An under eye concealer magic trick when the problem is not discoloration

Something I always struggled with is my eyebags it’s been my torment for years! 😩  tried so many things and bought all the products you can think of and nothing would help me felt so frustrated until finally after so much research found what my problem was  A shadow! 😳 something that is rarely spoken about.

Hiya! How are you, my beautiful people? How have you been? I hope you had a great labor day weekend, mine was spent at home just resting and taking care of the fam. So eye bags huh! if color corrector does nothing for you, then is probably a shadow keep on reading to see what you need to do.

A Shadow is not discoloration is exactly that a shadow looks dark below the bag. These bags appear for many reasons that you know I’m sure like not sleeping well, not drinking plenty of water, smoking, retaining fluid when eating too much salt to give an example.

An important thing to say is that we are all built differently what works for one person may not work for you. Do plenty of research until you find what works trial and error my friends.

But how do you know if your issue is a shadow?

  • Color corrector does not hide anything
  • You bought a lighter concealer and does not hide the darkness
  • You applied color corrector and concealer only to find later your under-eye area is looking grey or ashy

If this sounds like could be your problem then hopefully this works for you this hack is amazing to fix it you have to create an illusion a magic act 🤗 I had to share it with you 🙃

The things that you need to integrate into your beauty routine:

  • Apply a concealer that is a match to your skin color just under the eye.
  • Apply a concealer a lighter shade than the first one under the bag where the shadow is. Not going above it, this is a very important girl! and doing it carefully in tapping motions with your finger or a flat brush
  • Last put illuminating setting powder not matte! Luminous one why? How do you make a shadow disappear? By putting light to it 🙃 put just a little bit of the powder with a brush no need to bake. You can bake on the nose and bellow that area trust me girl you won’t crease 😉

If you feel you need a visual to fully see what I’m telling you no worries I got you! Below you can see this video that took me years to find lol but was a godsend and I hope it becomes of value to you as has been for me 💃

Some Things you can do to help diminish the eye bags:

  • Use caffeine-based eye creams
  • Put ice on the eye bags.
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Drink lots of water
  • Don’t consume too much salt.
  • Sleep with your head raised slightly. Just add an extra pillow.

Products I use to combat this issue:

  • Garnier brighter anti puff eye-roller.
  • Needles no more baggage eye de-puffing gel.
  • Magic Star concealer in shade C13 from JSC
  • Magic Star concealer in shade C7 from JSC.
  • Magic Star luminous setting powder from JSC.

Note: I’m not affiliated or sponsored just sharing my experience with this issue 😊

  • What is your issue discoloration or a shadow?
  • Do you struggle with your eyebags?
  • What is your favorite eye cream?

Leave a comment down below.

Bonus! Haha, another video of me go easy on me I’m learning how to reels 🙈

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