A woman shaving her face? 😱 Why is important to do it.

I never before would even think about this, sounds crazy to me! But now that I have added this step into my beauty routine I see the importance and most of all the benefits to do it. 🪒

Hello, my beautiful people! How have you been? I hope you are well 😊 I have been well. It crazy busy week at work. Thank you for reading me today, I’m so happy you are here. For my Spanish speakers, you can click on the Translate/Traducir button in the top center of my page to read this post in Spanish, or click this link below 👇


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Without further ado let’s begin. At the end of last year I changed how I do my makeup in the sense that I used to do it standing up looking at myself from a distance in the usual mirror you get in a bathroom, I also used a small mirror to apply concealer.

Well, this small mirror broke so I went to amazon and looked for a similar mirror and discovered that now you can have Led mirrors with magnifying vision so I got sold on the one you see in the photo below, and oh my gosh it changed the way I apply makeup today I could see myself close up and personal and see that little mess you make when applying makeup that you won’t see by looking yourself from afar at a regular mirror.

From the brand BESTOPE, I bought it on Amazon.

It was here I noticed something I never noticed before and that was when applying my foundation it got flaky on some areas of my face like peeling! I was in disbelief like what the heck? 😱 A scary thing to experience, to say the least. I looked up online and found a few simple things to do to help this situation.

The first one I found was to shave my face! Yes, shave it! To my relief, I don’t have to do it like Men using a razor and shaving cream haha imagine! But in a more subtle but effective way. I found this video here below from You Tuber Jacklyn Hill that is very useful in doing this I invite you to watch it 🙂 here she uses a women’s face razor and demonstrates how to use them. I had no idea about this! Such an eye-opener!


In case you cannot see the video you can click on the link above 🙂

I got myself some tools to shave my face I got a women’s face razor-like in the video but also a rechargeable eyebrow trimmer and facial hair removal. I love it helps with that dreaded peach fuzz is powerful and does not use batteries which is a plus 😊 in case you wonder what peach fuzz is: Peach fuzz (vellus hair) is a type of facial hair that’s shorter, softer in texture, and lighter in color compared to other hairs on your body. While not typically visible to others, you may still elect to remove peach fuzz if you want a smoother face, along with better makeup application.

Bought this on Amazon from the brand VG VOGCREST.
My facial hair removal tools.

Removing the peach fuzz and facial hair is important to get a smooth application of foundation in my case I do it every day due that it’s needed especially the peach fuzz but it’s only a step of a few that needs to get done.

Exfoliate your face. I use the Tree Hut Sugar face scrub Banana Oat. Smells like a banana and I help it with Face Halo, face and body exfoliator. This is like a hand glove with a roughed side that helps exfoliating. You can also use a wet hand towel to scrub and exfoliate. I read that the best type of face exfoliators out there is a Charcoal based one, I will try that soon. The Banana one does help.

In my case, I have dry skin so people that have dry skin should avoid products that make their skin drier. After washing the face to dry it use tapping motions with a towel. Then apply moisturizer now a good tip if your foundation is too dry use a richer cream to combat this. The face cream I use is the Glow Recipe Watermelon glow pink juice moisturizer.

Another tip if your foundation is peeling a bit when applying it with a Q-tip moisturize that area in tapping motions. Also, use a damp beauty blender to apply foundation in Stamp motions this will help eliminate harsh lines and make skin even without the cake. I do use an electric brush that helps distribute and even the foundation and right after the damp beauty blender. Another tip I found useful is when using the beauty blender is set a timer of one minute I have one google home mini in my bathroom that I use for this and well also to listen to the news of the day or my favorite podcasts, haha They are super affordable like $25 and useful! In that minute stamp the beauty blender for the foundation this will help even out and for sure avoid the cake and achieve a more natural look 😏 then set a timer for another minute to let the foundation set.

One thing that is extremely important that I had no idea and actually will help with the peeling, the cake, and all things that go wrong with a foundation is choosing the same type of foundation and Primer!. For the beauties that have dry skin like me, we must avoid matte foundations we need dewy foundations not matte.

What I mean about the same type of foundation and primer is that they both be Water-based or silicone-based. Make sure that both in other words have the same ingredients ok. This is very important, super important here how to recognize they have the same ingredients when buying this product:

To know if a foundation and or Primer is water-based water should be listed in the ingredients like this example below:

You can see Water as an ingredient.

To know if a foundation and or primer is silicone-based we must look in the label for these words: Cyclopentasiloxane or Dimethicone like the example below:

You can see the Cyclopentasiloxane ingredient.
  • Do you as a woman shave your face?
  • What is your favorite foundation brand?

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There you have it my beauties I hope you find this post useful with its tips as I did when I discovered this not even a year ago! Has helped me a lot in my makeup application.

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I wish you a fabulous rest of the week. Please be safe out there, think positive always. What we think is what we attract! Sending you a big hug your way! See you in my next post. I post every Monday and a more accurate translated Spanish version post on Tuesdays. Stay beautiful my friends. Bye for now 😘

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    1. Hello! If you use a regular razor it might cause to make them grow thicker. the feminine razor that you can find on Amazon works great for the Peach fuzz and the rechargeable razor I have works for the rest is very gentle as I imagine the Flawless hair removal machine is 🙂 I will look it up to see if I switch to it! Im glad you found a machine that works!

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