Hauntingly Glamorous palette from Alien cosmetics review is it that good? 👀👽

Alien Cosmetics is an Indie brand that is becoming very popular I found it on Youtube and what caught my attention was their packaging which is truly unique and was what made me go check what was the brand all about.

Hola! How are you today beautiful people! I hope you are well 🙃 I am good working and having fun with the spooky season! For the episodes left of October, I will review Halloween-themed palettes. I bought maybe a little too many, haha so I might review more than one per episode to fully cover all the Halloween palettes I bought.

Interestingly I could not find info of the owner or what the brand is about on its website but I found some info outside of it. The owner is Amanda Hayden she worked in the beauty industry for many years and then created her brand Alien Cosmetics which represents the obscure in beauty heavily art influenced her products per her words are unique and unusual.  The brand is vegan and cruelty-free established in 2018 in New York where is based. Below is the link to their website


Their packaging is exquisite art in the hauntingly glamorous palette the artwork was created by Ink_Stassy she is gifted as an artist you can check her out on Instagram I love that this brand put that kind of effort into seeking these talented artists! Makes their palettes truly unique.

My experience with the hauntingly glamorous Palette.

This palette is a collab with Sydney Nicole Addams who in my opinion is so gifted a mind-blowing drop-dead gorgeous makeup artist I admire her so much her username on Instagram is sydneynicoleaddams you must check her work is amazing my words does not make her justice! Packaging A plus! is beautiful I’m not quite happy with the color story though I wish it had an orange or yellow, a black and a brown I’m not mad about it either. The shadows are beautiful and pigmented oh my goodness so pigmented! I love color and with this palette, you get exactly that very colorful looks and I must add bold. No neutral soft looks here haha I mean you can create soft looks if you want to but no way to hide that pigmentation haha I love this palette! The feeling in your eyes is astounding if that makes sense as you gasp in the mirror when you see it like wow that is bold! 😳 but the next second you are in love with the look 🥰

The mattes are exquisite the blend is very easy they feel creamy and buttery, there is a bit of fallout when applying not much, it does not bother me since I always do my eyes first but you can either do that or put some setting powder under the eyes to catch the fallout. Morticia the red one is truly beautiful a rich red that is bound to fall in love with now the glamour ghoul is a Matte with glitter which is super pigmented but I w had more glitter in it if you read me before you know I love high sparkly mind-blowing glitter or shimmer haha. But don’t get me wrong is still beautiful. The shimmers are gorgeous especially Lily that is a special shadow is so truly gorgeous is so shiny and holographic is delicious on the eyes. I also love the names chosen for this palette 🤩

I recommend putting eye primer, without it, the colors don’t pop up and are a bit harder to build. For the shimmers use glitter glue or a medium to bring them out more!

I like all the eyeshadows but I have two favorites Lily this shimmer is mind-blowing is precious and Morticia I love how rich this Red is, so fun and a pleasure to apply I can’t have enough of it!

I made for you arm swatches and eye swatches I tried to make fun arm swatches for you my loves I put love into my blog for you 🥰💜

Arm swatches 👻

Eye swatches 💀 I put eye primer.

Taken from Alien cosmetics site: This beautiful palette includes 12 spooktacular shades fit for any ghoul

🕸Elvira – Light shimmer w/ a pink shift
🦋Lily – Light shimmer w/ a green shift
🩸Morticia – Blood red
🍷Vampira – Deep burgundy
🎬Movie Macabre – Deep teal
🧟‍♀️Pale & Mysterious – Sage green
💚Glamour Ghoul – Chartreuse green w/ glitter
😱Bloodcurdling – Light tealish-blue
☂️Unhappy, Darling? – Grape purple
🔮Drop Dead Gorgeous – Violet purple
⛈Seance Weather – Deep navy blue
☔Unpleasant Dreams – Lilac purple

Here are the looks I created with mini-tutorials and some drawings. I apologize these are not professional drawings I’m not good at that and I accept it this is why I cannot draw full-face Halloween makeup on me but I still participate with little things that anyone can do haha but I do these drawings for my reference when putting it on my lids I want to share with you all the process is how I am 🙃 also my loves I wear all my looks no matter what. I do go out with my looks hey I’m proud of them! 🥰

I called this look the start of a bloody tear 🧟‍♂️ done in a few minutes since I had not much time when prepping to go work I used a red magnetic liner from Glamnetic to bring out the look even more!

This look is called Rag doll half-stitched eye. 👻 For this look I used a black felt tip liner from Il Makiage for the stitches and I did a video tutorial creating this look, I invite you to check it out on My Instagram: beauteeindistress

This look is called Alien Glam look 👽 I used the Key Lime retro liner from Gavissi Beauty to do a wing it came out gorgeous!

In my opinion from 1 to 10 this palette is a 9 is so beautiful I don’t give it a 10 for what I explained earlier but is worth the money you can get it for $40 and is in Stock right now! If you are thinking about it then think no more you’ll be happy you got it but I must add get it if you truly love color because this one will give you colorful bold looks if you just want a subtle wash of color then this is not for you.

Note: I am not sponsored or affiliated I bought this palette and is just my opinion on my purchase 😊

There you have it my loves I hope you liked this review please tell me if there is anything you would like to add or if you would like me to review in the future a palette you are curious about or any opinion you may have either good or bad to help me be better. I want at the end be of assistance to you beauties 🥰

Have the most fantastic week! Think positive don’t let any negative thoughts in. We are what we think. Be safe out there and have fun with your makeup 🙃 remember you are a beautiful being! See you on my next episode, follow me on my socials ✌ Stay glam my friends 😊 Bye, for now, 💜 😘

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