I am clueless to put Makeup on after some months of not wearing it! Feeling a little rusty ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Yes after 6 months of not putting makeup on I found myself sitting at my vanity desk feeling lost, did not know where to start! Could this just happen to me?

Hello, hello to you reading this ๐Ÿ™‚ Welcome to episode number 3! I hope you are doing great and having a really good day so far! I am good had a good week between my job and family.

Today I will continue to talk about my very first purchase to Jeffree Star Cosmetics, mind you was also my first online purchase of makeup due to Covid this was and still is the safest way to buy. I will also tell you how I solved wearing a mask with minimal to no transfer of makeup at all and got a beauty routine that works for me So let’s jump in.

Just before a quick note I’m not affiliated or sponsored by any beauty brand mentioned here these are my own experiences and opinions ๐Ÿ™‚

As soon  I got mesmerized in this colorful makeup that Jeffree Star was serving I continued to watch videos on his channel I got interested in his summer 2019 collection this was July 2020 for me.  I’m talking about the Jawbreaker palette.

I fell in love with it right away after seeing his introductory video of it, looked so colorful and vibrant the shimmers looked amazing, but not only that all the collection looked so appealing the lipsticks with the shades looked rich in color, decadent full of color just dreamy. Even the freaking glosses! I’m not too big on lip gloss but heck these glosses looked like they came from a fairy tale so shiny and sparkly, like fairy dust on the lips.

And of course once already interested in what he had to offer I discovered he also had recently launched a purple collection! Like what? my favorite color in the whole wide world is purple! and could not resist the palette, the purple lippies! All looked delicious, wanted to bathe in this purple deliciousness haha.

I immediately clicked to his website and not only bought the Jawbreaker palette but also bought that purple Palette called blood lust, I bought a highlighter palette that looked incredible with the colors in it, bought lippies, lip glosses, and also decided to try his mattifying setting powder along with a concealer a corrector and why not try a lip scrub while I’m at it haha.

So got that done fresh exciting new makeup was on my way, I felt excited could not wait to put it on. Until finally arrived in the mail ready to be used the next day!

I found myself sitting at my vanity desk feeling lost, did not know where to start! Could this just happen to me? It was unbelievable I mean just 6 months before the Pandemic I took a small makeup class, what I learned I had all written down in like a face chart card that I looked everywhere to never be found! I could not remember what to put on first was it the Foundation or the Concealer?

Was time to do some research on what the beauty experts were saying? I looked up online and they don’t concur in one standard solution some say foundation before concealer others say Concealer before foundation both make good reasonings.

The ones that say foundation before concealer claim that foundation is a base or Canvas that depending on the coverage takes care of redness and blurs imperfections, if the concealer is applied first will get moved by the foundation.

The ones that claim concealer first is to cover redness or discoloration under eyes and awake the eye to look more refreshed they recommend tapping foundation over it.

So what comes first? in the end, there is not a definitive answer is a personal choice that will depend on some factors that are unique to each person

In my case, it’s been a trial and error that might sound scary but is the process to find what works and what doesn’t. I had and I’m sure will continue to have many mishaps that I did in public due to this but was all worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

I started putting on Corrector first, then foundation and then Concealer this did not work at all. I have an eye bag issue and it has taken me years to figure out how to conceal them in a way I’m happy today Now I do foundation and then concealer down below will list my beauty routine done nowadays.

Now was the issue about makeup transfer to the Mask! For this, I read some articles online and looked at YouTube videos, and found the one that was the best solution along with a recommendation from a nurse that shared what she did about this online.

The video came from a cool Influencer his name is Manny Mua. I will share the link for his video about this below. He proposes a routine that will help the longevity of the Makeup and helps with the transfer issue.

In his video he gives you a routine and explains all the details it’s his cool way to summarize his video with these steps he starts with daily moisturizer and or Sunscreen cream, then setting powder to create a barrier for the cream then setting spray to lock what has been applied, then Primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder again! and concentrates it the more on the nose the is closest to the mask to help minimal transfer, then more setting spray haha yes it’s a lot to do and repeat but It does work! It’s an amazing trick, he also gives a trick for the lips! You can click his video below to see the full content

His video was extremely useful I followed all the steps, only bought one of the products he recommends that was the Milk primer which I loved is a clear sticky primer that makes the foundation stick to it the most and not to the mask, I highly recommend you give it a try. The rest of the products he recommends I passed since I already had products I love.

Finally, the day came after I felt confident in the use of makeup with a mask, and Manny’s trick worked like a charm! There was minimal transfer after all is bound to happen with a piece of fabric in your face but was minimal. However, the lipstick was all over the mask which I did not like.

I did not try Manny’s Lipstick trick sounded good but I wanted a quick solution so I looked for non-transfer lipstick these are Matte and I tried quite a few most did not work until I found two that absolutely work and I can attest zero transfer to the Mask. These are the Matte lip whip from beauty bakery If you are clueless like me you probably haven’t heard of this brand it’s a super really cute black-owned brand. The concept of the products is just lovely and this lipstick won’t budge for anything, you don’t need a retouch either thru the day, it will look as sharp and crisp as when applied in the morning you can leave it at home and forget about it thru the day! the only thing is drying on your lips but is perfect for a Mask. And my second choice is from Maybelline the 24 hr super stay liquid lipstick. It’s good and less drying than the other but will transfer a very minimal amount not noticeable, highly recommend it.

In the end, makeup has no rules you can apply it the way you find suits you best no matter how bold or minimal is the important thing is that makes you happy that’s all that matters ๐Ÿ™‚

I started beauty routine putting to the test Manny Mua tutorial but changed it a bit. I used his guideline only on half of the face leaving makeup-free the area of the Mask, under there I will only put my lipstick. I got this Idea of leaving makeup-free under a mask from a nurse recommendation online I forgot her name for that apologies but she recommends it especially if working so many hours This is a great solution and works amazingly! Nowadays I put full-on makeup under the mask and I do have a little transfer but it does not bother me at all. I detail here below my beauty routine along with the products I use that I do love and that incoming episodes will go deeper into some of these ๐Ÿ™‚

My beauty products application routine today:

  • I apply a mist of setting Spray I use Wet n Wild Sponge Bob BFF is a hydrating primer mist.
  • Garnier brighter anti puff eye-roller
  • SPF 45 Moisturizer from Peter Thomas Roth
  • No more baggage eye de-puffing gel
  • NYX The Marshmallow Primer, I’m testing this one
  • I have two foundations my favorite is Gee Beauty Primer skin, currently testing Anastasia Beverly Hills luminous foundation in shade 355N.
  • Iconic London Iluminator. I mix it with the foundation for a glow in the skin.
  • Gee beauty soft blur radiance priming balm. I put this one before and after foundation only where I have more texture.
  • Jeffree Magic Star Concealer shade C 13 under-eye area
  • Jeffree Magic Star concealer shade C 7 under eye bag area.
  • Magic Star luminous setting powder in Topaz
  • Gee beauty foundation stick for contour
  • Highlighter I use either Jeffree Star Brainfreeze palette or Kaleidos highlighters
  • Gee beauty Golden glow-baked bronzing powder.
  • Blush I use a few brands to give an example Iconic London cream blush.
  • Mac fix+ setting spray watermelon. Smells like the actual fruit is so yummy! and not overwhelming the scent goes away in a minute.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

  • Have you ever found yourself a little lost on what order to apply your makeup?
  • Do you use SPF moisturizer under your makeup?
  • Is there a makeup product you love to use under your Mask?

Leave a comment down below

I hope you enjoyed this episode and found it useful or instructive even in a small way. I wish you a fantastic week ahead filled with joy, peace, and health. See you on the next episode! Be safe out there and take care of yourself. Bye for now.

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