don’t have to. Let’s talk πŸ‘€

As soon I saw the Campaign video for this Palette I was sold! A collection inspired per Melt’s words in the comforting love found after losing a loved one and the vibrancy of life. The packaging all of it I was excited! Once I got it my thoughts well let’s say I feel different about it πŸ˜‘

First of all my apologies for not posting yesterday…Girl! I found myself looking at my beauty collection and could not believe how many makeup palettes I have! So I went thru them to declutter nonexpired palettes and thought well I only used them once or twice could there be people interested in buying them? Would be sad to not get to be used. So I spend a lot of time listing them on Mercari by the end was so tired and still have many more to list lol I sold a lot of them which makes me so happy they can be put to good use 😊 then prepping them for shipping took some time, haha but happy I did this 😊

So how are you my Sweets! How’s Life? Did you treat yourself for black Friday? I am overall good I did treat myself with some goodies. Next week I will not post due that I will take the week off I have some dear friends visiting from my Country and will spend time with them, it’s always good to pause and unwind for a bit 😊 So let’s jump into the episode.

Melt Cosmetics

The brand was founded in 2012 by two women Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar the brand is animal cruelty-free, not all Vegan but most of their products are. They ship internationally too.

Amor y Mariposas Palette πŸ¦‹

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging Girl! That alone needs a moment haha the packaging is beautiful is exquisite is gorgeous the art on the cover of the palette is raised and truly a delight to the eyes made by the Mexican artist Gustavo Ramada. The inside of the palette is beautiful as well the touch inside with the monarch butterflies is a nice one and the box where the palette comes from the inside has a velvet fabric you can see the love and effort put into this and I appreciate this so much as many beauties do.

There is the fallout a lot of it so keep that in mind I do always do my eyes first so that is no issue for me. The mattes are rich in color and pigmented the color story is beautiful I do think some colors are similar and no need to have more than one like Señales y te adoro these two also need some building upon medium skin tone. I liked Nube is a beautiful purple 😊 and they do not stain the lid.

Now the shimmers oh boy I did not like the shimmers at all πŸ˜” they feel soft to the touch but when applying it does not layer up well is grainy. Once on the lid does stay but is not shiny or metallic the formula is not the best I tried.

You can indeed create beautiful looks but to me shimmers at very important so was not in love with the palette but a bit disappointed.

I also picked up two of their gel liners Estrella and Colibri now these are Chef kiss gorgeous and super Metalic when you dip the brush it feels beyond creamy is like a mousse! They dry matte and dry lighting fast not much room to blend you have to be quick! I did not like this because The first time I put one of them on I did not blend fast and well I could not fix it since had to leave to work so was a mess haha. But overall I love these liners they are pigmented and what I love the most is that are waterline safe but not only that they will show! You don’t have to build up it’s not sheer it’s opaque and pigmented πŸ™ƒ

taken from Melt cosmetics IG

To conclude I do not love the palette it is not worth the price for the not-so-good shimmers, in my opinion, is way too overpriced. If you love high shine shimmers and or super metallic eyeshadow then you will not be happy with this palette. The mattes are good and blendable. The packaging is A plus! Chef kiss the liners are worth getting πŸ™ƒ Overall I give it a 7 of 10! Below I leave you a link to their website


Arm Swatches πŸ¦‹

Eye looks and tutorial

Golden Eye Mess πŸ˜‡

Final look and Fashion style

Since it dries fast and I did not blend quickly it creased not good for under the eye area.

Eye Planet πŸͺ and tutorial

Final look and fashion style

Nameless eye and tutorial

Final look and fashion style.

There you have it my beautiful friend I hope you liked this post if the case give it a like πŸ™ƒ I will not post next Monday since I will be off for the week taking care of my friends visiting from my Country but will be back the following Monday 😊 follow me on my Instagram let’s be friends! I am there as beauteeindistress

In case you are interested in buying makeup palettes from my beauty collection, these are pre-owned, treated with love and care you can check out my profile on Mercari. Since I blog about makeup products and I am always buying them, only used them once or twice so you can get them for a bargain they are negotiable too! is my pleasure they get a chance to get used and loved again! Some are very recent too! Meaning recently released by a beauty brand Like this palette from Amor y Mariposas, I listed it and was sold to a lady that is super excited for it 😊 I leave you here the link.


Have a fab rest of the week and days ahead, please be safe out there and enjoy life is a blessing to be breathing air. Sending much love to you my beauties πŸ₯° Bye for now 😘

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