You beauty! from Glaminatrix cosmetics all you need to know with 3 looks included inside 🙃🥰

Time to review an Indie brand from Australia! I love to be able to support small businesses that are not only in the US but all over the world all thanks to technology!

Hola how are you my sweets! I hope your day is going well so far 🥰 I’m good, busy with work Happy we did not have any hurricanes this year here in FL, and overall happy my love for makeup keeps growing! 🥰

Glaminatrix cosmetics

The owner and founder of the company is Kaela Winning The company offers high-quality, handcrafted, cruelty-free, and vegan based in Gladstone Queensland.

You beauty! Palette

The palette has 12 eyeshadow colors  6 Mattes and the rest are duo-chrome and shimmers.  The mattes feel creamy and smooth to the touch except for Struth this shade feels smooth and the texture feels extra creamy. They all build and blend beautifully except again Struth I found would get hard quickly and would get a little patchy was hard to blend it which I found weird, to be honest, I don’t know could have been the primer I used maybe? I used a white base to prime my eyes from Beckisue that I bought on Amazon, I never felt any issues with it so who knows. Overall the mattes are pigmented, blend like a dream, you can build up to your liking easily and they stay on all day long. On medium skin tone, the one shade that needed an extra application to build it up was She’ll be right.

The shimmers are absolutely beautiful I loved them! They are sparkly and I would say very shiny!  Among my favorites Straya is gorgeous is a blue pastel that looks so beautiful in the eye, Old mate is a duo-chrome that shifts from gold to red. G’Day is like a coppery gold and is so shiny. And the one that I was absolutely delighted with is Flaming Galah this one is gorgeous, so dreamy and magical looks white on the pan but once applied shifts to pink! 

There is fallout on the Pan, quite a lot actually but when you pick it up with the brush and tap it a couple of times to release the excess it has little to no fallout on the lid 🙃

The packaging is Cardboard I know some beauties like high-end packaging like plastic, etc which I used to think the same but now I like cardboard better this way we help the planet when recycling 😊 the illustration of the palette is pretty, nothing artistic is simple and mundane.

A couple of things I was not happy with well it took a long time to get the palette after I purchased it, I bought it at the beginning of July and received it at the beginning of October there were times I even forgot I got it haha with Indie brands since some are owned and managed by one person one needs to have patience a lot of it because the demand will be bigger than the offer this causes delays in shipping and that if you were lucky to get one at launch because if you did not you had to wait months for a possible restock so I am not buying for now another palette from them for a little while a least. Also when I finally received the palette in the mail Straya was shattered due to shipping. I read on their Instagram the brand was aware of this issue since some customers complained and they said it can easily be pressed back and that they will pack better their products when they ship. I did press mine back and that did solve the issue thank goodness because I was not returning a product that took forever to get to me.

The price well the palette was expensive $95 to be exact plus $ 20 of shipping coming from Australia. The palette is gorgeous I won’t deny that I love it a lot and the quality is there you will get some very special shadows but I do think is a bit overpriced in my opinion. Other brands offer also quality eyeshadow and special eyeshadows like the ones in this palette for much less. I give the palette  a 9 of 10

Arm swatches 🤎

Eye looks 👁

Blue murky eye sea with tutorial

Final look and fashion style

Rainbow paradise eye cocktail with tutorial

Final look and fashion style

Vanilla cake eye with tutorial

Final look and fashion style

I enjoyed playing with this palette I think their formula is very nice and I do recommend it. If you have the patience to wait for your purchase then great because you will get a quality product 😊

Have a fabulous rest of your week that comes filled only with good things! As always be safe out there don’t let your guard down. I will see you in my next post on Monday. I invite you to follow me on my Instagram let’s be friends! Give a like to this post if you liked it 🙂 Stay glam my beauties 🥰 bye for now 😘

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