Smell good. Feel good. Look good. 👍

It’s important to smell good at all times. To me, too much is not enough haha. Being clean and smelling good makes me feel like a million bucks plus its an instant confidence booster 🙃

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Today I want to talk about personal hygiene, my go-to smelling good. Short post 😇 let’s get started.

Note: I am not affiliated or sponsored by brands mentioned here just my honest opinion.

Smelling bakery goods anyone? Well, that would be me! Haha, I love sweet bakery smell like Products like creams, perfumes, fragrance mists, shower gels, etc. Now perfumes that smell like this are a bit hard to find though. I also like perfumes that do not necessarily smell like a bakery but I like them sweet-smelling not so much florals, coffee, or wood scent notes. Sadly my favorite perfume that does not smell like a sweet bakery but is sweet-scented is discontinued it’s the Ralph Lauren Hot. Can be found on eBay at a high price.

Products I use in a Nutshell 🙃 listed at the end of the post.

Fyrinnae an Indie brand, makes scents like sweet bakery and a little out there scents or uncommon like Artisan Bakery, cats, dogs, Polar Bear, Shipwreck scents isn’t that something? Check them out.

Ladies I know you got this haha These are just some ideas for you 😇 But have you noticed is rare for the gentleman that cares to smell extra good? I don’t know why. For most just the shower with bar soap shall do! To the gents out there please put extra care in smelling good you will feel good, look good, and will work as an instant attractive booster to the ladies. 😉 At the end of this post I leave you my go-to’s smelling good and a question.

Bath Whip from Menagerie Cosmetics. These are hand-made to be used in the shower leaves my skin clean and Moisturized. Nostalgia smells like sugared berries with notes of cotton candy. Banana split smells like banana, vanilla and sweet cherry to sum it up like a banana split ice cream is delicious! Chef kiss. They smell AMAZING!

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Always remember you are beautiful, be safe out there, wear a mask, and be happy, a smile makes your face even more beautiful, only happy thoughts in your head ok! Bye for now 😘

My go to’s to smelling good:

  • Dove Beauty Bar Mango. Smells good different from the regular bar soap and can be found at Walmart! I’m continuously looking for the next best smelling thing.
  • The function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner in Mango scent. I like this brand! Is my favorite right now. I like that they made their shampoos custom-made to your needs. In my case, I suffer from dandruff no drugstore product help but this one does with a formula they make just for me.
  • Clean & Clear facial cleanser day and nighttime.
  • Bath and bodywork shower gel in Strawberry pound cake. Smells like the real cake. Yum!
  • Menagerie Cosmetics Bath Whip. These smell amazing! they are handmade I use them in the shower they clean and moisturize skin.
  • Tree Hut Cotton Candy Sea Sugar Scrub. This is a body scrub. Smells good. Leaves a nice cleaning happy scent.
  • Tree Hut Nourishing sugar face scrub in Banana oat. Smells like a real banana.
  • Vagisil for the feminine area for everyday use, Odor block, and PH balance.
  • Anti-cellulite body washes in a sponge by spongeables. I like this product and smells good to be used in the shower which is super convenient.
  • Tree Hut Bare moisturizing shave oil. Has a clean fresh smell.
  • Tree Hut Post Shave soothing mist. Smells like grapefruit helps with itchy skin after shaving.
  • For the Body daily Creams and Fragrances mists, I use two brands Bath and bodywork in scents: Strawberry Poundcake, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Marshmallow Pumpkin latte, Berry Waffle cone, Ginger Bread Latte, Christmas Cookies, Pink velvet Cupcake. Vanilla Bean Noel. Haha yas!, I love sweet bakery goods smells!
  • Also love the brand Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream, Fragrance Mist, and shower gel. Smells like honey and pistachios.
  • Perfumes From Fyrinnae I have Autumn in Avalon smells like apples literally and Serendipity smells like deep vanilla.
  • Perfume Banana Orchid. Delicious and last all day.
  • Perfume Good Vibes from Charming Charlie smells sweet vanilla leaning to floral scent
  • Perfume bath and bodyworks in the stars. Sweet vanilla smell.
  • Perfume Sol Cheirosa de Sol de Janeiro smells like honey and pistachios.
  • perfume cool water from Davidoff.
  • what is your favorite scent?

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