Trying 5 hacks to stop makeup transfer to the Mask 😷

Sadly Covid seems to keep us on a roller coaster what a nightmare we are living as humanity just a few weeks ago Mask was optional for vaccinated people at work now they are back to Mandatory 😩

Hello gorgeous! How are you? I’m good working the usual craziness I have seen how the company where I work had a 360-degree change due to Covid is crazy! As I imagine for all companies and each industry niche. I’m vaccinated and thank goodness has not got covid. I hope you and your loved ones are all well, sound, and safe. Let’s jump into this week’s episode.

So when mask became optional at work I embraced it and loved it being able to breathe haha of course with caution not touching my face and using hand sanitizer constantly as well avoiding crowded places in other words just work and home.

I live in Miami Florida where the epicenter of the coronavirus is as the high delta Variant increases the cases. Don’t take me wrong of course I am pro-Mask and also respect the ones that don’t. So I put to the test 5 no makeup transfer to the mask..was an interesting little journey haha here each of them πŸ˜‡

Monday: I tried the Foundation hack by Victoria Lynn. Well did not work for me, haha and this was my fault I realized this was not geared to stop makeup transfer but to make it last longer and not crease. It did transfer plus I used any regular lipstick and that transfer too πŸ˜…

The photo was taken around 1 pm luckily I was wearing a subtle color lipstick.

Tuesday: I tried the viral video from Jackie Aina. After realizing my mistake on Monday I tried this one and well did not do well for me haha I also did not have the setting spray mentioned in the video so I used a hydrating one from prep + prime MAC also putting concealer first is no for me but did it for the sake of trying this it moved around after putting foundation 😩 I could fix it but not fun. she puts matte products and I am dry skin so matte is not my friend haha I used Il Makiage after-party Matte foundation I like and don’t like this foundation I love its full coverage even my fine lines get smoothed out! But it makes my face dry. When done it felt like I had a mask on gripped to my face πŸ˜†

Taken also around 1 pm the heat in FL does not help haha this one looks worst than Monday.

Wednesday: I tried the hack from You Tuber Leyla Rose. She offers a new way as in each of the videos here I found that blotting your face with a tissue is a good idea. I felt pleased with this one I could see hope! My mask had little transfer πŸ™‚

Thursday: I tried Manny MUA mask hack. This one is a one a really like I spoke about this one on another episode I had some transfer but felt comfortable. I also saw that if you spray a matte setting spray to your mask is going to give extra help preventing the makeup transfer πŸ˜‰

Friday: I tried this Tik Tok Hack from a nurse that I also spoke about in another episode but could not remember her name well her username there is Angellynrodz and she just put makeup on the upper part of the face leaving the most part where the mask goes makeup-free. I put up to half of my nose and used a Matte lipstick I cannot be without a lippie haha. This idea is awesome you don’t use much of your products and your skin under the mask can breathe more easily. Only transferred a bit from my nose. πŸ˜‡

The hacks were fun to try for a week my photos were all taken around 1 pm and stayed like that until back from home after work. a few things to keep in mind you got to try and is okay if it doesn’t work that’s how you find what works doing some trial and error. Using all matte products is paramount to achieve the goal of no makeup transfer.

I liked the one from Manny MUA it goes more alongside my routine but I also really like the one from Leyla Rose and love the one from Angelly the nurse. You can mix their ideas to make them work better for you!

two products I recommend you can use any products you already love as long they are Matte πŸ™ƒ I like the Milk Hydrogrip this grasps your foundation to it. For the lips, I love the Matte Lip Whip from beauty bakery. This ones also grasps your lips does not budge for anything you can leave it at home and forget about it is going to look as fresh and crisp as when you put it on.

  1. Do you wear Makeup under your Mask or prefer not to until the Pandemic is over?
  2. Which video here do you find more interesting?

Leave me a comment down below.

well there you go, my beautiful people. I hope you find this episode useful. Please be safe out there to protect others. I wish you a great rest of your week and hope to see you in my next episode where I will talk about a makeup palette from a brand I like so much so if you love colorful looks. Color in your lids then stay tuned for that I’m a color kinda chica πŸ™ƒ

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