Let’s review That time of year by Gourmande girls cosmetics let’s have some tea on it πŸ‘€πŸ«–

I love and have so much admiration for the owner of this brand, she is down to earth and is there for her customers she builds friendships with them which is rare for a brand that does this. For this and other reasons is a pleasure to support this brand but this does not mean I will not be honest in my review and gurrl I have some thoughts on this palette 🧐

Hello my sweets how are you! πŸ₯° How are things? How are you coping with this Pandemic? I hope you are well. Me I am well keeping the fam and myself as safe as possible and living life 🀩 without further ado, let’s jump into today’s episode

I did speak about this brand in a past episode the one I talk about their exquisite palette, its important to note that this brand is 100% Vegan and animal cruelty-free is owned by one Woman her name is Cristina under the Foxy Rose, LLC and she pretty much runs the show for the brand if you know what I mean.

That time of year Palette

The palette consists of a 15 eyeshadow pan palette, the color story is beautiful eye-catching she made this palette in collaboration with three you tubers: the adventures of Xinia, debutawn, and thebrutallyhonestbeauty I don’t watch their channels but by peeking in their IG I can tell they three are very talented I really liked thebrutallyhonestbeauty she makes some really nice makeup looks that are truly beautiful and watching her a little bit on Youtube she emits such a good vibe!

A collab with Aventures of Xinia, debutawn and the brutally honest beauty

The mattes are very nice to feel, they are pigmented except Fuzzy Socks this one is a little sheer on my Medium skin tone is good in my case to use as a transition shade but not alone. I liked that there is little fallout in the pan and on the eyes. I wish they included a black one to deepen things out but overall the selection of Mattes is very pretty my faves are frostbite, sugar plum, and joy πŸ₯° these mattes blend with ease and the colors are fun indeed. And once on the lid last all day.

The shimmers well I am pleasantly surprised! I can tell the brand improved its formula! I feel so happy to report they are more shiny and sparkly! However, there was one shade that did not work for me and that is Twinkling lights it creased on my lids and was patchy I used white concealer and glue primer the other shimmers performed better were not patchy at all. Once on the lid, they last all day. My favorites: the feel and Icicle πŸ₯° Nostalgia was not as shiny as the rest was more subtle. They all feel creamy to the touch.

The packaging is Cardboard which is good helps our planet, the cover is pretty simple I think the packaging is a very important thing to pay attention to. I have bought stuff just for the packaging alone! haha, I feel this packaging falls more on the safe side I know some beauties care a lot for the packaging and feel of a product.

Another thing I would love to see more releases from the brand and bring not only a palette but a collection with it for us to enjoy! I think this palette alone will cover the rest of the year. I understand is difficult for a beauty brand out there in a saturated fierce competition but would love to see the brand just grab the bull by the horns if that makes sense.

The cost of the palette was $ 36 with free shipping since I used a coupon otherwise the cost is $ 39.99 which is a really good price and the shipping time was super fast I got it delivered in no time and I do appreciate it this about the brand. Is in stock now and you can save too my beauty by using code: FEMENINE for 10% off this is not affiliated just for you and me to save some money πŸ™ƒ I give this palette a 9 out of 10! I recommend it to you I see with their improvement on their shimmer formula the brand is heading in the right direction and I look forward to seeing what they will create or evolve to next! I will continue to support this cute brand and I invite you to give it a try who knows you might just become a gourmande girl πŸ₯°

Check out their website here:


Arm swatches

  • Frostbite – sky blue matte
  • Sleigh Queen – dark purple matte
  • Icicle – Grey purple multichrome that shifts green gold and pink
  • Cherries Jubilee –  brick red
  • Warm and Toasty – medium brown matte
  • Snow Angel- white pearlescent shimmer
  • Silver Bells – silver foiled duochrome
  • Twinkling Lights –  white douchrome that shifts blue and green
  • Fuzzy Socks – nude peachy matte
  • Nostalgia – rich brown shimmer
  • Sugar Plum – medium purple matte with sparkles
  • Joy – vibrant peach matte
  • The Feels -white duochrome that shifts gold and pink
  • Evergreen – rich dark green
  • Cheer – cheerful bright green

Eye looks and Fashion style πŸ’ƒ

Green Izak Eye drink and Tutorial

Final Look and Fashion style

Eye dream and Tutorial

Final look and fashion style

Eye Candy and tutorial

Final look and fashion style

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