Save yourself! From the evil spooky brow πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ

Well, I did not touch my brows most of my life I just let them be just the once-a-month grooming at a local Salon I thought nothing of them. Until of course at this stage in my life on the first half of 2021! when I started to think about them πŸ€”

Hi! I hope you had a pleasant weekend. How are you today? for me it’s been a sad week at work my dearest two bosses left the company I have been working with them for 7 years so it makes my heart heavy, Im also concerned about the stress of the workload since with them no longer there is going to be a bit hectic. In other news, I have reached a Month as a blogger! Haha, could not be happier. So let’s talk about brows huh! Let me tell you my little journey with them. The most surprising thing is that I never thought I would ever be talking about my brows it’s crazy! but I’m glad I rediscovered and conquered or tried to, so let’s jump in!

Note: I’m not affiliated or sponsored these are just my personal opinions.

So I was browsing what to watch on YouTube and this video of this girl caught my attention the headline was Dude! brows change your WHOLE face tho. Yeah, Whole in caps lol I was like huh? what is she talking about? her name is Roxane Ane, she has a cool YT channel in this episode she does her brows one slightly different than the other, the difference a Brow mades to a face is incredible, she explains to leave the front of the brow lighter than the end of it. She does not use any technique but of course, I needed to know more and did some research on YT and online.

I watched a lot of videos and found a video from Anastasia Beverly hills where Anastasia Soare explains how the Brows need to be mapped out and then connect the dots to frame your face to make your face more symmetric or cohesive and with this brings the absolute best brow shape catered to your face. I was indeed shocked! I also noticed that was in or trendy and still is to let grow your brows, the hairier the better so you could comb them up like evoking we been quarantined due to Covid lol, Anastasia used a Stencil too, which is super interesting to see, she recommended her new then brow freeze gel which per reviews online is the strongest out there to keep the brow hairs up, so I bought this product, I did not get the Stencil maybe one day I will try it, for now, I’m good without. I was so excited to try this method and see my brows glammed up and all! I leave you her Video is super helpful and was an eye-opener for me.

The morning came to include this new step in my beauty routine and oh boy it took forever! I ended up with little time left to apply the rest of my makeup! first of all the Brow gel would not hold my brows for anything! would only hold for seconds where they looked so pretty so dreamy! but then reality hit and my brows would go back to be the same old selves, you see my brows are the unruliest of them all they grow downward which is the worst a girl can have πŸ˜” girls want them to grow upwards mine also stay straight facing front and stay like that no matter what, they are weird evil things, to say the least.

I tried this Brow freeze gel for like a week to no avail, then I tried the benefit 24 hr brow setter product and the NYX brow glue they did nothing, my brows were unfazed, geez I even tried lash glue and no my brows also defeated them easily. Now drawing the pen on the brows and connecting the dots was another story the easy part was to connect the dots, the hard part was to fill them out and make them look natural I tried so many brow pens. first I tried black color the blackest brow product I could find was the kat von d super pomade vegan eyeliner, since I do like brows that are the same color of the hair mine is black. I also bought the Kat von d brow brush that goes with the pomade so I could attempt to draw some standing-up hairs since my brows were not cooperating.

The pomade was smooth and glided like a dream, the brush is ok but makes thick strokes. It took forever since I attempted a lot of times to make them look nice and then rushed to work with no time of regrets, once at work when I went to the bathroom and look myself in the mirror oh my god the horror my brows looked terrible! superbold in your face and intensely black they were indeed the focus of attention in the worst way possible like when you have a stain in your shirt kinda attention, no wonder people at work looked at me funny, blessed their souls they said nothing to me haha. I tried then brown brow pens that per beauty experts should be the ones used with black-haired girls. well, I hated it! I don’t like to have a brow color different than my hair color, to see the contrast in my face was disappointing, not in love here, then tried black pens and produced the ugliest bold looks! and had to go to work like that haha rushing in the morning. To sum up was a month feeling frustrated, the time spent in the morning in just the brows alone! I wanted to cry, to scream! such a storm inside of me πŸ˜₯

In the end was all worth it this is how I learned by not giving up, by continuing to try every morning and going thru the day with my crazy brows with a smile. What finally gave me peace was to accept my brows! just love them for how they are so I gave up the Idea of the hairy long-standing up brows, but I tried though haha. I kept the connecting the dots part because they do change my face they are more symmetrical not perfectly symmetrical but better they frame my face in such a lovely way. One thing all beauty experts agree is Brows are not twins they are sisters nothing more certain than that! I could see how they embellish my face., and found two brow pens that work for me they are black! a soft smoked black, and a brow setter that makes me happy.

In the end, I achieved to make my brows look better, softer, and natural-looking, now takes me 15 minutes to do my brows which is way less time than the hours it used to take me! they are finally no longer a headache

The video of ABH helped me a grand deal in seeing the importance of the brows in the face. I leave you some photos that came out in this terrible month like how they looked before after and now also in the process of doing them nowadays. As well the list of products I use for my brows.

How they looked before when I did nothing to them. They look like ghosts πŸ‘»
Blackest black I could find! Using the kvd pomade looked so bold and funny every time I looked myself at the mirror will gasp in horror 😳
Here trying brown pencil. I did not like the contrast of color with my hair 🀒
Trying a black pen..felt better in color but still did not looked natural, looked bold and harsh πŸ₯Ά
Pardon the pj’s πŸ™ˆ haha here is me working on my brows I use a clear film found in make up palettes to help me see just to start with the dots process.
dots done
Connecting the dots
Here is all done just before cleaning it up 🀣
The final result not perfection just happiness ☺️

Brow products I use:

  • Kat Von D black Pomade in Graphite color just for the dots parts. They can be blended or erased with a spoolie
  • Gee Beuty smoked brow pencil. This is my favorite the color is soft produces a natural brow look I absolutely love it. The cons is expensive for a product you have to restock constantly so I have a backup which is the next product.
  • Revlon colorstay brow creator in Soft black the closest in color to the Gee beauty one and less expensive
  • Bingbrush pencil set very inexpensive I use the soft black or the soft grey to fill in the brows
  • Gee beauty Hi brow tint in brunette lite it has fibers to mimic brow hairs the color is subtle, beautiful very natural looking and also sets the brow.
  • Damone Roberts bling bling cream pencil in gold. I use this to highlight my eyebrow instead of a concealer this is a personal preference since I feel is more subtle looking than a concealer.

I tried to keep this post short sometimes I let go of myself haha I can tell you that I truly enjoy writing for my blog makes my soul so happy. I hope this experience of mine can be of use to you, I still cannot believe I did not know about the importance of the brows! I’m clueless, haha but I am happy I learned πŸ™‚

I wish you an awesome week I do want to say this; when you get frustrated with makeup, please keep on trying don’t give up, make the makeup work for you. I follow the directions of my natural brows and I love them! even if everybody is crazy for the hairy combed up haired brows haha. The universe made you beautiful just the way you are, Love yourself and whatever beauty advice you hear is not a rule just an opinion, take only what you feel taking, in other words, don’t stress! about makeup application in any way to me works knowing that is not mandatory to achieve perfection but to play and have fun with it as Long I love how I look does not matter what other people think or comment if you feel beautiful and happy that is what matters. I put makeup for me, not for others, I love how makeup can bring out, even more, the beauty in you and have fun applying it!

  • Have you tried brow lamination? I’m curious about this procedure makes the brows shiny smooth also caller brow perm!
  • What is your favorite brow product?
  • Do you put eyeshadow or color pomade in your brows to match your eyeshadow look?

I wanted to tell you guys that I’m trying to make my blog bilingual in English and Spanish. I’m Latin, my native language is Spanish, would love to include my Spanish speakers πŸ™‚ now you would think is easy but no! first to get a plugin you need to have a little of a program coder in you and I’m just a mom! haha, I’m working with GT translate they have a case open since the program is not working to edit what the machine translates which is a bit laughable I need to edit to put my personal touch. While I’m waiting to see if they will make it work you will see around my site a floating button that will take you to the Spanish version of my posts, you can look at it but don’t mind it since is not edited and the translation is not good, please accept my apologies for this. One thing is sure I will make my blog bilingual no matter what if GT translate doesn’t work then I will do it manually, So look out for that coming here sometime soon πŸ™‚

Well my beautiful people I hope you enjoyed reading me today, I always wish you good vibes and best wishes, if you liked this post do give me a follow here and or Instagram my username there is beauteeindistress let’s be friends! hit that like star Icon and do come to see me on my next post. I upload a new episode every Monday I thank you for spending time in your busy day to visit me. Remember you are beautiful only happy thoughts on that mind of yours ok! until the next time my loves, bye for now 😘

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